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Urging to full- fill the assurances given to Loco Running Staff at various stage of agitation, the entire Loco Running Staff of Indian Railway observe Fast for two days on 3rd and 4th of May 2010. Its entire central committee members sit in Fast in front of parliament on 3rd and 4th may 2010, simultaneously along with 58,000 Loco Running Staff nationwide.

After the recommendation of VI CPC, the Loco Running staff demanded to raise the Grade Pay of Assistant Loco Pilots from Rs 1900 to Rs 2800, and rectify certain anomalies in allowing Grade Pay and Running Allowances to various grades of Drivers. At the peak of the agitation, when the suburban service at Bombay is getting paralyzed, then Union Minister for Railways Sri Lalu Prasad Yadav directed the Railway Board to settle the grievances amicably. The representative of Loco Running Staff met the Chairman, Railway Board, on the issue, in turn the Chairman conceded the demand and assured to redress the grievances.

It is our experience that the assurance given by Government in Parliament was not heeded by the Railway Board. On 13th August 1973, the Government gave assurance in Parliament that “Loco Running Staff need not work continuously more than10 hours”, though national and international norms on duty hours stands at 8 hours. Even after a lapse of 37 long years the Loco Running Staff are subjected to work continuously for more than 14 hours and extends up to 20 hours at a stretch, paving way for serious accidents that took many lives of innocent publics. Alas, still the babus of Railway bureaucrats never moved.

Taking stock of the resentment among Loco Running Staff, and the ongoing agitation at various part of the country, which paralysed the train services, the Railway Board though belated constituted a committee known as FAST TRACK COMMITTEE, to look into the grievances of Loco Running Staff on 15th February 2010 with a time frame of 2 months to give its recommendations.

Hoping a redressal of their grievances the Loco Running Staff kept under abeyance their agitation still 15th April 2010. But to our dismay the said Fast Track Committee did not submit its recommendation within the time frame, nor it held any discussion with the staff side that shows adamancy of Railway Board.

Loco Running Staff have serious exemption, the way the Railway Board deal with staff grievances. It is universally accepted principal that a dispute between the employer and employee usurped the dispute be invariably referred to an independent body or authority. But Railway Board preferred the dispute to an in house committee with its own subordinates as its members. The confidence of staff shattered, and resentment brewed to the extant that the train service may

Come to a stop during the period of FAST on 3rd 4th May 2010. This Union request the media, Parliamentarians, Trade Unions and general public to persuade the Railway Ministry to settle the grievances of Loco Running Staff amicably to avoid serious inconvenience to travelling public.

With thanks

28-04-2010. Central President, AILRSA

Monday, April 19, 2010

Indian Railways generated revenue earnings of Rs 57594.61 crore from freight traffic during the financial year 2009-10, which ended on March 31, as compared to Rs 53137.60 crore in the previous year, registering an increase of 8.39 per cent.
An official press release said the Railways carried 887.99 million tonnes of freight traffic in the year to March 2010 as compared to 833.31 million tonnes carried during the previous financial year, an increase of 6.56 per cent.
It said the net tonne kilometres (NTKM) went up from 538226 million during April 2008-March 2009 to 584760 million during April 2009-March 2010, showing an increase of 8.65 per cent.
According to the release, out of the total earnings from freight traffic during 2009-10, Rs. 22366.69 crore came from transportation of 396.10 million tonnes of coal, followed by Rs. 8350.77 crore from 132.72 million tonnes of iron ore for exports, steel plants and for other domestic user, Rs. 5282.55 crore from 93.15 million tonnes of cement, and Rs. 3972.39 crore from 37.52 million tonnes of foodgrains.
The Railways also earning Rs. 3319.63 crore from transportation of 39.49 million tonnes of petroleum oil and lubricant (POL), Rs. 3336.19 crore from 30.93 million tonnes of pig iron and finished steel from steel plants and other points, Rs. 3174.51 crore from 43.58 million tonnes of fertilizers, Rs. 2772.43 crore from 34.36 million tonnes by container service, Rs. 883.46 crore from 11.58 million tonnes of raw material for steel plants except iron ore, and Rs. 4135.99 crore from 68.56 million tonnes of other goods, the release added.

