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Conciliation by RLC/NDLS with AILRSA and Railway Board held at NDLS on 25.06.10.Com. MN Prasad,JS Tank,NB Dutta ,N Sarkar attended, the nut shell of the conciliation minutes is as follows.
"....The management representatives stated that the report of FTC will be put up before the appropriate forum of the Railway Board. The matter will be examined at a larger forum to see that it gives satisfaction to the larger number of Railway Employees. They also requested that the Association to wait for the final verdict of the Railway Board in Respect of their demands.After hearing it is a fact that the FTC is a subordinate committee under the RB , let the RB examined their demands and pass a final decission in respect of their demands. The Department of Railway is advised since the matter is pending since long and the workers are agitated and wanted to know the fate of their demands raised by them at the earliest. There fore, the Department of railway is adcised to decide the issue expeditiously and submit the report within 45 days.
Matter is adjorned and case is fixed for 20.08.10 at 11.30 am.
BB Batnagar
RLC Central, New Delhi.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Now don't worry if your mobile gets stolen in trainALLAHABAD: Here is a piece of good news for the railway passengers.

There is no need to worry if your mobile phone gets lost or stolen in the train. The government railway police (GRP) have asked the passengers travelling between New Delhi and Mughalsarai railway stations to lodge their complaints with the mobile search cell.

The GRP have activated their mobile search teams which are taking the assistance of electronic surveillance to locate the whereabouts of the missing or stolen mobile phones.

The officials on Friday claimed that with over 40% stolen or missing mobile sets have already been recovered. The passengers travelling between New Delhi and Bihar railway stations are happy over this new initiative by the GRP.

In January, two costly mobile sets of a Kanpur resident, Nisha, were stolen when she, along with her family members, was travelling in S-2 coach of a New Delhi-bound train in January this year.

She took no time in lodging her complaint with the GRP and the mobile cell managed to recover her both sets besides arresting the thief.

The GRP registered as many as 39 mobile missing\stolen cases between January and May this year and 40% of them have already been recovered, said DIG, railways, Mukesh Shukla.

He added that the GRP have activated their surveillance units to recover the stolen or lost mobile sets.

He said that passengers too have appreciated the efforts of the GRP as far as recovery of their stolen\missing mobile sets is concerned.

He added that victims should immediately approach the GRP.

He said that the police team can locate the whereabouts of stolen\missing mobile set if it is not switched off.

The complaint of missing\stolen mobile set can be lodged at any GRP police station\outpost or with the mobile teams between New Delhi and Mughalsarai railway stations.
THE HINDUOnline edition of India's National Newspaper
Saturday, Jun 19, 2010
ePaper | Mobile/PDA Version
CBI busts railway recruitment scam
NEW DELHI: The CBI on Friday claimed to have unearthed a multicrore recruitment scam in the Railways and arrested eight persons, including the son of Chairman of the Railway Recruitment Board, Mumbai.

