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South Western Railway-Reg.No.ALCB-4/DRT/TUA/3/2008-09
                      THE ONLY STAR OF SWR RAILWAYMEN



        The Judgment days are ahead. The Rights of the employees to choose their RIGHT UNION is only some days ahead. In this Right moment please try to understand some astonishing facts you need to under stand.

     Many of our employees are appointed after 01-01-2004, under the NEW PENSION SCHEME. Friends do any body knows about the Dangers of this scheme, which is a script of the Business minded Government with the support of some of some of the Anti-Labour Unions.  Under this scheme, every employee has to contribute 10% of his Basic Pay & D A. The Employer also will contribute the same amount till the employee’s superannuation. This amount will be invested in some Mutual Funds (the list of only few companies are given by the Govt & the Employee is forced to invest in one among them) 
       Dear Friends, you know very well “What these Mutual Funds are doing and how they route the Funds to rescue the sinking Private Companies etc ". They do manipulate the funds according to the whims of the politicians and the influence of some Business Groups.
That is why most of the mutual funds are in Loss and only few make some nominal profits. 
This type Pension Scheme is adopted in many Countries , including the Countries with NO  or LEAST CORRUPTION  &  FUND  Manipulation .But  still the  ironic  thing is only a few  Countries  were able to give  some pensions  to their employees -  that  too very  minimum . When this is the FACT of such good Countries”What will be the FATE of this scheme in INDIA "?  It  very  easily  understood  "  No  Employee is  going to get any  PENSION " !!!!
A research institution called Watson-Wat in America has studied the functioning of Pension Funds. It has said 20% of PF in OECD countries is lost. All over the world pension funds have been eroded about 29%. In America and Ireland where PF are invested in equity this erosion is more, It is about 5.4 Trillian Dollars( Trillion=one lakh crore) Total works out to 26 lakh crore Indian rupees. The Colombo pension fund has denied pension to 43000 workers  due to loss North Carolina Finance fund has affected 82,0000 people.
Simply the employees and Govt. are loosing a huge amount every month. Another  alarming thing is  "This  Scheme can be  extended  to the Other  Employees  who are  appointed before 2004  if the Govt desire so”.

       Dear Friends, CITU is the foremost Union fighting fiercely, right from the introduction of this scheme. There is a Case in the Hon. Central Administrative Tribunal of MAS, filed by DREU- CITU(OA. 575/2011  Dakshin Railway Employees’ Union  Versus Union of India.) in SOUTHERN RAILWAY. The Hon CAT issued an interim order on 26.04.2011. Another  betraying thing  is  - Mr UMRAOMOL PUROHITH , the President of  AIRF  in which  the SWRMU  and  SRMU  are  affiliated , was a  trustee  of  this PENSION ADVISORY COMMITTEE .( Central Government vide letter D.O. No 5(75)/2006-ECB & PR dated 24th April 2007. The NPS Trust was established by PFRDA on 27th February, 2008 with the execution of the NPS Trust Deed and the Board of Trustees of NPS Trust was formed with three members to begin with. The Board of NPS Trust, reconstituted on 26th March 2010 included Mr Umraomal Purohit, President, All India Railwaymens Federation was nominated as Trustee.)  After wide spread and Shameful reactions from the employees, they were forced to withdraw him from the committee.  But any one can under stand”How they will act if they win the elections?"  In case of the  Running staff , the  55%  Retirement benefits which is accrued to them due  to  the arduous  nature of  work also will be  nullified  in this  scheme . 
   Friends, you know other TRADE UNIONS of the STATE & CENTRAL. Their LEADERS are very simple and easily accessible to the Employees.  But “Is it the case in Railways “? THEY  WALK  WITH  ONLY  BODY  GUARDS , ACT  AS IF  THEY  ARE  THE  KINGS ,  YOU CAN  SEE THEM  ONLY  THROUGH  A PROPER  CHANNEL…….. Even some of them adopt ROWDYISM too. When  Com. R. Elangovan  , Working President/ DREU  went  for a campaign  meeting about NPS at EMD Shed/UBL , he  was very  BRUTALLY  attacked by the so called LEADER  Mr. D'CRUZ ./ GS/ SWRMU .  Dear Friends now only because of the Elections they come to you smiling.
      This is the time for you think practically. Do you want Traitors or REAL UNION WORKERS?  DO  YOU  WANT STILL SUCH  UNIONS WHO IGNORE YOUR  REAL & BASIC PROBLEMS which  affect  YOU  and Family till the entire life span ?  Or   DO YOU WANT  A  REAL  UNION - Representing  THE  WORKERS &  LISTENING  to THEIR PROBLEMS &  FIGHTING  FOR THEM ? 

    CITU is the foremost UNION in INDIA, started in 1980, fighting for the RIGHTS of the Employees through out these years. OUR MEANING ITSELF IS EMPLOYEES, nothing else.  HERE WE  APPROACH  YOU,  NOT  AS  A  " RAY OF HOPE "  but  " AS THE  RISING  SUN or LEADING STAR "

So please cast your Valuable votes for NREU- CITU.
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