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The Convener,
Fast Track Committee,
(Executive director / PC 1,)
Railway Board,
New Delhi.

Respected Sir,

Sub: Submission of memorandum.
Ref: No, ERB-1/2010/23/7, dated 15th Feb 2010.

This Association earnestly submits this memorandum before the Honorable committee for its consideration.

In various point of time on behalf of Loco Running Staff, we had submitted several memorandums explaining our grievances. The last memorandum addressed to chairman, Railway Board dated 15.7.2009 is exhaustive; therefore the same is attached here with as a part of this memorandum.

At the outset we fully appreciate the eagerness shown to look into the grievances of Loco Running Staff by the Railway Board. And hope that sincere effort will be taken to redress the same.

The terms of reference given to the FTC is to look into the issue raised by various Federations/Unions and Associations, but confined regarding the issues set forth in the order dated 15.02.2010. Therefore we too limit our issues accordingly.


The recruitment cadre to Loco Running Staff category is Assistant Loco Pilot (ALP). The recruitment qualification is matriculation plus ITI, preferably Diploma in Engineering. After recruitment through Railway Recruitment Board, they have to undergo a thorough and stringent medical examination in the medical standard of “Aye One” which is to be maintained through out the service as Running Staff.

There after they must undergo a 9 months stringent initial training on induction as Assistant Loco Pilot in which they have to undergo training in safety related Rules, regulation and instruction in Mechanism and Operations of various types of Locomotives in service including quick trouble-shooting, safety equipments on them, relevant aspects of various coaches/ wagons and problems on run, Fire fighting, Function of shed / Crew Lobby, Control Office, familiar with the section of Rail track, location of innumerable signals, Boards, Station lay outs, up and down gradients etc. the responsibility to ensure safety of the Passenger which is same as stringent as Airline Pilots. In case, if any thing goes wrong during the period of working shares equal responsibility and bears equal punishment as like as Loco Pilot and so, in-fact now they have occupied the position of as like as Co-Pilot.

The lowest Pay of Central Government worker is in Pay Band I (Rs. 5200 – 20200)+Grade Pay of Rs.1800/-. Without considering the highest standard of Medical fitness, stringent training , high responsibility and skill required to perform duty as Assistant Loco Pilot the same Pay Band has been allotted with a Grade Pay of Rs. 1900/- , just Rs. 100/- more than the lowest post in the Government Service.

Enhancing a mere Rs. 100/- in Grade Pay alone than the lowest post in Government service to this vital and crucial category, i.e., the Assistant Loco Pilot shocks the mind of all. Seeing merit on our demands for enhancing Grade Pay of Assistant Loco Pilots, the then Hon’ble Minister for Railways Sri. Lalu Prasad Yadav directed the Railway Board on 31.12.2008 to redress the grievances in their pay grades. The Railway Board too agreed in this point. We had the pleasure to meet the Member Staff on 19th November 2008, and the Chairman, Railway Board on 6th February 2009. Both were agreed that the grade pay allowed to the ALP is not commensurate to the work done by them and the Railway Board is intended to rectify the anomaly and a committee is appointed to examine the issue. In fact a Committee was constituted on 09.01.2009 to prioritize the issue pertaining to replace the Pay structure and also to examine the horizontal and vertical relativity in pay of different category among Railway employees. The Committee was to give its report by 9th March 2008 but unfortunately the report is yet to come.

It may be noted that the vertical and horizontal relativity of Pay of ALP with the Guards that were existed from 1st CPC has been completely shattered. The following position shows the correct picture.

