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The government has decided to pay the second installment of the Sixth Pay Commission arrears.
"As in the case of the first installment of the arrears, government servants would be permitted to deposit their arrears in their GPF (general provident fund) accounts," an internal finance ministry memorandum said.
The first installment of 40 percent was paid last fiscal.
The finance ministry has not given any deadline for the payment of the second instalment, but sources said it would probably be paid around Diwali.
According to official estimates, the arrears will cost the government Rs.29,373 crore.
There are about 3.8 million central government pensioners (excluding armed forces) as estimated by the All India Central Government Pensioners Association (AICGPA).
The revised pension scheme was implemented with retrospective effect from Jan 1, 2006.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Regd. No- 17903
Eastern Railway,
Zonal Camp Office, Burdwan
Date: 10/07/2009

Zonal Secretary,
Com. C.K. Sarkar.
Zonal President,
Com. R.R. Bhagat,

Subject: Proceeding, Delevaration and resolutions adopted in the 17th BGM of AILRSA, Eastern Railway held at ASN in Ragho.Prasad Manch (S.K. Dhar Nagar) on 14.06.09.

The BGM started with the hoisting of flag and garland to the martyrs. The BGM was inaugurated by the chairman of the reception committee com. Bansa Gopal Choudhury honorable M.P. from Asansol in the inauguration speech he narrated about the agitating character of the Loco Running Staff under the leadership of LRSA since 1968. They achieved a lot through straggle but the same are being defined, by the present government and started out sourceing, privitatision and now filling of the vacancy, he also started that it is the duty of AILRSA leadership to unite all railway men so that the strike line 1974 can take place again.

Com. Nirmal Mukherjee leader of the CLW labour union also expressed the unity of the railwaymen which is possible now due to the onslaught their working system and the attack in different manner to the railway man in particular and the working class in general.

Com. M.S. Mondal representative of ERMU, Com D.K. Moitro Zonal see of AIREC, E. Rly, S.P. Singh Br. Sec. of Adra, Com S.P. Sahoo Central Org. Sec. DHN Division Com. N.C. Sharma representative of ERMC, G.C. Goswami Sec. RREA, Asansol and Com S.S. Kamat representation of AIGC also requisted the house and expressed that only LRSA can build up the total unity of Railwaymen because it is a movment oriented organization.

While inaugurating the delegate session Con. M.N. Prasad Sec. General of AILRSA narrated in details about the deprivation of the Loco Running Staff in 6th Pay Commission particularly to the Asst. Loco Pilot because nothing has been consider about their strainous duty, medical standard and other factors have also been ignored. He also explain in details about the programme of action taken by the AILRSA to protect the Loco Running Staff from being neglated in all corner even the TA rate has been increase but the mileage allowances has been fixed as per 1980 RAC formula even trying to evade and also increase rate of TA is not being considered while making out the formula of Running allowance. He also explain the details of vacancy of Running category that is safety category in all India Railway which forced the running staff to work 16 to 20 hours duty and forced them to work inter Railway, Interdivision train for which we should prepare or a long term struggle which required the work man to man contact and explained about our all programme already taken to the workers.

Then the Zonal secretary R.R. Bhagat placed the secretary report and accounts was placed by Zonal treasurer com. N. Sarkar in which total Thirteen delegated took part in the discussion including com. Momita Adhikary the lady Asst. Loco Pilot of Asansol.

After the lunch break both the sec. report and treasurer report including the resolution proposed by Com. Mukul Bhattacharyee are passed unanimously by the house election of office bearer was conducted by com. M.N. Prasad sec. General of AIRLSA which are given below.

List of the office bearer elected in the 17th BGM at Asansol of AILRSA E.Rly.

 Zonal President : Com R.R.Bhagat LP/UDL.
 Working President : Com R.B. Yadav LPP/HWH.
 Vice President : 1. Com.N.K. Singh Retd. LP/MLDT.
2. Com. B.K. Sanyal Retd. LP/ASN.
3. Com. S.N. Prosad LP/SDAH.
4. Com. D.N. Pal Retd. LP/SDAH.
 Zonal Secretary : Com.C.K. Sarkar LPP/HWH.
 Joint Zonal Secretary : 1. Com.M.K. Seal LP/SDAH.
2. Com. N.B. Adarsh ALP/ASN.
 Zonal Asstt.Secretary : 1. Com. Ajay Kumar LP/MLDT.
2. Com. M. Bhattachayee LP/UDL.
 Organising Secretary : 1. Com. S.K.Sarkar Lp/ASN.
2. Com. Mani Bhushan ALP/MLDT.
3. Com. M.K. Roy ALP/SDAH.
4. Com. Ranjan Kumar ALP/ HWH.
 Zonal Treasurer : Com. N. Sarkar
 Internal Auditor : Com. N.C. Mondal LP/SDAH.