Saturday , June 19 , 2010
Clean-up nominee in rail racket
New Delhi, June 18: The CBI has unearthed a railway job racket that was allegedly being run as a family enterprise by two top officials, one of them chosen by Mamata Banerjee to help clean up her ministry’s recruitment system.
The railways suspended S.M. Sharma, appointed by Mamata as chairman of the Railway Recruitment Board of Mumbai, after the CBI arrested his son Vivek Bhardwaj Sharma yesterday for allegedly selling question papers.
The agency also arrested the recently retired additional divisional railway manager of Raipur, A.K. Jagannathan, his son Srujan and five others following simultaneous raids in Mumbai, Raipur, Calcutta, Hyderabad and Bangalore.
Mamata had, in her game of one-upmanship with predecessor Lalu Prasad, replaced the chairmen of all the 20 Railway Recruitment Boards last year after allegations of corruption. Neither she nor her officials were available for comment today.
The development underscores a trend of people in high positions being caught for corruption. Two months ago, the CBI had arrested Medical Council of India president Ketan Desai, a self-styled crusader for rectitude among doctors, for allegedly accepting a bribe.
CBI spokesperson Harsh Bhal said the raids in Mumbai had led to the discovery of Rs 60 lakh in the bank accounts of Sharma’s family members, and the seizure of passbooks and laptops. Sharma’s son Vivek recently bought a Pajero in the name of a relative, a source said.
The scam relates to the examinations for the posts of assistant loco pilot (held on June 6 this year) and assistant stationmaster (June 13) in the railways’ Mumbai zone.
Jagannathan got his hands on the question papers with the help of Vivek and the Mumbai board’s officials and sold copies to hundreds of candidates at Rs 3.5 lakh each a day before the exam, Bhal said. Each candidate had to leave his original certificates with Jagannathan, who was to return them after the full payment had been made, he added.
Bhal said the CBI had seized Rs 21.5 lakh in cash and the original certificates of 444 candidates from Jagannathan’s home in Hyderabad, and another Rs 12 lakh from him personally at a Bangalore hotel along with question papers and original certificates.
“It is estimated that the scam runs into several crores of rupees,” Bhal said.
The 20 Railway Recruitment Boards conduct examinations for the recruitment of Group C and D railway staff across the country. The Indian Railways is the country’s largest employer and its jobs are so highly sought-after that the exams often trigger violence, with local people at the test centres trying to drive away outstation candidates.
Mamata had unveiled her grand plans to revamp railway recruitment, in the face of severe criticism over irregularities, while presenting the railway budget in February. She had announced benefits for minority women candidates and the poorer job seekers. The arrests, however, show that these jobs often go to those who can “afford” to buy them.
The CBI has asked railway job seekers to be vigilant, saying similar rackets are being run by gangs in various parts of the country in collusion with railway officials.
All those arrested have been remanded in 14 days’ judicial custody. Apart from Vivek, Jagannathan and Srujan, the accused include Raipur-based agent M.R.S.N. Murthy, Andhra Pradesh health department employee A. Kumar Swamy, and three Hyderabad-based agents.

THE HINDUOnline edition of India's National Newspaper
Saturday, Jun 19, 2010
ePaper | Mobile/PDA Version
Andra pradesh

Tatkal ticket scam unearthed
Staff Reporter
Rs. 29,000 unaccounted cash seized from booking clerk

Prompt action:Officials of the Railway Vigilance wing perusing records at the railway reservation counter in Sangareddy on Friday.
SANGAREDDY: The vigilance officials of the South Central Railway on Friday raided the online booking counter of the railways and seized Rs. 29,000 which was unaccounted for. The raids were conducted at 8.30 a.m.
According to officials, they received number of complaints from the passengers that the booking clerk K. Ramesh has been collecting an additional amount of Rs. 150 on each tatkal ticket after reserving them on fake names.
Officials found that 15 tickets were booked under Tatkal but the amount of Rs. 29,000 was not remitted in the cash box. Officials came to a conclusion that Mr. Ramesh was involved in the scam after they found the reserved tickets under tatkal in his possession.
Chief Vigilance Inspector Anuj Kumar, Inspectors --Vivekananda and Narasimhulu – took part in the raid. After grilling Mr. Ramesh , they informed the media that a report would be submitted to the higher officials.
However, they did not elaborate.

Samay exclusive: Surat express scam exposed17/06/2010 19:40:00
Our sister channel Samay has exposed a shocking scandal on Thursday involving the train ticket examiner and the Railway Administration, who used to earn superfluous money by attaching an extra coach to the Surat Express.
Ashish Ranjan
The Surat express runs from Bhagalpur to Surat and it has ten sleeper coaches.

Our correspondent has uncovered that the scandal was going on since last five years in which the train ticket examiner and the railway administration used to attach an extra coach to the train, for which Rs. 300 was charged from each passenger.

After the scam surfaced, people are demanding the suspension of the ticket examiner of the train and people from the administration, who were involved in the scandal.

The CBI probe is being demanded in this matter.