‘No one can safely say whether railways in this country will earn or not.’ Words of Lord Dalhousie while advocating the construction of railway in India in 1848.
The Indian Railway, the world’s largest employer, is celebrating the 55th Railway Week to commemorate the running of its first train from Bori Bunder to Thane on April 16, 1853, with a ‘Philately exhibition on wheels’ train that reached the city on Sunday. Dalhousie’s quote forms part of the many historic records displayed, along with an amazing collection of stamps connected with the history of railways.
The three-coach exhibition train of Southern Railway started its journey on April 13 from Chennai Central station. The over 3,000 stamps on display belong to the personal collection of Mohammad Mujibullah, Eastern Railway’s Heritage Assistant and an avid philatelist, whose rare collection has won him accolades in India and abroad.
The philatelic ride through the history of the most innovative mode of mass transportation is as amazing as a train journey through some exotic landscape. The first two coaches have stamps and first day covers of special occasions from various countries displayed in the alphabetical order of country names. From Afghanistan to Zanzibar, there are stamps issued from 150 countries. The third coach houses stamps and covers that portray the eventful history of the development of railways around the world, right from the primitive avatar of horse-drawn carriages to steam locomotives, diesel engines and super speed trains.
All these stamps are rare, but some are more rare than the others, and hence a tiny bit more dear to the owner. Says Mujibullah, ‘‘Due to shortage of coins in the US, postal currency stamps were issued there in 1886 which could double up as currency and stamp. I have with me the only known existing piece of the stamp in the world’’.
Among the other stamps Mujibullah considers special are a Siberian Railway stamp showing the longest railway line from Moscow to London and Eastern Indian Railway’s Queen Victoria stamps, which were the first to have perfin or the tiny holes seen on stamps today. ‘‘The railway used to buy stamps from the postal department and since all stamps looked alike, railway employees used to steal them for postal purposes. To stop this, railway introduced the perfin system on it’s official stamps’’.
The stamp issued on the 175th anniversary of British Railway shows the first train that ran from Stockton to Darlington in 1825. It did not have the benefit of signals and was preceded by a horse-mounted policeman. Later, the ‘International Union of Railways’ was introduced in 1922 which improved signaling and interlocking, the 50th anniversary of which was marked by India with a special stamp in 1972.
The exhibition also has thematic collections of photographs like ‘Rolling stock of yesteryears’, ‘Gandhiji and railways’, and ‘Masters and motivators’.
The train will reach Coimbatore, its last destination, on Wednesday.
‘‘The exhibition is soon to enter the Guinness Book as the first-ever philately exhibition on wheels,’’ says Mujibullah.
But the philatelist sounds more proud when he says, ‘‘if I get permission, I hope to run the exhibition all over India, the train will then have 10 coaches, with more stamps’’.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Railway Board
Rail Bhawan
New Delhi,

Through: General Manager,

Reg: Fast Track Committee.


The 6th CPC has done a great injustice to Loco Running Staff of Indian Railways in respect to GP, subsequently again the injustice has been done in respect to the rate of Kilometer allowance against which Loco Running Staff agitating since then.

We are thankfull that the Railway administration has constituted two committees to solve our grievances i.e. one is prioritize committee under notification No: ERB – 1/2009 / 23/1 of date: 09.01.2009 and another is Fast Track Committee under notification No: ERB / 1 / 2009 / 23 of date: 12/13.02.2010. We are also thankful to RLC (Central) who has taken pain to start conciliation. The both committees was given two months time to submit the report. Prioritize Committee had to submit the report by 9th March 2009 and Fast Track Committee’s report had to be submitted by 15th April 2010 but both the Committee as yet did not submit the report which now became the cause for resentment of staff.

The AILRSA therefore register their protest through this mass deputation and demands early publication of the reports, failing which the AILRSA has no other option but to go for a token Sit in Fast for two days starting from 12:30 hrs on 03.05.2010 by it CWC members at Jantar – Mantar New Delhi followed by all the Zones in protest for such delay in submitting the report of the Committees.

We therefore request for your kind intervention into the situation and see that the committees report is submitted on and before 30th of April 2010.

