Tuesday, October 13, 2020

When Com.K.C.J retiring from service...........

Yes it became true that our veteran leader ending his Railway service on 10/10/2020 on his VRS request. No running staff like to hear it. 

Right from joined in Railway in the year 1986, com. K.C.James was in front of AILRSA. He served running staff through various capacities of AILRSA as Branch Secretary/SRR, Divisional Secretary/Palakkad, General Secretary/South Zone and continuing as our Joint Secretary General. On each and every issues Com.K.C.J will approach in depth with all earlier and existing norms and finalize the strategy which will acceptable to all. Even for simple personal issues of workers K.C.J will stand with them till end. In his life after joined in Railway he gave most priority to AILRSA than his personal life. He has faced many losses in his personal life as well as service career. Railway administration purposefully failed him in Passenger Driver selection only on because of his trade union Leadership. Com.K.C.J is a different charector in trade union work. For every union functions K.C.J will be first man who present and last man who leave the venue. For all our CWC meeting K.C.J is the man who nominated for preparing draft resolutions. Even without sleeping in the night he will finish the draft resolutions well before the scheduled time of presentation. He is one who filled the ability of leading a movement with both theoretically and practically approach on the issues.

Com K.C.J is keen in enquiries of personal problems of the workers ( not only workers for all human beings) and will initiate all possible remedial measures. When shouldering the dynamic leadership of AILRSA ,KCJ was talking every step to unite all sector of railway employees and trade unions to make a platform to fight against the working class issues. Com.KCJ is dynamic leader not only for a particular area but over nation and for every employees.

When Com.KCJ retiring from service the situation ahead us is too crucial. Threatened the existence of railway employees, Privatization process is at its rampant growth. It is KCJ one who studied the ill effects of Privatization in depth and atleast among running staff we could develop a spark. Under the leadership of KCJ a joint trade union movement could initiate in Southern Railway , and trying to build up a national platform of trade unions unity. There is nobody to substitute KCJ. Even though he is retiring from service, he will be with us , with working class as long we need his service. The only pain is that he is retiring from service at a situation when we are unable to honour him in a manner he deserved, which is the right of every AILRSA members. Any way we will honour our veteran leader suitably at appropriate level when condition relaxed. I wish a Happy and prosperous retired life to my "Guru" of AILRSA.



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