Six blinds were asked to describe an elephant. One touched its trunk and said that elephant looks like an anaconda, another touched its ear and said elephant look like a big wild leaf, another touched its leg and said elephant look like a pillar, and one touched its belly and said elephant look like a big basket and so on, this is an old story.
The report of Fast Track Committee resembles the story. The members of FTC analyzed the grievances of Loco Running Staff of Indian Railway and their report, a laughable piece of literature, bereft of any intelligible perception.
Our apprehension becomes true. The intention behind the constitution of FTC by the Railway Board is not to resolve the grievances, but a gimmick to silence the agitating workers. And our contention that the serpent of the Railway management will dilly dally with management and they are not an impartial authority to adjudicate the dispute between workers and management. That recall our memory of the sordid Mayor’s court of the yonder century in which the judges were uncles, fathers and in-laws of the rapist, there justice derailed, citizens suffered tortured and humiliated.
No obligation to the Constitution, no respect to the Parliament, nor they hear the Minister or the Parliamentarians, Workers are considered as slaves, that is the Railway Board. “Abolish the Railway Board” said Rakesh Mohan that is apt and intelligible. That is good for the country and people. White elephant be burned alive, that is the necessity of time.
The members of FTC washed their hands like the Peelathose in the Bible and crucified the entire workers. In regards to the Grade Pay, they said ‘the issue regarding Grade Pay and additional allowance to running staff is one the agenda of departmental anomaly committee’ and simply concluded that ‘appropriate references may be made to the Ministry of Finance’. This is not redressal of grievances but washing their hands also escapes themselves of their responsibility and obligation to workers.
In regard to the grievances on running allowance, they took shield of the suggestion of VIth CPC that allowances be doubled and Railway Board in fact doubled the allowance.
Running allowance cannot be termed as mere allowance, to be doubled as suggested by the VIth CPC. 30% of it is pay of the running staff and rest is traveling allowance. Traveling allowance raised to more than three times against the suggestion of VIth CPC, the Pay of Officers also raised to more than double. That being the position why not the Running allowance is raised appropriately. Confine it to double the rate is not prudence. Prudence dictates a different solution. When the entire government employees enjoy the 3.4 times hike in traveling allowance, why the running staff are deprived of the benefits.
The members of FTC said doubling of rate is a package. It is not a package, but it is pick pocket the poor workers.
The finding of the committee that the depression in pay was eroded after pay commission, is not the factual position. Pay element was in fact not allowed to running staff as a depression factor. It was a still born of RAC – 2002. Even for an argument we see that the depression in pay not been eroded but increased after VIth CPC. The highest pay band and Grade pay for group C should be compared with the pay of Loco Pilot (Mail) to assess the depression factor. The entry pay for Grade of Rs.5400/- stands at Rs. 15,600/- but Loco Pilot (Mail)’s Pay stands at Rs. 9300/-. The conclusion of the committee is that there is no depression of pay of running staff to be seen in this perception.
The President of India decided to allow 30% of pay as pay element through running allowance. But Railway Board nullifies it by changing the formulae to arrive at the rate. It is nothing but squandering the bowl of poor workers.
The just demands of motormen for ALP / single handed allowance or ACP / MACP or separate mode of computation of mileage ensuring 300 km per day have been mercilessly dealt with. All their long pending grievances thrown to dust bin.
In regard to duty hours, the committee as well as the Railway Board simply disregards the assurance given by the Government in Parliament on 14.08.1973, that the running staff need not work for more that 10 hours from Sign ON to Sign OFF. It shows that the Railway Board has no obligation towards the constitution of India, to the Parliament, to the Government of India, and behaves like an entity by themselves. No respect towards Parliamentary standing committee, who recommended to reduce duty hours to 8 hours nor they respect the assurance of Government of India in the national JCM on 15.02.2006 that HOER will be referred before a ‘Judicial Review Committee’.
These constitutional authorities, the Parliament and the Government of India are being treated as scarecrow. On the Railway Board, Rakesh Mohan is right. Abolish the Railway Board and save the country and the people.
There will not be any sleep for us. React strongly as best as could. Let the Government intervene and settle our grievances. Join together and fight against a tyrant; ‘the Railway Board’.

