Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The meeting of CWC will be held on 14th, 15th, September 09 at Central Office, Ghaziabad. All the newly elected CWC members to attend, the General Secretary of respective Zone should ensure the attendance of CWC members of their Zone.

Agenda: -

1. Review of performance of different Zones for getting the 18th BGM success.

2. Review of execution of different programmes which are taken in 18th BGM.

3. Review of Organizational position, future course of action and our task.

4. Member ship, dues on the head of FIRE (our magazine).

5. Any other subject with the permission of chair.

Note: -

The meeting will start at 13:30 hrs on 14th and continue up to 19:30 hrs. Com should come having their meal. Again at 9 hrs on 15th and concluded at 15:30 hrs, brake for meal will be for one hrs at 12:30.
M. N. Prasad
Secretary General

Report on 18th BGM

1. Representations: 15 Railway out of 16 Railway attended the BGM. Last time it was 13 Railway.

2. Attendance: 450 paid delegate, 250 free delegates from host Railway as per decision, 17 W. Railway Motor man 3 Kolkata Motor man.

3. Participation In Rally on 25th June i.e. 1st day of BGM About 850 but most impressive Young participation was appreciable.

Participation form N. E. Railway, N. C. Railway, Northern Railway, except Firozpur Division was very poor. Participation of Firozpur Division was appreciable.

Since the W. C. Railway, N. W. Railway newly Organized Railway. So their participation along with WR is not good.

However, Organizational Circular was also issued to restrict the delegates based on M / Ship.

4. Significant development. Induction of some young new cadre in Central Committee Reduction in number of Retd person in new committeeMeeting althrough was very much disciplined, House was always full, which was first ever seen.
Meeting started at time which was circulated and concluded too at the time as circulated.This is also first time, happened that after rally there was session for 1 ½ hrs Discussion was constructive brief in time48 hrs delegates have spoken

5. Inauguration – Com, Pandhe

6. Chief speaker – Com, Basudeb Acharia

7. Non-attendance – Sri. Duttameghe (M.P. Cong), Sri VictorMLC /Nagpur(Cong), VP / INTUC, Maharashtra. Although he was Chairman Reception Committee. He arranged MLA house free of cost for us. Com, Vyas due to his wife Hospitalized

Note: - It could be possible on persuasion to get unanimous approval of all the different forces working in AILRSA on the above names.

8. Programmes – delegation to Minister – 15th to 21st July 09 Materialized

Convention at Div – 8th Aug 09

Zonal demonstration. – 8th Sept. 09

Working the train being fast – 8th Oct. 09

Rally before Parliament following 24 hrs H / Strike --- Nov. 09

Then CWC will meet to decide future course of action

Note: - CWC has been convened on 14th, 15th Sept. 09 at GZB / Central Office.

M. N. Prasad


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