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On implementation of VI CPC our Association launched various struggles and trade union movement to make awareness about the deprival denial and injustice meted out to our cadre with respect to Pay and Running Allowance. So the Rail Bhavan march on 6th Feb 2009 was a tremendous success with the participation of thousands of our cadres through out India who echoed our sprit and unity. Let us pledge to strengthen our struggle.
The Railway Administration also lends its ears to our grievances with out pushing us into further struggle. In the midst of our struggle Railway Board formed priority committee on 09-01-2009 to prioritize the issues consequent upon the implementation of VI CPC with Railway Board officials and Representatives of NFIR and AIRF as committee members. This committee is directed to submit its report within the frame work and broad parameters adopted by the VI CPC, keeping in view of the vertical/ horizontal relativity maintained with various Categories / Departments. Various Pay Commissions raised the pay structure of many categories on the rationale of education qualification and on the basis of relativity. Hence historical comparison of relativity between categories becomes quite natural and imminent in determining the pay structure.
In this contest it is necessary to clear the doubt whether the pay depression among Loco Running Staff still remains or not? As envisaged in the Railway Board order recently, does the relativity within our category (from ALP to LP Mail) maintained? How does the relativity maintained among other Running Staff and Non-Running Staff? We must know and analyze our self for justifying our demands.

Great injustice done to ALP in VI CPC

CPC Entry pay of ALP Entry pay of Goods Guard Entry pay of Shunting Jamedar Assistant Sub-Inspector RPF Constable Master Cook
III CPC 290 290 225 260 200 260
% with respect to ALP in III CPC -------- 0 22 % less 10 % less 31 % less 10 % less
VI CPC 5830+1900 8560+2800 7510+2400 8560+2800 6460+2000 6460+2000
% With respect to ALP in VI CPC -- 46 % more 28 % more 46 % more 9 % more 9 % more

The above depression in pay is not only for ALP but also for the apex grade of LP Mail.

The following table of comparison shows the depression.

Category I CPC- 1947 II CPC- 1959 III CPC -1973 CRC -1985 IV CPC - 1986 V CPC - 1996 VI CPC -2006
Mean of LP Mail 305 380 625 800 2270 7900 22050+4200
Mean pay of Mail Guard 187.5 242.5 512.5 577.5 2100
7250 22050+4200
% of diff more than Mail Guard 62.6 56.7 22 38.5 8 9 Nil

V CPC recommended Rs 5500-9000 for LP Mail, LP Pass and Mail Guard without considering the nature of duties. After our serious agitations Fast Track Committee recommended for next higher grade to Loco Pilot Mail because of historical relativity maintained with LP Pass and Mail Guard. But Railway Administration instead of granting Rs 6500-10500 reduced the Scale to Rs 6000-9800 by creating a new pay scale (S10A) and deprived the LP Mail. In the Assured Carrier Progression (ACP) case of direct recruited Motorman, the Hon’ble Supreme Court pronounced that after the scale of Rs 5500-9000 next higher scale is only Rs 6500-10500 and same to be granted as 1st ACP for Motorman. Hence allotting a scale of Rs 6000-9800 was absolutely wrong. Henceforth it is clear that the Scale of Rs 6500-10500 have to be allotted to LP Mail.
Once again VI CPC also, without considering the historical relativity and functional differences between LP Shunting, Grade 1 to LP Mail, Pass Guard and Mail Guard allotted with the same Band Pay and Grade Pay of Rs 4200. According to the recommendations of VI CPC and also as per the Government of India orders while merging Rs 5000-8000, Rs 5500-9000 ,Rs 6500-10500 basing on the functional differences distinct and higher grade pay has to be allotted .Various categories in the Railways like Teachers ,Nursing Superintendent in Group C are granted with higher Grade Pay of Rs 4800 and 5400 and also many other categories are allotted with Rs 4600.Therfore considering the nature of duty and relativity the Loco Pilots should have been allotted with distinct higher pay otherwise without promotional benefits no one will opt for shouldering higher responsibilities which is not in good interest of safety and productivity of Railways.
We also deeply deprived in the % distribution of post for financial up gradation while comparing various categories. Above 45% of our entry cadre (ALP) are in the lowest pay band and also 27 % of Loco Pilot Goods Grade 1 , and 27 % of LP Pass 1 in the higher grades are merged with lower grade. We are also deprived in the modified ACP .The historical relativity maintained with Pro Guard will be shattered since under modified ACP Pro Guard will reach Grade Pay of Rs 4800 on third stage. Like wise directly recruited Station Master, Commercial Clerk, Ministerial Staff will also reach Grade Pay of Rs 4800. But at any circumstances Loco Pilot will never reach Grade Pay of Rs 4600, 4800 or 5400.