Ernakulam, Central Committee
17.06.2010. All India Loco Running Staff Association
21st June 2010
Betrayal day.
Fraudulent FTC report

Concede our just demands.
Dear loco men unite for final action

Wear Black Badges, conduct gate meeting in front of all crew booking depots.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


AILRSA central Working Committee will be held at Ghaziabad on 26 and 27 June to discus the stock of situation after submission of FTC.
RLC New delhi next sitting is scheduled on 25 th June .
Be prepare to utilise your ultimate weapon , if you really wants an improvement in GP and other issues.

Dear Comrades,
CNN IBN broadcasted anews about the unsafety of Longhood working of WDP4 locos. please watch the vedio by cliking below

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Loco inspectors guide train drivers
Ashraf Jamal, TNN, Jun 12, 2010, 10.53pm IST

ALLAHABAD: There are persons in railways known as loco inspectors. They help loco pilots or train drivers and provide them psychological assistance in efficiently driving the trains. They have been entrusted the task to guide the drivers and solve their problems.

In the Allahabad division of North Central Railway which stretches from Ghaziabad to Mughalsarai, there are 51 loco inspectors. Out of these, 19 are placed at Allahabad, 18 at Kanpur and the remaining 14 at Tundla. They have to travel along with drivers and assistant drivers in the raiway engine and give directions which is called `foot plating' in the railway parlance.

The prime duty of loco inspector is to be a competent loco pilot in all respects. It means that driver should have good knowledge in technical and safety aspects with good driving skills. The loco inspector reads weakness of loco pilot is one area which requires additional efforts and try to eliminate the same by adopting different methodology through counselling.

They also improve human touch with loco pilots will develop good relations in understanding their day-to-day problems.

The loco inspectors try solve the domestic and official problems of the drivers so that they can concentrate on driving.

The loco inspectors always update loco pilots knowledge in regard to latest safety circulars, technical circulars, etc., on various technical/safety aspects.

NCR spokesperson Amit Malviya said that job of loco inspector is of paramount importance as he helps the loco pilot in properly driving the train.


DA for July 2010
All India Consumer Price Index Number for Industrial Workers (CPI-IW) on base 2001=100 for the past four month have been published in Labour Bureau website. According to these results we can expect that July 2010 will witness at least 9% increase in Dearness Allowance That is from the Existing 35% to 44%

All India Consumer Price Index Number for Industrial Workers (CPI-IW) on base 2001=100 for the month of April, 2010 remained stationary at 170 (one hundred and seventy).For the past three months from February 2010 to April 2010, the All India Consumer Price Index Number for Industrial Workers (CPI-IW) remained stationary at 170.Theconsumer Price Index Number(CPI-IW) for the month of January 2010 was 172.and the CPI-IW for the month of May and June yet to be announced.

Hence it is very much earlier to predict the D.A hike for the period of July 2010 to December 2010.But it is expected that for the remaining two months (May and June) the CPI-IW Number will be at 170 to 171.If the official CPI-IW index published by Labour Bureau, Department of Statistics, goes along with our expectation for the remaining two months, then we can say that there will be at least 9% hike in Dearness Allowance from July 2010.
FTC has taken basic pay, GP,Pay Element(notional), DP,DA,Transport Allowance,CCA,HRA,and Running Alowance and arrived a total emoluments of 23747/- for 5500-9000 as on 31.12.05.
as on 01.01.2006 according to fTC Total emolumrnts raised to 37907/- ie 59.63%
As on 01.05.10 they arrived 52118/- as total emoluments and invented that 119.47% hike in emoluments.
What a mockuery ?
They added notional pay element as well as Running alowance for 7250 kms
If they taken the TA of other Staff and officers along with their emoluments % of increase will be much more .
The FTC observed that the pay structure recommended by the pay commission for running staffwas in consonance with the general principle of de-layering adopted by pay commission for all categories of central govt employees.
Forther regarding GP and addl allowance is on the AGENDA of dept Anomaly committee.
Regarding Running Allowance
6th CPC doubled all the allowances,and like all other allowance it willbe wef 01.09.08. The joint committee by Rb noted that depression in pay of running staff eroded after revisions of pay,but for MOTIVATING running staff the pay element of 30% and 55% retirement benefit was continued.
refer AILRSA web site for more details.