With thanks,

Your’s sincerely

M. N. Prasad
Secretary General AILRSA

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Government of India-Ministry of Railways-New Delhi
No.E(LL) 2009/HER/ I
RBE no. 37/2010.Dated.26.02.10

The General Managers
All Indian Railways

Sub : PNMAIRF itemNo 20/2009 Absence of Running Staff from Head quarters

Attention is drawn to Boards letter no. E(LL)97/HER/II dated 30.09.1998 wherein the Railways were asked to keep a close watch at the divisional level and also periodically at the Zonal level to reduce the period of absence of Running Staff from Head quarters.

Board desire that all cases of absence of more than 36 hours should be monitored closely with a view to restrict such absence within reasonable limit.

AD Ramachandran
Director Esst (LL)

Friday, April 9, 2010


Sri PK Sahoo, Loco Pilot Mail and Sri KCH Pandey Sr Assistant Loco Pilot,at KURDA ROAD were Removed from service for demanding 3 hours extra rest before their second night duty and due to the Prolonged power failure at a temperature of around 49 degree at Kharagpur Running Room.

Sri AZ Khan LP Goods, KURDA ROAD is removed from service for expressing his unwillingness to work longer hours after completing 13 hours duty.

Sri KS Ramarao II and Sri SN Sahoo, both Assistant Loco Pilots were removed from service for demanding to maintain status co for coupling and uncoupling at Visakapatanam Railway Station.

The all above cases are clear proof for the INHUMAN treatment towards Loco Pilots by the Senior Divisional Mechanical Engineer of Kurda Road who is lightly imposing the ultimate penalty without considering the actual facts.

AILRSA central committee directed all the Branches to Protest against the Injustice by organizing Gate meetings on 09.04. 10

AILRSA Bangalore division conducted a Mass Gate Meeting in front of Crew Booking Lobby, Plat form I, Bangalore City Railway Station on 09.04.10. The Gate Meeting was welcomed by Sri Jayachandran, Central Organising committee member AILRSA and was Addressed by Sri C. Sunish, General Secretary,AILRSA and Sri R Surendran, Divisional Secretary, AILRSA.
All India Loco Running Staff
Association (AILRSA) : Workmen
Railway Board : Opposite Party


In the matter of “Sit in Fast” programme at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi on 25th / 26th November 2009 by the Members of the AILRSA

The all India Loco Running Staff Association (AILRSA) is in receipt of a copy of the letter bearing No. E (LR) II / 2009 / STI – 7 dated: 25.03.2010 submitted by Dy. Director, Estt. (LR) III addressed to Sri B. B. Bhatnagar, Regional Labour Commissioner (Central), New Delhi – 110001. The said communication dated: 25.03.2010 by the Railway Board is with reference to the proceedings held by the esteemed RLC (C) on 15.03.2010 in the matter of the demands raised by the Association (AILRSA) during the “Sit in Fast” programme proposed on 25th / 26th November 2009.
In the communication dated 25.03.2010 abovementioned, the Railway Board has referred to the existence of the permanent negotiating machinery, departmental council under JCM etc. It is humbly submitted that the existence of these bodies intended for peaceful settlement of the grievances of the employees in the open line but have always not been to the satisfaction of the various categories working in the open line like the Loco Running Staff for example. At any case, the rights conferred upon the AILRSA to raise the genuine grievances as per the provisions contained in the Trade Union Act 1926, the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 etc. have not been taken away or annulled on account of the existence of formation of negotiating machineries in the Railway Organization. More-over, it will not be out of place to mention that the recognized Unions in the Railway has not occupied the position of sole bargaining against of Railway workers too. Therefore, the demands raised by the organization and the conciliation initiated by the esteemed RLC (C), New Delhi – 110001 is well in conformity with the provisions of the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 and, therefore, cannot be questioned by the Railway management. The demands raised by the Association is under the consideration of the Railway Board and the same are at various levels of discussion before the different bodies including JCM as mentioned by the Railway Board, but it is again not mention specifically about the time limit of concluding the discussion and come out with a decision and at the same time the Railway Board has constituted the Fast Track Committee to consider the same, report of the Committee should be submitted with a time frame of two months i.e. within 15.04.2010 vide letter ERB – 1/2010/23/of dated: 12/13.02.2010, which in-fact Railway has not brought in to the knowledge of Hon’ble RLC (C) New Delhi through their reply of dated: 25.03.2010. It is pertinent to mention that since last one and half year we have been raising our grievances through different way and means. However, which remains as yet unsettled. However now the Railway Board is requested through your honour to come out with a decision on our grievances within the time schedule which has been given to Fast Track Committee i.e. by 15.04.2010. Sir, it is an appropriate to mention here that Prior to that a prioritize committee had been constituted under notification No: ERB – 1/2009/23/1 dated: 09.01.2009 to examine the question of horizontal / vertical relativities of pay within two months i.e. on and before 10th of March 2009. Had this Committee examined the question of relativity (Horizontal and vertical of ALP / LP (Loco Running Staff) with other category adequately / properly as represented by the Association, a major portion of the demands of Pay / GP would have been solved. However, this report has also not come out although one year has passed. A true copy of the said order dated: 12.02.10 / 15.02.10 and dated: 09.01.2009 respectively issued by the Railway Board are enclosed herewith for the immediate reference of the esteemed RLC (C). The anomalies Committee which has been mentioned by the Railway Board stands irrelevant in this case if its terms and reference is taken into the consideration.