Period ALP / First Fireman Guard Asst. Guard
1st CPC Rs. 75-105 Rs. 60-170
3rd CPC Rs. 290-350 Rs. 290-400 Rs. 225-270
Cadre restructuring of 1983 Rs. 290-350 Rs. 330-500 Rs. 225-270
4th CPC Rs. 950-1500 Rs. 1200-2040 Rs. 950-1400
5th CPC Rs. 3050-4590 Rs. 4500-7000 Rs. 3050-4590
6th CPC Grade Pay 1900 Grade Pay 2800 Grade Pay 1900

From the table it is seen that during 1st CPC the Guard Pay was much lesser than ALP. The Guard’s Pay was raised and made equal at 3rd CPC. The Pay of Guard surpassed the ALP in the year 1983 by way of cadre restructuring by the Railway Board. 5th CPC further raised the Pay of Guard much above the ALP. 6th CPC followed suit. Now the ALP is at Grade Pay Rs. 1900/- and Guard is fitted at a Grade Pay of Rs. 2800/-. The Asst. Guards are with the Grade Pay of Rs. 1900/- but the responsibility attached to the post of ALP and Asst. Guards differ widely, not only that but the post of Assistant Guard are being abolished which itself reflect the role and importance of Asst. Guard in a train working and train is running without Asst. Guard, so the pay packet for ALPs need to be improved.

The duties of ALP have a sea change from 1st CPC to 6th CPC, responsibility increased, higher skills required, and educational qualification made higher, stringent induction training; whereas responsibilities and medical standard of Guards stand as it is from 1st CPC to 6th CPC.
We therefore request to reconsider the case of Asst. Loco Pilot of Indian Railways and to allow a Grade Pay of Rs. 2800/- which is justified in all respects.


The 6th CPC merged the scales of Rs. 5000 – 8000, 5500 - 9000 and 6500 – 10500 to one Pay band of Rs. 9300 – 34800 with a Grade Pay of Rs. 4200/-. Where as the Post which had a scale of 6500 – 10500 were upgraded to a distinct Grade Pay of Rs.4600. So in fact two grades of Rs. 5000 – 8000 and 5500 – 9000 were merged into one.

The recommendation of the Commission on merger of these scales was that “it should first be seen, if the Post in the three scales can be merged without any functional difference”. If there are functional differences, it need not be merged. In the case of Loco Running staff post of Sr. Loco Pilot (Shunting), Loco Pilot (Goods), Loco Pilot (Passenger) and Loco Pilot (Mail) there are functional difference exist in performing duties and responsibility, therefore allowing same Grade Pay of Rs. 4200/- to all these posts need to be reviewed. A distinct Grade Pay of Rs. 4200, 4600, 4800 and 5400/-be allowed to each Sr. Loco Pilot (Shunting), Loco Pilot (Goods), Loco Pilot (Passenger) and Loco Pilot (Mail) respectively.

The Staff Nurse in the scale of Rs. 5000 – 8000 and Nursing Sister in scale of 5500 – 9000 and Nursing Superintendent in scale of Rs.6500 – 10500 were allowed with a Grade Pay of Rs. 4600, 4800 and 5400 respectively even though there is no functional difference in their duty. Added to that the direct recruited Guard, TXR, SM, TTE and a host of categories placed in the Grade Pay of Rs. 4600, 4800, 5400 on completion of 10, 20 and 30 year under MACPS. No such chances do exist for Loco Pilots to reach this Grade Pay under MACP scheme.

It may be appreciated that the job attributes, responsibility, medical standard attached to the post of a Loco Pilot differ much with Guards. It is everybody’s knowledge that Loco pilot cannot be equated with Guard in performing duty attached with them. The Loco Pilot was at higher level and they were paid a higher Pay packet than the Guard. After implementation of 6th CPC both were treated as equal and equal Pay was allowed and on implementation of MACP, the Pay of a Guard goes more than LP and thus the retiring benefit too thus position is being reversed. This discrimination caused to Loco Pilot, be rectified.

In summary we request to allow Grade Pay as follows: –

Second Fireman - Rs. 2400
Asst. Loco Pilot / 1st Fireman - Rs. 2800
Loco Pilot (Shunting) - Rs. 4200
Loco Pilot (Goods) - Rs. 4600
Loco Pilot (Passenger) - Rs. 4800
Loco Pilot (Mail) - Rs. 5400


An additional allowance of Rs. 500 / Rs. 1000 was allowed to Loco Pilot (Passenger) and Loco Pilot (Mail) considering the onerous nature of duty. Restricting this additional allowance to these two categories only, is not correct. The entire categories of Loco Running staff are facing the same onerous duty. Therefore this allowance to be extended to entire categories of Loco Running staff too and the same should be treated as Pay for the purpose of HRA, Running allowance and retirement benefit.

