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Minutes of CWC meeting which was held on 07.02.2009 in AILRSA Bhawan / Ghaziabad.

As notified, after our rally on 06.02.2009 in Delhi, the CWC meeting was held on 07.02.2009 which reviewed the execution of our last programmes, the attitude of Railway administration to ward our grievances and the Organizational positions and took the following decisions: -
1. A resolution is adopted authorizing Com, Jit Singh Tank our Central treasurer to operate the accounts alone because of death of Com, S. K. Dhar.
2. A delegation of our representative will meet the leaders of all the political parties and seek their support to our movement.
3. The convention should be held in the areas which are not covered by the national convention.
a) N. E. Railway should call their extended Zonal Committee meeting. It is decided to be held on 28th Feb’ 09 at Gonda.
b) E. C. Railway should organize convention, following by rally if possible and the same has been decided on 26th Feb’ 09 at Danapure.
c) N. F. Railway will hold the convention followed by extended ZWC at NJP on 18th Feb’ 09.
d) Efforts should be made to organize N. C. Railway, N. W. Railway by the comrades who are nearby and in the contact of Loco Running Staff of those Railways.
4. it is decided that from 1st March 09 to 15th March 09, all the Loco Running Staff should not work breach of rest at HQ and outstation and also on long hours as per rule. The extract of rules is enclosed herewith. The committee at the different levels should counsel the loco Running Staff about the concerned rules and its application.
The concerned committee and responsible comrades should keep a watch on the programme and report about its execution and its effect on working in our extend CWC meeting at Chennai on 25th / 26th March 2009.
5. At all the levels, Action committee is to be formed to guide the movement.
6. Build up the struggle fund as decided earlier.
7. Member Ship to be completed and statement along-with Central quota to be deposited by the end of Feb’ 09.
8. The ZWC of C. Railway should immediately sit and take a final decision on Central BGM.
9. Meeting of the extended CWC to Br. Secretary will be held at Chennai on 25th / 26th March 09 to take a stock of the situation and decide future course of action.

Com, no doubt the Delhi programme on 6th Feb’ 09 was a historical and unique program in which about 8000 Loco Running Staff have participated with a great enthuse which no doubt could draw the attention of Railway Administration. Now the need is to consulate the strength and organize further where we have no organization keeping in mind that a serious action is must to get justice.

A delegation consisting four members i.e. my self, Com, L. Mony our president, Com, D. Yadav, Secretary / Motor man Association, W. Railway and Com, S. K. Goutam (ALP) met CRB and discussed the issue for about 20 to 25 a cordial atmosphere. CRB has told us that a departmental committee has been constituted and the matter is being discussed. However, we should not be ellusioned but go on a serious preparation for strike, if the situation so warranted.

A delegation led by Secretary General and President also met with Sri. A. K. Anthony Hon’ble minister for defense, who presently looking after the Job of PM also and handed over a memorandum who assured the delegation to send the memorandum to M.R.

Com, I was invited by IRLRO in their central BGM, was held at Jodhpure on 9th / 10th Feb’ 09 and I had attended. I made an open appeal to the delegates and leadership to come back in their own old house unifying the Organization under the banner of AILRSA which is the need of time, they said to communicate their views later but my call of unity impressed the delegates very much and also cadres are creating pressure on the leadership for unifying the Organization. The leadership is now forced by the own cadre to rethink and discuss the matter in the CWC and take a suitable decision. Very shortly most probably on 15th March they will sit in their working committee meeting for a decision.

M. N. Prasad, Secretary General

1. The rule on duty hours is attached herewith which should thoroughly be read and its implication and interpretation be understood before its application.
2. At some places, the relieving the Crew on 10 Hrs. working from signing on is in practice, you may go on that but when insisted to work further, go by the rule which is attached herewith.
3. HOER speaks for rest
a) rest at HQ: -
For duty of less than 8 Hrs. – 12 Hrs.
For duty of 8 Hrs. and more – 16 Hrs.
b) rest at out station
For duty less than 8 hrs. – 6 Hrs.
For duty 8 Hrs. and more – 8 Hrs.
For duty of less than 5 hrs. – Equivalent to the hour’s duty performed + one hour.

Office of the
Chief Operation Manager / CRB

No. 3DY / 10 / Long Hrs / Ft. II dated: 16.08.09

The Divisional Railway Manager,
South Eastern Railway

Sub: Duty at stretch of running staff.
Ref: Board’s advise vide their letter HO. E (LL) / 91 / HER / 1 – 11 dt. 13.4.92 in suppression of all pervious instructions of the subject


This office letter No. SFY/10/long Hrs/Pt. II dated 12.05.92

Please refer to this office letter No. even dated 12.05.92 regarding duty at stretch of running staff. it has been brought to the notice of the HOD that the instruction contained in that letter are not being observed by the divisions. Therefore, these instructions are being reiterated for religious observance by the divisions.

a) Over-all duty at a stretch of running staff from signing on should not exceed 12 hours and they should be entitled to claim relief thereafter.
b) Further, the running duty at a stretch should no ordinarily exceed 10 hours from the departure of the train and staff should be entitled to claim relief thereafter.
c) In operational exigencies, the running duty may be extended beyond 10 hours within overall limit of 12 hours provided due notice has been given to the staff by the control before completion of 8 hours of running duty.
d) If a train does not reach within an overall 11 hours of 12 hours the normal crew changing point / destination of the train/or the place where a relief has been arranged and such point 10 approximately 1 hour’s journey away the staff shall be required to work upto that point.
e) In exceptional origencies of accident/flood/agitation/equipment failures the staff may be required to beyond the limits prescribed above. In such camel the controller should suitably advise the staff.

Board desire that the above instruction should followed rightly, and it should be ensured that excising duty hours of running staff are avoided. In order to effect to Board’s instructions as indicated above, the following measure should be taken with immediate effect.

a) Train by train monitoring must be instruction and whenever it is apprehended that running staff also be required to perform more than 10 hours of traveling duty to a maximum 12 hours of total duty they must be given due notice before completion of 8 hours of running duty.
b) All control offices will maintain a register in which “Signing On” time of crew and departure time of train should be recorded. If for any running crew in unable to complete the assigned journey within 10 hours of the departure of the train, and within 10 /12 hours of “Signing On” the reason for exceeding the time limits must be recorded in this register. The time at on which crew was given notice in terms of para “a” above must be recorded in the register.
c) A daily statement of cases of excessive duty hours along-with reasons statement of cases of excessive duty hours along-with reason thereof, must be prepared by the control office and put up to the power and operation officers on the subsequent law for review. The statement shall be prepared by the Chief TLC / Chief DPC consultation with the Chief Controller.
d) DRM / ADRM shall review cases of excessive hour on a weekly basis.

e) At the end of each month, a monthly report should be sent by the 10th of the following month (in exe Performa enclosed herewith) by the DRM / ADRM to the Railway Board copies to COM, CMR & CEE.

Please acknowledge receipt of this letter.

(S. S Gehlot)
Dy. Chief Operations Manager
Chief Operating Manager


Ajay Gajbhiye said...

Kindly make arrangement to attach
a copy of the concerned rule by
which I can download it and
make printouts to paste at
Loco Lobby which will improve
Loco pilots confidence to
follow the rules strictly.


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