Friday, June 11, 2010

AILRSA South western Railway resolved to enter in to strike any day after 15th June 2010 if the demands of Loco running Staff is not conceded. The above decision is unanimously taken by STRIKE PROCLAMATION CONVENTION held on June 9th Wed.14 hours At CYCD Hall,Okhalipuram, Bangalore.
The Convention was inaugurated by Com. VJK Nair, All India Vice President CITU.
Com. A Janaki Raman, General Secretary, DREU attended as Chief Guest.

Railway Ministry had agreed to appoint a Judicial Committee to review the working conditions in Feb 2006, which is yet to be constituted. The association was continuously voicing against Low pay scales allotted to Loco Running staff especially to Assistant Loco Pilots ever since the publication of 6th Central pay Commission Report. The Railway Board too brought injustice by way of allowing a reduced rate of traveling allowance to them. All these caused serious resentment among Loco Running Staff and they agitated through various means. The parliament was also witnessed serious uproar and adjourned on this issue on 04.05.10 and Railway Minister had announced remedial measures before 15th June 2010.


Welcome Address:
Com. C. Sunish, General Secretary, AILRSA SWR
Com. D S Niranjan, Div.President, AILRSA

1. Com. A Janaki Raman, General Secretary, DREU.
2. Com. PS Prasad, General Secretary, Central Govt Employees Co Ordination Committee, Karnataka.
3. Com. A Jayachandran, Central Organising Secretray,AILRSA
4. Com. P Ravichandran Zonal President, AILRSA South Zone
5. Com.K Parthasarathy, AGS, AILRSA South Zone
6. Com. KC James, Assistant Secretary General AILRSA
7. Com. VR Prakash, Zonal Asst. Secretary South Zone.
Com. K Nishad presented the Proclamation Resolution, which is enclosed here with.

Vote of thanks. Com. D Rajkumar, Zonal Vice President.


The strike proclamation convention held at Bangalore on 09.06.10 discussed threadbare pros and cons of the situation created by Railway Management. The meeting deplores the lethargic attitude of the Railway Ministry not conceding the demands of the Loco Running Staff including Motormen of Indian Railway.

This convention extends a clarion call to Loco Running Staff and Motormen to be ready for any agitation.

This convention also decided to enter in to strike any day after 15th June 2010, if the demands put forth by AILRSA are not redressed not later than 15th June 2010 as assured by Railway management.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Circular No.12

A-2/95,Manishinath Bhawan,Rajouri Garden, New Delhi-110 027
Tel: 011-2510 5324: Mobile: 98110 48303

Dated 25th May. 2010

Dear Comrades,
A joint Committee on MACP met today under the chairmanship of Joint Secretary Establishment of DOPT. Following issues were discussed:

1. Item No:1:Provide Grade Pay of the next promotional post under MACP.
Staff Side pressed for placement in the Grade Pay of the Promotional Post instead of next higher Grade Pay in the hierarchy of revised Pay Band and Grade Pay. It was insisted because the career progression only means the promotion in the hierarchy and not to a Grade Pay which is not present in the hierarchy of the respective department.

The Staff Side also gave an alternative that first two MACPs after 10 and 20 years should be to the next promotional post as per the hierarchy of respective department as under the erstwhile ACP scheme and thereafter the third MACP in the next Grade Pay of the Revised Pay Band and Grade Pay.

2. Item No:2:Date of Effect.
It was demanded that MACP scheme may be introduced with effect from 1.1.2006. A scheme which has been recommended by the 6th CPC will be not available to those employees who have opted for revised pay scales w.e.f. 1.1.2006 but had retired or died before 1.9.2008, which is very anomalous.