[N.B. :- All divisional Sec. and Div. President including the All India office bearer of this zone will also be a member of ZWC as per constitution.]

Resolution adopted by 17th BGM at Asansol on 14/06/2009.

Organizational Resolution :
It is unanimously resolve in the house of 17th BGM of AILRSA, E. Rly. On 14/06/2009 at Asansol that a Bank Account will be opened at BWN positively.
Resolution :
1) Stop injustice of pay structure of running staff give grade pay ALP Rs. 2088/- and risk allowance to all Running Staff.
2) Pay the due arrears of Running Staff from 01/01/2006.
3) Stop working more than 10 hrs. duty from signing “ON” .
4) Fill up all the vacancies of Running Category.
5) Stop unsafe working.
6) Ensure minimum guaranteed 120 KM.
7) Stop all sorts of illegal charesheet and punishment of Loco Running Staff.
With greetings.
Comradely yours,

Zonal Secretary
IRFCA Guidelines:

Some letters posted in Indian Railway Fans Club Association is given below.

Hello all,

While we marvel at the MPS piloting by our IR LP brothers, we should also try to sympathize with them for the discomfort that they experience at these high speeds.

The other day, I was driving in our car at about 80 mph which is about 128 kmph - easily comparable to the MPS of many of our trains.

I rolled down the windows and immediately rolled them up as the wind was making things really uncomfortable on that hot summer's afternoon.

The thought then occurred to me then that our LPs when they drive our trains at 130 kmph in all kinds of weather - 10 Celsius or 45 Celsius, sunny or the worst of storms - they are required to exchange signals with each SM and cabin of the stations they pass.

What discomfort they must be experiencing then?

Thanks guys, for giving us hours and hours of enjoyment while doing your duties rain or shine.



Dear Mr Uttam,

Your note. The sympathy is well placed.

At the same time, both in passenger/freight/express hauled
by WDM and WAP, WAG, let assure that the cabin temperature is not all that bad despite the outside weather conditions. And I have done this in the peak of summer and Winter in North, and also in temperate (humid) conditions in South.

The LPs and ALPs are quite at home, and very relaxed. When I did enquire about temperatures, they said you get used to it. And believe me, unlike the metalled roads, the weather on the *rail roads* are better. The windows on the locos do not push air in from outside, and the speed of the train rather, to my surprise, cools the air, when it comes in towards the rear end of the LP and the back of the ALP.

On long runs, they remind each other to drink water... and when halted at signals, they don't even get down, except to stretch, and sometimes to pee.(at stations).

Their comfort level in terms of temperature is better than SL coaches, despite the multiple fans in each bay !! :) They too now have fans directed at them, but I have not seen them switching them on. (I should be corrected).

BTW, they enjoy driving, and they are envious if someone crosses them at higher speed! Not because of higher grades or higher allowances.

I did hear some locos now have air-conditioning. Trying to locate them. Will update.

Murli CBE...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Railways to pay 75 days Productivity-linked bonus
The Railways have decided to pay its employees 75 days productivity-linked bonus for this year, according to railway ministry sources.
The bonus has been cleared by Railway minister Mamata Banerjee, the sources told newspersons in Kolkata today. The Railways had paid 73 days productivity-linked bonus last year.With a cealing of 8630/-

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hyderabad | Thursday, Aug 13 2009

The South Central Railway today announced that some trains were cancelled and diverted after two goods trains collided at Ramagundam Yard in the wee hours today.

The accident blocked the tracks but did not cause any casualties.

The fully cancelled trains were Secunderabad-Sirpur Kagaznagar-Secunderabad Telangana Express, Kazipet-Balharshah Ramgiri Passenger, Sirpur Kagaznagar-Kazipet Passenger and Jagtiyal-Sirpur Kagaznagar-Jagtiyal DHMU service, a press release here said.

