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Brief History:

In Indian Railway the first uniform committee was formed in 1957. The committee recommended Jacket's Battle Dress( Dress worn by army personnel) for loco running staff. From day one we have been protesting against the unsuitability of this type of uniform. But the 1970 Uniform committee did not recommended any change. Due to sustained protests and arguments put forth by AILRSA and other unions in the next uniforms committee, about the inconvenience and unsuitability of this type of uniform it was changed to Bush shirt and trousers. But still the quality and style was not in conformity with the aspirations of loco running staff. Only stitched uniforms were supplied. In this dress Drivers (Loco pilots) appeared as Bafoons. 

We continued our protest. Later Railway board compelled to supply uniform clothes for LPs in lieu of stitched uniform from 17/4/2001. The clothes were for Navy blue pants and Sky blue shirt. Only two sets in alternate years were supplied. In the case of lady staff who need a frequent change in dress this scale of supply is insufficient. As per HOER loco pilots required to work 72 Hrs at out station and 2 sets is in sufficient. The quality of the supplied cloth was very bad. AILRSA tested the quality of this uniform clothes at textile research Lab at Tiruppur . The result showed that the quality is very poor. With this proof AILRSA complained to CVC (Central Vigilance Commissioner Railways) about the corruption in the purchase of uniform clothes. But CVC was hand in glows with Railways and demanded further proof for investigation. We again tested and send the result. But they were dilly dallying.

The stitching charges granted were not in line with market rates. For pants the charges granted was Rs-68.25 & for shirt Rs- 29.25. The present rate is Rs 130/70 for pant/ shirt. Wonder how you can stitch with this amount. With these reasons AILRSA demanded Uniform allowance.

For an RTI reply in 2012 Southern Railway said they spend Rs112.5 for one pants (1.25 m) clothe and Rs 117 for one shirt (2.25m). So total they spent Rs 229.5 , where as railway board replied on that year for an RTI that they spend Rs 1500 for a pair of pant and shirt. What actually they spend is only 229.5 x2 = 459 . So where is the remaining 1041 rupees?? : CORRUPTION!!!. 

Nurses are paid Rs 9000 as (6th CPC) uniform allowance and separate washing allowance, RPF staff also given. Hon. CAT/ MAS in the OA 1049/2004 have ordered Railway to implement a uniform policy for Uniform allowance for all Railway staff. 7th CPC recommended Rs 5000 as uniform allowance for loco running staff. The allowance committee not yet decided on it .We demanded Rs 10000. So ordering to wear uniform without the committee’s recommendation is arbitrary and aimed only to give us substandard uniform. Moreover the style is not yet decided. 

Protest and develop resistance.

Avoid giving measurement for stitched uniform. Those who already given, avoid collecting the stitched uniform. Let administration give the design, by Ritu Beri or Ritu Kumar or Anju modi etc.

AILRSA 21st All India BGM held at Jalandhar City on 18 & 19 November 2016 passed the following resolution about Uniform allowance.


This BGM vehemently protest against the circular asking to intimate the individual measurement of uniform dress to the administration. Entire staff had struggled much to abandon the system of supplying of stitched uniform as it was making them buffoons. There were wide spread complaints of corruption and inferior quality of cloth in the present system of supplying cloth. As a remedial measure the pay commission suggested to pay uniform allowance and staff whole heartedly applauded it.

When that is the position the said letter intended to re introduce the old system of supplying stitched uniform need to be withdrawn immediately .We also demands to allow the uniform allowance at the rate of Rs 10000/- per annum on par with Station Masters. 


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