Friday, February 13, 2009

Due to the traffic conjunction at Bangalore city railway station a second terminal was opened at Yeswanthpur, but again it become inevitable to open another coaching terminal. Baiyyappanahalli(BYPL) was chosen as the best option. So it becomes necessary to shift the existing goods yard and maintenance centre to SGT.

The crew depot at Baiyyappanahalli also required to be shifted. The labour organisations put forth their suggestions with justifications to shift the crew depot to Krishnarajapuram.(KJM)

The advantages of maintaining a crew depot at KJM

1. KJM is a centre place of goods operation in Bangalore division-ie Chennasandra, Yelahanka, Yeswanthpur,and Bangalore city.

2. Loco Pilots and Assistant Loco Pilots are residing in the railway quarters at YPR, YNK, BNC, SBC, BYPL and private accommodations at Krishnarajapuram, Sevanagar, Baiyyappanahalli and many parts in and around Bangalore. Their children are put up in Central school or private Schools at Bangalore city area. Presently many are plying to and fro from residence to Crew booking BYPL by two-wheeler, since the public transport system at Bangalore is unsatisfactory. During night hours those who are arriving at BYPL preferring to stay in running room BYPL and start in morning hours due to the threat of thieves and dogs. A number of incidents were reported by our colleagues about the attack by miscreants during night hours. Because of this problems many private companies arranging vehicles to pick up and drop their workers during night.

3. Almost all express trains having stoppage at KJM. So it is more convenient for the staff to report and back to residence till around 00.00 hours.

4. SGT is a place located away from the residence of all the workers. Very few trains are stopping at SGT. Due to unloading of Cement and fertilizers the atmosphere is highly polluted and unsuitable for residential area.

5. No facilities provided for an ideal crew booking depot at SGT at the time of shifting.

6. Railway Hospital, Railway Schools, sufficient number of railway quarters is also necessary. A running room with three star facilities as recommended by Jusice Khanna committee to be opened.

7. A number of trains are originated, crew changing and terminated at KJM, CSDR, YNK, YPR etc . Asking the crew to repot to SGT for signing off and on is wastage of man power.

All these points were discussed with the divisional railway management and organized labour and came to a consensus to have a crew booking at KJM. But unfortunately Chief Operations manager was adamant to shift the Crew booking to SGT. Against this a family Dharna also was conducted by all the trade unions. But later the leaders of the recognized unions were misguided by the administration and taken their consent and on 9th February the shifting was effected. Hearing this unilateral decision staff was agitated and many were reported sick.Around 40 Loco Pilots and ALP repoted Sick and 26 goods train cancelled or put backed. By hearing this AILRSA and SWRMU office bearers tried to communicate and defuse the issue.

During this time, around 06.30 hours Senior Divisional Mechanical Engineer, Sri Govind Pandey called the General Secretary of AILRSA through mobile phone and threatened “I will see that You will be removed from service ….”. He directly threatened many other loco pilots at Baiyyappanahalli also.

We never expected such irresponsible statement from a learned officer who supposed to do needful step for negotiation and solve the issue. Instead he was adding fuel to the fire.
up to 12.oo hours the concerned officers not initiated any negotiation. So the Loco Pilots of SBC depot, LP Mail and LP pass also reported sick supporting the BYPL comrades. SWRMU come forward to support this movement. But NRMS/BMs directly propagate against the agitation.

Later DRM called AILRSA and SWRMU for negotiation along with Sr DME and some settlement arrived.


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