Hyderabad-New Delhi Andhra Pradesh Express was diverted via Nizamabad, Mudkhed and Adilabad while Bangalore-Hazrat Nizamuddin Rajdhani Express was diverted via Secunderabad, Nizamabad, Mudkhed and Adilabad. Chennai-New Delhi GT Express was diverted via Kazipet, Secunderabad, Nizamabad, Mudkhed and Adilabad while Chennai-New Delhi Tamil Nadu Express was diverted via Kazipet, Secunderabad, Nizamabad, Mudkhed and Adilabad.

Bangalore-Patna Sangamitra Express was diverted via Secunderabad, Nizamabad, Mudkhed and Adilabad while Hyderabad-Hazrat Nizamuddin Dakshin Express, which left Hyderabad yesterday, would return via Secunderabad, Nizamabad, Mudkhed and Adilabad. Bangalore-Hazrat Nizamuddin Karnataka Sampark Kranti Express was diverted via Nizamabad, Mudkhed and Adilabad whereas Ahmedabad-Chennai Navjeevan Express was diverted via Adilabad, Mudkhed, Nizamabad and Secunderabad.

Hazrat Nizamuddin-Visakhapatnam Swarna Jayanti Express was diverted via Adilabad, Mudkhed, Nizamabad and Secunderabad while New Delhi-Trivandrum Kerala Express was diverted via Adilabad, Mudkhed, Nizamabad and Secunderabad. Hazrat Nizamuddin-Tirupati Andhra Pradesh Sampark Kranti Express was diverted via Adilabad, Mudkhed, Nizamabad and Secunderabad while Hazrat Nizamuddin-Coimbatore Kongu Express was diverted via Adilabad, Mudkhed, Nizamabad and Secunderabad, the release added.
Thirty-nine passengers had a miraculous escape when a metro train jumped tracks in India's national capital New Delhi this afternoon.

The accident, first of its kind in the Delhi Metro's history, came exactly a month after six persons were killed in an accident at its construction site in south Delhi's Zamrudpur area.

No one was injured in the mishap which took place at Dwarka station in south-west Delhi at around 3:20 pm (local time).

Eight wheels of the train's front coach went off the rails soon after it started from the station, Delhi Metro spokesperson Anuj Dayal said. The train was headed towards Yamuna Bank.

Monday, August 10, 2009


From: Date: 06.08.09



Sir /Madam,

I request the Chairman to permit me to mention the following matter of urgent public importance in the house on 07.06.09.

I wish to draw the attention of the Railway Ministry to the grievances of Loco Running Staff of Indian Railway. They have staged almost all the trade union but in vain. Their demands are 1. Reduce the duty hours at a stretch to 8 hours for Loco Running Staff (Train Driver) 2. Upgrade the grade pay of assistant Loco Pilot to Rs. 2800/- 3. Distinet grade pay for different categories of Loco Pilots. 4. Revised Running allowance according to RAC – 80 formula.

The duty hours to stretch of Loco Running Staff is an issue from th inception of Railway. Many commissions such as justice Rajadhyksha Committee, Railway Labours Tribunal of 1969 submitted their recommendations. Now the duty hours of Loco Running Staff is 13 hours. They are not demanding reduction of duty hours per week which stands at 52 hours. They request that a stretch of duty should not go beyond eight hours a day. The Assistant Loco Pilots are recruited through Recruitment Board. Their responsibility is to run the train safely and punctually. They are paid with grade pay of Rs. 1900/ plus 100 rupees more than the lowest class of Government Employee. This grievance is to be redressed soon. The Loco Pilots working in Goods, Passenger, Mail and Superfast trains. Motorman have with distinct responsibility and require different skill. They all being paid with one and the same grade pay of Rs. 4200/. I sincerely urge upon the Government to persuade the railway Ministry to settle the long pending demands.



@ Inhuman working conditions in Indian Railways.

@ Injustice in allotment of “Grade Pay” to ALP and other Loco

Men in VIth CPC.

@ Disparity and reduction in running allowances rate.

@ Non filling up of vacancies.

@ Sky rocketing prices of essential commodities.

Venue: Sundarayya Vignana Kendram,

Baghlingampally, Hyderabad.

Date: 08-08-2009, Saturday. Time: 11.00 am.


The people are already groaning under the effects of Economic Recession, growing loss of jobs and ever declining purchasing power. This situation has further been aggravated by the unabated sky-rocketing prices of Essential commodities. In particular, the rise in the prices of food items like Dal, Rice, Wheat, Edible oil, Vegetables and other such items, whose prices have been constantly shooting up, being unchecked. As a result, these essential food items have gone out of the reach for vast majority of people, as the rise in prices has led to steep depletion of purchasing capacity of Consumers.

