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AILRSA,Central Working Committee meeting held at Dhandapani Kalyana mandapam, Thiruvottiyur, Madras division on 25 and 26th March 2009.
Meeting was presided by Com. L Mony, Central president and Com. MN Prasad Secretary General Submitted the report. All the delegates attended in the discussion and the following decisions arrived.
Before commencement of CWC a procession was conducted from TVT Railway station to the hall.Flag hoisted by central president.

The extended Central Working Committee meeting of
All India Loco Running Staff Association was held at Chennai on 25th and 26th of March 2009. The house adopted the following resolutions

This association was constantly demanding for just pay and allowances for loco running staff and submitted adequate justification before the pay commission, the high power committee, Railway board and Govt. of India. The loco running staff have resorted all the possible peaceful agitations through demonstrations, Inland letter campaign, deputation to Railway Minister and Railway Board and sit in Dharna before the Rail Bhawan.

The Dharna before Rail Bhawan on the 6th February 2009 had exposed the protest and anger of loco running staff as they assembled in thousands breaking the barriers of the trade union affiliations. The entire general trade unions in Railways too have accepted our demands as genuine and asked the Railway Board to upgrade the pay of loco running staff and review the decisions on running allowance rates.

All our efforts so far have yielded the Railway Board to ask the prioritizing committee to examine our grievances and to suggest modifications with few small concessions. We have submitted our grievances once again to all the members of prioritizing committee. The outcome is yet to be known.

Despite of all these, Railway Board further reduced the pay pocket of running staff by discarding the time tested formula decided by RAC 1980, and fixing a low rate of running allowance. So the central committee meeting of AILRSA held at Chennai on 25th and 26th of March is of unanimous opinion to go ahead with the earlier decision of INDEFINITE STRIKE.

The entire nation is heading for a general election and Election commission has imposed the restriction on the Government in the name of code of conduct to pass any new orders. More over the strike action may cause some inconvenience in the way of conducting the election as well as to the general public too in the way of exercising their rights for casting votes. The Railway board may take advantages of the above.

So, this meeting decides to take the final decision on the date of commencement of strike in the bi-annual General body meeting of the Association scheduled on 26th to 27th June 2009 at Nagpur, in case the grievances are not settled to the satisfaction of staff.

In the present working conditions and advices as suggested by the medical authorities, including the Railways to maintain A1 Medical standard, timely food and proper night sleep are essential for a category of Loco running staff
The EMU roster contains short [period of rest of about 3 to 4 hours after arriving at out station and then longer duty hours of 6 to 8 hours commencing from the “Vee Hours” of 2 to 5 A.M. The Mail/ Express roster contains pilot / working and working/pilot and staying at running room to pick up “Vee Hours “ trains from head quarters itself.
Hence it is requested to incorporate the timings in Goods/EMU roster/ Mail and Express roster for having Break –fast (8 to 8.20 hrs), lunch (13 to 13 .40 Hrs) Supper (20to 20.30 hrs) and nature call attendance as and when required and proper night rest before and after the duty.

The Railway Board is once again requested to consider the genuine demands of the Loco running staff and to take positive decision at the earliest to keep up the morale of the Loco running staff.


In order to maintain the tempo and striking mood of the workers and also to educate more and more cadres and strengthen the association wherever it is weak the CWC
directs as follows.

1. Convention on CPC and running allowance to be held wherever not conducted in Zonal and Divisional levels.

2. Struggle fund to be collected at the rate of Rs 100 per head. Thirty percentage (30%) of the collected amount to be remitted to the central committee.

3. Action committee to be formed in Zonal, Divisional and Branch level. The general guidelines are that, it shall consist of President, Secretary, Treasurer and one each from Joint Secretaries and Asst.Secretaries.

4. MAY DAY -conventions to be organized in Branch level inviting all possible political leaders, sister unions and families of loco running staff. All issues regarding the HOER to be discussed including our programme of action seeking their support.

5. BGMs wherever due to be completed before 15th June 2009.

6. Sufficient wall writings, Notices and leaf lets shall be released to educate the cadre and seeking support of sister trade unions and General public.

7. NF Railway should conduct the Zonal working committee meeting in the 1st week of May in which Com.M.N.Prasad, Com.N.B.Dutta and Com.N.Sarkar will attend.
N Railway meeting to be called at central office at Ghaziabazd on 8th May. In case General Secretary fails to call the meeting President will call the meeting and Com.M.N.Prasad will attend.
NE Railway meeting to be called at Gorakpur on 9th May. Secretary General will attend.
EC Railway meeting to be called at Musafferpur on 10th
May. Secretary General will attend.
SC Railway meeting to be called in the last week of April at a convenient place in consultation with Com.T.Hanumaiah duly informing President and Secretary General.
W Railway Com. Luna Ram is directed to fix up the date and venue of ZWC meeting in the month of April 2009 in consultation with Secretary


1. Central BGM will be conducted at Nagpur on 26th and 27th June 2009.
2. The number of delegates will be fixed strictly on the basis of membership for the year 2008.All zones are requested to remit the statement of membership with central quota within one month to fix up the number of delegates for each Zone. The list of delegates and visitors attending the BGM should be sent to reception committee of BGM well in advance to make convenience for accommodation.
3. The delegation fee will be Rs 450 per delegate/visitors excluding CWC members.
4. The ZWC meeting of Central Railway to be held at Nagpur on 5th April 2009 to finalize the details of BGM .Com.M.N.Prasad will attend.
5. All Branches and Divisions are requested to forward the enclosed letter to
concerned state Election Commission and DRMs.

Secretary General


Chennai / 26.03.09.


Anonymous said...

can u please maiul me all the details regarding meetings.

ram sharan
loco pilot delhi

Indian Railway loco Running Men Organization said...

dear comrades,
i am working president IRLRO,
i appriciate your efforts on fighting the cause of Loco Runningmen across indian railways,
we ares also proud of your trade union accumen and the great trade union history, that even the best of trade unions in the world would love to replicate.

we have alighted on some issues over the net and shall be happy to share information on the same.
IRLRO invite you please share your views on Loco Runningmen issues and rail transport over india in particular.

thanks and regards

Indian Railway loco Running Men Organization said...

IRLRO - once again appriciate your efforts.

contact us at

please keep it up

thanks and regards

sanjay kumar pandhi
Working President

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