Wednesday, July 6, 2011

HQ. ADRA    Reg.17903
at Railway Community Hall, GUNTAKKAL
on 20th July 2011 at 10AM
Inauguration:  Com: R. Sudhabhaskar
(State Secretary CITU/AP)
Speakers   : Com: M.N.Prasad, Com: L. Mony, Com: T. Hanumaiah

The corporate media and the Railway Management as well are once again singing the chorus of Bankruptcy of Indian Railways. They did the same thing in the early 1990’s when the new economic policies were unleashed. For that they had the exclamatory report of Prakash Tandon describing Indian Railways as a Dinosaur with too small head for an enormously huge body, ie small sized management for  enormous work force. Prakash Tandon predicted extinct of Railways due to Bankruptcy in few years.
     This has boosted doubling on tribbling of officer posts in Railways. Then came the saga of “Surplus money”. Railway Minister even sought the parlamentarians to chalk out plans to spent the surplus money in 2006-2007. And now again the “Bankruptcy”. When ever the  chorus come the drumbeat of “accusing the workers” follow. Now they say 6th CPC gave enormous increase in salary which leads to bankruptcy?!
     You can see that the Officers who played the Drums for the chorus of bankruptcy in 90’s as HODs became the trumpet players of “Surplus money” chorus  in the capacities of principal HODs or General Manager’s are playing  bugle for second bankruptcy chorus sitting  in the Railway Board. They believe this sort of disguise are enough to  hamper the trade union agitations for legitimate pay and a humane service conditions.
     AILRSA had opposed the differential treatment of VI CPC to the hard working loco Running cadre. Denial of highly justified grade pay of  Rs 2800 for ALP, Rs 4200 GP for Loco Pilot(Shg), Rs 4600 GP for Loco pilot (Pass) and Rs 5400 GP for Loco pilot(mail).The leadership of NFIR and AIRF too endorsed the demand  put forth by AILRSA. They too pasted numerous posters demanding it. But their withdrawal from FTC was detrimental to the interests of loco running staff.
     Added to that the issue of denial of due running allowance was the thrusted on them. Loco and traffic running staff had 30% pay element prior to 6th CPC. Pay commission did not give any advancement to their pay scales, but only allotted the corresponding pay scales. Then how the Railway Bosses say the relative pay of  running staff have raise enormously? And how the recognised federations  could not challenge it while sitting in the  running allowance committee?! Which resulted in agreeing to abandon the time tested formula of RAC 80:
     We got automatic revision of running allowance rates in 1986, 1987, 1993, 1996, 1998 in all occasion of rise in pay or  TA rates. Now it has become the mercy of the administration. We had the privilege of getting 30% of the mean pay and 20 days TA through running allowance. The mean pay was Rs 7250 prior is V-CPC. If the pay band is an elongated one, what prevents to take the corresponding fixation of Rs 19560 (15360+4200) as mean pay? We demand nothing extra, only the equal treatment with other Railway employees.
     Now the TA rate is enhanced by 25%. All other central Govt employees enjoy it from 01-01-2011. Railway Board has called AIRF and NFIR. They have submitted different methodology for revision of mileage rates.  AIRF representation to Rly Board effect to seek an increase of just Rs 30 per 100kms and NFIR representation demand considerable increase in rates but at the same time lacks scientific approach suitable for days to come by not insisting on the formula of RAC 80.
     Railway Board very well know the 6th CPC did not do justice to running cadre. The reason is obvious and known to all, ie pay commission never conduct a Job analysis. But the Railway Bosses know how the  loco running staff is being crushed. So the CRB and member staff agreed this anomaly. Then Railway Minister Sri Laluji accepted this fact  in a public meeting. And in the conciliation meetings before RLC(C) DLI, Railway Board never questioned the genuineness of our demands, but always maintained they are under the active consideration of various high level committees. The Fast Track committee constituted on our agitation too did not  deny our demands but suggested for perusal by anomaly committee. Finally the same plea is submitted before Ministry of labour. The high powered committees incubate on our genuine rights for the past three years.
     Finally another high power committee is constituted to review the HOER of loco running staff and other safety categories. It is a pucca bureaucratic committee of Ex General Managers with a name sake chairman from out of railways. This is in gross violation of the agreement between the Government of India and staff side in JCM on 14-2-2006 which is signed by the cabinet secretary. Govt of India agreed to appoint a Judicial Committee as been done in 1948(Rajadhyaksha Committee) and 1969 (Miabhoi Committee). It reveals that the Railway Management is fearful of an impartial judicial review on the exploitation of workers, which they themselves feel barbaric.
     Now we are forced to agitate vigorously for (1) Vacation of injustice to loco running staff with respect to their pay which are being repeatedly admitted by the Railway Management in various forum. (2) Nullifying the arbitrary reduction in running allowance (3) for achieving a fair & humane working condition.
     The central committee of AILRSA met at New Delhi on 29th & 30th of May decided to call for a All India Hunger Fast on duty In the month of September. The regional meeting of SWR, SR&SCR  zones of AILRSA is called in this juncture to sort out the ways and means of maximum unity and participation among loco running staff and also to seek support of other sections of work force and the democratic forces. We appeal the AIRF and NFIR leadership to support the peaceful and democratic agitations for the most genuine demands and utilise the labour force effectively and frame the demands appropriately. We earnestly invite one and all to the Southern Summit of AILRSA at Railway Community Hall Guntakkal on 20th July 2011 at 10 AM.


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