The Government’s injudicious decision to increase the prices of Petrol and Diesel has added fuel to the price rise. Further, the deficient rain fall in many states, in this monsoon, is bound to reflect in price escalation of essential commodities in the uncontrolled markets. Therefore, the Government should come out immediately with firm steps to curb the price rise on war footing to rescue the people from severe crisis of food, for their survival.

The government should, as an imperative need, take hold of the stocks of essential commodities and supply them at subsidised rates, through Public Distribution System for both below and above Poverty line category of people with adequate allocation of supplies. Further withdraw the increased prices of Petrol and Diesel as it is, also, a factor contributor for price rise. Another vital issue to be tackled by Government is Prohibition of Future Trading in all food related items.

The government has a constitutional duty to care for the well being of people and so to ensure adequate supply of essential commodities to them, duly curbing the price rise, as the food is the source of energy for sustenance of life and the citizen’s have a fundamental right to life, guaranteed in the constitution of India.

The people, irrespective of their occupation and affiliations have to struggle, by coming together for their survival, demanding the Government to take immediate and effective measures to curb price rise in order to save the people from the miseries of spiraling prices in the market.

Central Vice President


The running staff of Indian Railway is at the receiving end on the apathy shown by the Ministry of Railways, in redressing their grievances. They were put to work continuously for 18 to 20 hours at a stretch, especially in freight service.
On 14the August 1973, the Government announced in the parliament that Running Staff need not work more than 10 hours at a stretch from signing ON to OFF as an agreement made with the striking loco running staff under the banner of AILRSA. Formal orders, in line with this assurance, were released by Ministry of Railway on 31-12-1978. But in course of time the Ministry went back from this assurance and now orders were issued that the Running staff should work for 13 hours at a stretch. Many committees such as Wanchoo Committee, Kunzuru Committee, The Miaboy Tribunal etc. stressed the urgent need to reduce the duty hours at a stretch. Not only on the workers suffering but also on safety on train operations. Various studies conducted by many Railways in other countries also on the same line to reduce the duty hours at a stretch.
In the year 2002, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Railway recommended to reduce the duty hours at a stretch to 8 hours. The Government did not take any step to reduce the duty hours, in spite of several committees recommended to reduce it to 8 hours. Now the Loco Running Staff are forced under the threat of disciplinary action to work for 18 to 20 hours continuously. This have a direct bearing on the safety of train operations thus becomes an issue of the traveling public.
On the wake of nation wide strike sponsored by the central Government employees, in 2006 the Government agreed with the JCM to appoint a judicial review committee to look in to the grievances on Hours of Employment Regulation of the Indian Railways. This assurance too is not fulfilled. This union now proposes for a nation wide agitation on this issue for which we request your full support on the cause.


The grievance of loco running staff pertaining to recommendation of the sixth CPC is that the pay allotted to the entry grade of Assistant Loco Pilots was not commensurate to the skill required, the responsibility attached to the post, the entry qualification and the medical standard prescribed by the post. They are being allowed with a grade pay of Rs 1900 only Rs 100 more than the lowest in Government service.
Realizing this anomaly, the then Railway Minister Sri Lalu Prasad Yadav, in a farewell meeting directed the Chairman, Railway Board to redress the grievance of Assistant Loco Pilot. He has categorically said that their grade must be restored with commensurate pay as these personal are performing a vital job. The demand is to raise the grade pay from Rs 1900 to Rs 2800. In a meeting with Chairman Railway Board this Union was assured and agreed that the grievances are genuine and will be resolved soon.
But to our dismay nothing seems to be in motion to resolve the issue, though a priority committee was appointed to look into in the month of February 2009. The second grievance is that the principle enunciated by the 6th CPC that different and distinctive grade pay be allotted to posts which have functional difference from each other. In the case of Loco Pilot (Goods, Pass, and Mail), there are not only functional difference but also responsibility, that vary considerably. On this principle we demand different grade pay for each of this post against common grade of Rs 4200.