Sir, the submission of the Railway management that the issue of Grade Pay is beyond the competence of Railway Board Can’t be agreed. The Railway Board itself constitute Fast Track Committee with Railway Officials to consider all these issues raised by the Association including the GP which itself indicate their competence to decide the issue of GP. In-addition the Railway Ministry is an immediate and principle employer of ours and it is their concern to consult the competent authorities to solve the issue of GP. It will not be out of place here to mention that prior to 26.03.2010, they never raised the issue of their competency rather on the other hand on 13.03.10they have submitted that some issues are considered and others are under active consideration. In view of the above fact the management version on the issue of GP can’t be agreed. It is only urged upon to see that the report of Fast Track Committee should be submitted as scheduled and our grievances are solved favourably and adequately.
All these facts indicate that the opposite party management has no case that the demands raised by the workmen Association (AILRSA) are untenable and on the other hand it is their case that the issue is under consideration at various levels, suggesting thereby that a result is likely to come forth within a short span of time {as indicated in the order dated 12.02.2010/15.02.2010 ( ibid)}. In the circumstances, noticing the reply filed by the Railway dated d25.03.2010 and also the order dated 12.02.2010/15.02.2010 constituting Fast Track Committee, further discussion in the matter can be kept in abeyance for the time being with a direction to the opposite party Railways to finalize the process of discussion and to arrive at a just decision settling the grievances raised by the AILRSA within a time limit as set for Fast Track Committee i.e. 15.04.2004.
It is also prayed that the management to be directed to give an opportunity to representatives of the Association to have their say before a final decision is taken by the Railway Board on the different issue as raised by the Association.
We also pray that appropriate order be passed as submitted above giving liberty to the Association to revive the demands if so warranted at a latter stage, in case a decision of the Railway Board is not satisfactory.

Yours’ faithfully


Thursday, April 8, 2010


Sri PK Sahoo, LP Mail and Sri KCH Pandey Sr ALP were Removed from service for demanding 3 hours extra rest before their second night duty and due to the power failure at a temperature of around 49 degree at Kharagpur.
Sri AZ Khan LP Goods is removed from service for expressing his unwillingness to work longer hours after completing 13 hours duty.
Sri KS Ramarao II and Sri SN Sahoo were removed from service for Coupling case.
AILRSA central committee directed all the Branches to Protest against the Injustice by organizing Gate meetings on 09.04. 10
ALL INDIA LOCO RUNNING STAFF ASSOCIATION Hubli Divisional committee Conducted MASS DHARNA On 08.04.10 in front of DRM office Hubli, The demonstration started from Crew Booking Lobby to DRM office @10.30 hrs , The Dharna was welcome by Com. K.NISHAD, Divisional Secretary AILRSA and Inaugurated by Com. C. SUNISH, General Secretary AILRSA ,S.W Rly. Com. SSV.RAMPRASAD, Zonal Joint Secretary, Com. T.SABU, Zonal Vice President, Com. A.K.DIXIT, Branch Secretary were addressed the huge gathering. A delegation comprising of Com. K.NISHAD, Com. T.SABU, Com. BAMK NAIDU, Com.A.K. DIXIT ,Com. K.RIJITH KUMAR met ADRM Hubli Sri. PREM CHAND and submitted the detailed memorandum. While the discussion the ADRM assured to solve the grievances as earlier very seriously

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