Deprival of Rightful Running Allowance

The Loco Running Staff are not only deceived by the pay structure but also in the Running Allowance rate. A simple calculation reveals the injustice caused to us in the new rate of Running Allowance

30% of Pay Element in a month = 30% ((9300+34800)/2+4200) = Rs 7875
30% of Pay Element in a day = 7875/30 = Rs 262.50

ALK for LP on RC/Promotional course for 160 km/day = Rs 270
Therefore TA rate for LP per day = 270-262.50 = Rs 7.50

Above figures clearly show that the LP draws only Rs 7.50 TA per day while on RC/Promotional course at out station. But the similarly placed other Group C staff will draw Rs 340 as TA.
National Average Pass KM = 4700
Running Allowance of LP Pass = 169/100 x 4700 = Rs 7973
30% Pay Element in a month = Rs 7875
TA portion for a whole month =Rs 7973-7875 = Rs 68
LP Pass/Motorman who works all the 30 days in a month draws only Rs 68 as TA. Is it justified?
For the past 28 years though there are some deficiencies in the RAC 1980 formula, the periodic revision of mileage rate is effected according to that formula whenever there is a revision of pay or TA. The abandoning of formulae will not only jeopardize the periodic revision but also pave the way for unmindful reduction and will pose great threat to the foundation of Running Allowance
The Railway Board states that though the depression of pay reduced for Loco Running Staff any reduction in Pay Element will adversely affect the morale of staff and deter the productivity of Railways and hence the present scale of Pay Element is continued.
We strongly put forth that the depression is not reduced.
The newly coined depression concept by RAC 2002 is wrong considering the arduous duties, continuous night duty, higher responsibility, health hazard etc. which is totally incomparable with any other Group C staff. Therefore the depression concept is unacceptable. Even for argument if we take the depression concept with other Group C staff the pay depression is not reduced rather it increased.
For example Staff Nurse in scale of Rs 5000-8000,Nursing Sister in Rs 5500-9000 are allotted with grade pay of Rs 4600 and 4800 respectively. Nursing superintendent allotted with Grade Pay of Rs 5400.Further many Group C posts are allotted with Rs 5400 Grade Pay.
The following table shows higher depression percentage.
GP of highest Running staff GP highest Group C Entry pay of corresponding to Running staff GP Entry pay corresponding to highest Group C % of depression
4200 4800 9300 13350 45 %
4200 5400 9300 15600 68 %

Henceforth the depression of pay for Loco Running Staff has increased. This is the apt time to muster our unity and strength to raise our voice of protest against the injustice done to us on pay and allowances. The dedicated Loco Running Staff who steer the Railway in all spheres, stand deprived. Let us aware and propagate to every brethren to come out with vigor and valour to join the struggle forced on us.
In this background our extended CWC meeting will be held on 25th and 26th March 2009 at “Dhandapani Kalyana Mandapam, Opposite to MSM Theatre, Thiruvottiyur, Chennai” to decide our future course of action.
Let us thrive for unity. Strive for success.
Victory belongs to most persevering
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