Over and above the pay 30 % of the pay of Running Staff also declared as pay by the President of India like the 25 % of pay treated as non-practicing allowance for Doctors under the Government of India.
For Doctors this 25% of pay is given directly along with their pay. But in the case of Running Staff the 30% of pay and the traveling allowance clubbed together and paying it through a scheme known as Running Allowance derived by the Railway Board.
The 30% of pay declared as special pay by the President is statutory in nature, and TA rules is also statutory in nature. Had there been no Running allowance scheme which was created by an executive order, the Running Staff ought to have been paid 30% of their pay as special pay, like the Doctors non practicing allowances, and Traveling Allowance in accordance with traveling allowance rule in force.
Thus they are entitled to get 30% of their pay as special pay and eligible TA as per rules, without any abrogation.
To abrogate these two components the emolument, which are statutory in nature, the Railway Board derived the Running Allowance scheme by an executive order. What is statutory in nature being abrogated by an executive order, which is bad in law.
In the course of implementation of the scheme, the Railway took Rs 210 as one day TA rate, whereas the TA rate recommended on account of 6th CPC stands at Rs 360 added to this to take the 30% of pay of individual worker as desired by the President of India, they calculated the 30% of the minimum of the pay band at 9300.
This is against justice and fair play. This is totally nullifying what is entitled as per statutory rules. We demand to pay the actual figure of 30% of pay as one of the component and Rs 360 as TA rate as the other component to derive the rate of Running Allowance


Extracting excess duty hours, denying weekly and daily rest, denial of eligible leave, the fundamental cause for this is non filling of the sanctioned posts among Loco Running Staff. You may know that the sanctioned posts itself is lesser than actual requirement of posts. Even the sanctioned posts not been filled in, the impact will be very bad. We suffer and the public also suffer. Approximately 28% of sanctioned are unfilled in whole Railway. The on line Loco Running Staff are under pressure and they work on strains and fatigue, which invariably affect the safety in train operations. We plead to fill vacancy.

Central President

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The meeting of CWC will be held on 14th, 15th, September 09 at Central Office, Ghaziabad. All the newly elected CWC members to attend, the General Secretary of respective Zone should ensure the attendance of CWC members of their Zone.

Agenda: -

1. Review of performance of different Zones for getting the 18th BGM success.

2. Review of execution of different programmes which are taken in 18th BGM.

3. Review of Organizational position, future course of action and our task.

4. Member ship, dues on the head of FIRE (our magazine).

5. Any other subject with the permission of chair.

Note: -

The meeting will start at 13:30 hrs on 14th and continue up to 19:30 hrs. Com should come having their meal. Again at 9 hrs on 15th and concluded at 15:30 hrs, brake for meal will be for one hrs at 12:30.
M. N. Prasad
Secretary General

Report on 18th BGM

1. Representations: 15 Railway out of 16 Railway attended the BGM. Last time it was 13 Railway.

2. Attendance: 450 paid delegate, 250 free delegates from host Railway as per decision, 17 W. Railway Motor man 3 Kolkata Motor man.

3. Participation In Rally on 25th June i.e. 1st day of BGM About 850 but most impressive Young participation was appreciable.

Participation form N. E. Railway, N. C. Railway, Northern Railway, except Firozpur Division was very poor. Participation of Firozpur Division was appreciable.

Since the W. C. Railway, N. W. Railway newly Organized Railway. So their participation along with WR is not good.

However, Organizational Circular was also issued to restrict the delegates based on M / Ship.

4. Significant development. Induction of some young new cadre in Central Committee Reduction in number of Retd person in new committeeMeeting althrough was very much disciplined, House was always full, which was first ever seen.
Meeting started at time which was circulated and concluded too at the time as circulated.This is also first time, happened that after rally there was session for 1 ½ hrs Discussion was constructive brief in time48 hrs delegates have spoken

5. Inauguration – Com, Pandhe

6. Chief speaker – Com, Basudeb Acharia

7. Non-attendance – Sri. Duttameghe (M.P. Cong), Sri VictorMLC /Nagpur(Cong), VP / INTUC, Maharashtra. Although he was Chairman Reception Committee. He arranged MLA house free of cost for us. Com, Vyas due to his wife Hospitalized

Note: - It could be possible on persuasion to get unanimous approval of all the different forces working in AILRSA on the above names.

8. Programmes – delegation to Minister – 15th to 21st July 09 Materialized

Convention at Div – 8th Aug 09

Zonal demonstration. – 8th Sept. 09

Working the train being fast – 8th Oct. 09

Rally before Parliament following 24 hrs H / Strike --- Nov. 09

Then CWC will meet to decide future course of action

Note: - CWC has been convened on 14th, 15th Sept. 09 at GZB / Central Office.

M. N. Prasad

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