CEC Decisions on 03.05.2015 at New Delhi:
The following resolutions are passed unanimously after a detailed deliberation held in the CEC meeting at New Delhi, Dr. Ambedkar Bhavan on 03rd May 2015.All Zonal Units are required to follow the contents of the resolutions scrupulously and give feed back to the Centre for its compliance.
1.     This meeting strongly protests against the complete attempt to privatize the Indian Railways in production, maintenance and even in operation which is against the interest of common public and safety. This meeting also urges the Government of India / Ministry of Railways to reject the Interim Report of Railway restructuring Committee headed by Shri. Bibek Debroy and ensure the Indian Railways remains as a Government entity serving the purpose and object for its creation and not to destroy it.
2.     This meeting urges the all the Zonal units to conduct Safety Convention at different levels(Branch/Division) to inculcate the safe habits among the Loco men and to report the management any short comings in the system / practices in the month of June 2015.
3.     Conduct Depot wise Demonstration on 23rd July 2015 uniformly all over the Indian Railways on the demands of implementation of various committees reports (HPC, SPAD, HLSRC), 6 hours duty hours as ordered by Ministry of Labour, delete “Remove from service” penalty for non consequential SPAD case, etc.
4.     This CEC meeting extends its support for the call for indefinite strike by the Railway men and all other Central Government Employees in the month of November 2015. Our 10 member committee constituted in Secunderabad CEC meeting will decide the mode and manner of our Organizational participation in the above strike.
5.     All the Zones are directed to start their Membership campaign in a massive way and submit the membership statement with Central quota on or before the month of November 2015.
6.     Zones those who have not paid the NIT levy of Rupees 7000/- per year from 2012 to be paid to the Central committee as earlier as possible so as to the meet out the expenses.