3. Item No:3:Option for earlier ACP Scheme.
Staff Side pointed out that the benefit which employees were getting through two ACPs after 12 and 24 years of service is much higher than the benefit that they will get under MACP after three financial upgradations. It was therefore urged that the service conditions which were available to the existing employees cannot be adversely revised and if that happens then an option to retain the old scheme is inherent. And if the present MACP is not converted to hierarchical pattern, then at least an option may be given to retain the erstwhile scheme of ACP.

4. Item No:7:Grant of financial upgradation between 1.1.2006 and 31.8.2008.
In Para 9 of the DOPT OM dated 19.5.2009, it had been provided that earlier ACP scheme will continue to operate for the period from 1.1.2006 to 31.8.2008. However, this is not being allowed to officials who have opted for revised Pay Band and Grade Pay with effect from 1.1.2006. In some offices, it is being insisted that financial upgradation under the earlier ACP would be granted only in the pre-revised pay scales and they will have to opt for the revised pay scales only from the date they are granted the financial upgradation under earlier ACP. It was demanded that earlier ACP benefit may be given also to those officials who have come over to the Revised Pay Band and Grade Pay with effect from 1.1.2006.

5. Item No:8:Anomaly on introduction of MACP Scheme.
By an illustration in respect of Junior Engineer of CPWD, it has been pointed out that under earlier ACP they will go up to the revised Pay Band 3 with Grade Pay of 6600/- on completion of 24 years of service, whereas under the MACP Scheme, even after 30 years of service and getting third MACP they will get the Grade Pay of 5400/- only in PB-2. This is obviously less advantageous and therefore the demand for option to retain the old ACP scheme has been insisted.
The Official Side indicated that they will consider all these demands and in the next meeting they will indicate how far they can go.

6. Item No:4: Applicability of MACP Scheme to Group D employees who have been placed in the Grade Pay of 1800/-.
The DOPT had already stated that all promotions and upgradations granted under ACP Scheme of 1999 in the post of four pay scales S-1, S-2, S-3 and S-4 shall be ignored for the purpose of MACP. In other words all the three MACP will be available to all the Group D employees who have since been placed in the grade pay of 1800/-. If an employee has completed 10 years of service he should be granted the GP of 1900/-; if completed 20 years of service he should be granted the GP of 2000/-; and if he has completed 30 years of service he should be placed in the GP of 2400/-. In some departments these MACP has not been granted to the Group D employees. The staff side therefore insisted an enabling clarificatory instructions may be issued. The Official Side agreed to issue such clarificatory instructions.

7. Item No:5: Counting 50% of service rendered by Temporary Status CLs for reckoning 10,20, and 30 years of service under MACP scheme.
It was pointed out that the Railways have already issued orders for counting 50% of service rendered by Temporary Status Casual labourers for reckoning 12 and 24 years of service under the old ACP scheme. It was also pointed out that Courts have also ordered that total service rendered as TS CLs may be counted for the purpose of ACP. The Official Side were of the opinion that 50% of service rendered by TS CLs has been counted only for the purpose of pension. The Staff Side pointed out that the TS CLs have been granted all the facilities admissible to a Temporary Employee in respect of leave, increment, pay scale etc and therefore this may be deemed as a regular service for the purpose of MACP also as has been done by the Railways. The Official Side wanted the order of the Railway Department regarding ACP and the Orders of the Courts for their examination.

8. Item No:6: Supervised staff placed in higher Grade Pay than that of the supervisor.
The Staff Side suggested that this item may be transferred to National Anomaly Committee item and discussed there. This has been agreed to.
There are 23 more items which have been suggested by the Staff Side leaders of Railways. It was pointed out that leaders of other departments may also suggest many other anomalies related to MACP. The Staff Side stated that as and when these additional items are received they may be included in the Agenda for discussion in the subsequent meetings. The Official Side agreed to.

NOTE: All Affiliated Unions / Associations of the Confederation may send items of anomalies of MACP to the headquarters at the earliest for enabling inclusion in the next meeting. The Official Side indicated that the next meeting of the Joint Committee will be held very soon.

Comradely Yours,
Secretary General

Sunday, June 6, 2010

strike proclamation convention of Southern Railway held at aristro anex kalyanamandapam ,palakkad on 1/6/10
were addressed.

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