Saturday, October 3, 2020

Decisions of CWC meeting held on 3rd & 4th September 2020.

I. Program of action against Privatisation:

1. Secretary General shall initiate to convene a virtual meeting of Railway Trade Unions within this month to form a national coordination Committee for “Save Railways to Save India” campaign. All out efforts to be taken to organise the trade unions, democratic forces, rail users, youth organisations, students and the general public to join the campaign..

2. Com. K. C. James shall take the responsibilities to contact all Railway trade unions and prominent leaders in SR, SWR and SCR.

3. Com. Chandan Sarkar and Com.Paras kumar shall be responsible for ER, SER, E Coast, ECR, SECR, NFR and Metro.

4. Com. M. P. Deo shall be responsible for CR, WR, NCR and WCR

5. Com. Padom Singh shall be responsible for NR, NER and NWR.

All Zonal, Divisional committees shall undertake intensive campaign against ill effects of Privatisation through Leaflets, door to door campaign, webinar etc. to enlighten our cadre and prepare them to take anti-privatisation movement ahead.

II. Programme of Action on loco running staff grievances :

The CWC identified the following demands to be highlighted at this stage.

(i) Revise Running allowance rates with mean Pay as per RAC 80 formula and pay arrears from 01.01.2016.

(ii) Limit maximum duty to 10 hours as recommended by HPC, pending reduction to 8 hours with 90 hours fortnightly limit.

(iii) Allow L6 pay scale to ALPs

(iv) Allow 30 hours PR independent of 16 hours trip rest.

(iv) Restrict continuous night duties to two.

(v) Ensure parity in Pension to pre 2016 running staff pensioners.

(vi) Vacate victimisation of Loco running staff of KGP division.

(vii) Grant recognition to AILRSA.

(ix) Ensure COVID safety protocol similar to health workers.

(x) Stop unsafe working, introduce unified SR for rules pertaining to train operation.

(xi) Do not entrust FSD and cab sanitisation on ALP.

(xii) Conduct safety audit on vulnerable signals and provide starter indicators to starter signals on curved platforms.

Programme of action:

1. Memorandum detailing all the issues in the above may be sent to the Hon. Prime Minister, MR and CRB by 20th September 2020 by the Central Committee. All Branch committees too shall send it after conducting protest demonstrations at depot level. Memorandum will be prepared by Southern Railway comrades.

2. Mass signature campaign from 1st (Thursday) to 10th (Saturday)October 2020 in divisional level and to be submitted to respective DRMs.

3. Black day on 30th (Friday) October 2020 – wearing badge and holding demonstration at all depots or at divisional level if Covid situation subside.

4. The next CWC will decide further course of action.

5. All branches and divisions are directed to organise immediate protest locally against every anti-labour actions from Railway administration and the matter may be reported to Central President , Secretary General and Central Office bearers.

III. Golden jubilee BGM

Golden jubilee BGM proposed in September 2020 at Vijayawada was forced to postpone at the stage of forming reception committee due to COVID situation. SCR is advised to form reception committee when normalcy is regained and advise the probable date of holding BGM in a historical and memorable manner. The date of the BGM will be decided by CWC meeting on receiving the probable date.

IV. Victimisation fund for KGP division:

Decided to continue till the Comrades are reinstated. The default zones are once again directed to send the financial assistance as decided.

V. Membership 2020:

CWC congratulate the branches those had taken the pain to enrol membership amid the COVID situation and many enrolled more than last year. All other branches shall complete the same with a target of 50,000 all over India, in this month itself. Zonal Secretaries shall monitor, send the membership statement and central quota by 31st October.

VI. Fire magazine

To publish the Hindi Fire, last CWC had decided to send Rs. 5000 as an advance to Com. Giriraj Sharma. As proposed by 21 divisions out of 69 send the advance amount and the amount received is Rs. 1,50,000. The printing charge for one volume is Rs. 2,50,000 and hence printing could not be done. Once again direct the divisions to send Rs.5000 as decided. All the dues to English Fire also to be cleared.

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