Wednesday, September 30, 2015

KOLKATA: The motorman and guard of a Howrah local train on Tuesday rescued a man who was knocked down while crossing the tracks and helped him get hospitalised within 45 minutes.

Though the victim, Zaheer Abbas (50), suffered head injuries, doctors said that there was a chance for recovery as he received medical attention within the "golden hour" which is crucial in trauma cases.

Abbas was crossing the tracks between Mourigram and Andul stations in South Eastern Railway's Kharagpur division when 38443 Up Howrah-Panskura local knocked him down. It seems that Abbas was hit when he was on the edge of the tracks as he got flung away into some undergrowth. The incident took place about 10km from Howrah at 7.38pm on Tuesday. Motorman N Chowdhury realized that there was an impact and slowed down when he heard somebody moaning.

"The motorman could not have been blamed had he simply picked up speed and left the spot after informing the nearest station. Yet, Chowdhury and guard S Majumdar got off the train and lifted Abbas into the guard's cabin before speeding towards Andul," said Sanjoy Ghosh, chief public relations officer, SER. When the train stopped at Uluberia, Abbas was rushed to a hospital.

Senior SER officials have praised Chowdhury and Majumdar for their act.


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