Friday, June 25, 2010

Conciliation by RLC/NDLS with AILRSA and Railway Board held at NDLS on 25.06.10.Com. MN Prasad,JS Tank,NB Dutta ,N Sarkar attended, the nut shell of the conciliation minutes is as follows.
"....The management representatives stated that the report of FTC will be put up before the appropriate forum of the Railway Board. The matter will be examined at a larger forum to see that it gives satisfaction to the larger number of Railway Employees. They also requested that the Association to wait for the final verdict of the Railway Board in Respect of their demands.After hearing it is a fact that the FTC is a subordinate committee under the RB , let the RB examined their demands and pass a final decission in respect of their demands. The Department of Railway is advised since the matter is pending since long and the workers are agitated and wanted to know the fate of their demands raised by them at the earliest. There fore, the Department of railway is adcised to decide the issue expeditiously and submit the report within 45 days.
Matter is adjorned and case is fixed for 20.08.10 at 11.30 am.
BB Batnagar
RLC Central, New Delhi.


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