The Committee constituted to decide the quantum of Pay element and Running allowance rate, has submitted its recommendation on 25.11.2008. On the recommendations of the Committee, the Railway Board decided that the existing quantum of Pay element shall continue but Running allowance rate of LP / ALP shall be Rs. 169 / 120, abolishing the system of determining the rate of kilometerage on a long established formula accepted by the Government of India.

We are constrained to say that the whole concept of introduction of running allowance scheme by the Railway is not fully understood by the Committee. After all the Running staff should be paid the pay element according to the Basic Pay (Pay Band + Grade Pay) of the individual employee and TA / DA according to TA / DA Rules. This is the minimum concept and is in accordance with basic rules.

Instead of straight away giving it, this has been paid through the scheme of Running allowance. The RAC - 1980 dealt the subject well. They recommended taking the mean of the scale as a compromise formula, otherwise different and distinct rate has to be derived to different stage in Pay scale as the individual employee is entitled for pay element according to his Basic Pay. Deriving different rate for different stage in Basic Pay is cumbersome and impractical. It may also be noted that while taking mean of the Basic Pay in fact, those who are in higher basic pay will loose and those in lower pay benefited. If the minimum of pay scale is taken to arrive at the rate, the individual employee who draws higher pay will not get the actual amount of pay element which is statutory in nature. If the maximum of Basic Pay is taken to arrive the rate, then unintended benefit will accrue to those who are in lower level in the scale. That is why the RAC 1980 recommended to take the mean pay to arrive at the rate. It was equitable decision. And staff not protested even though there was a loss for those who draw higher pay in the scale.

The present recommendation to take the minimum of pay band be seen in this perception. Those who draw higher pay in the Pay Band will get a lesser amount of pay element, that too a very drastic loss. Pay of many running staff had been fixed in the band above Rs. 22,000/- and none draws at Rs. 9300/- at present.

It may be specifically noted that, the recommendation to take minimum of pay band to calculate Running Allowance rate is creating an anomalous situation. When working trains the workers will get a corresponding amount as pay element based on Rs 9300+4200, i.e. 13500X30/100=Rs 4050 as pay element in a month through running allowance as recommended.

Where as an LP, who draws a pay in pay band at 20,000/- will get pay element of Rs 7260 ((20000+4200)30/100) in a month, if he proceed on leave or on non running duty for a month.

Running allowance scheme was introduced to motivate Running staff to work more and run trains more kilometers. Now this becomes demotivation by the present application.

The observations made by the 6th CPC to pay allowances with reference to minimum of pay in the pay band in para 7.36.97 of its report were in the nature of suggestion / illustration and this has modified through an errata and held that the administrative ministry concerned will need to take a final view thereon.

Therefore the Railway Board orders may be amended and Running Allowance may be refixed taking mean of the Pay Band and Grade Pay.

The Committee assumed the TA / DA rate at Rs. 210/-, but subsequently order of Railway Board on TA / DA has been released fixing Rs. 340/- for the grade pay of Rs. 4200/-. So instead of Rs. 210 an amount of Rs. 340 should be taken as TA for fixing the running allowance rate. Therefore the recommendation of the committee on Running Allowance to double the rate w.e.f 01.09.2009 has to be rejected.

20 days TA / DA in the formulae may be revised at least to 25 days considering the present Crew links / pattern of working.

According to the finding of the Committee on benchmarking, the national average kilometerage of Passenger crew links were 4700 km for LP(P) and 3725 km for ALP. Therefore the average kilometer of Loco Pilot (Passenger) may be taken at 4700 km and Assistant Loco Pilot be taken as 3725 km to arrive at the Running Allowance rate.

It may be appreciated that prior to 6th CPC for arriving the Running allowance rate the mean of Loco Pilot (Pass) scale of Rs. 5500 – 9000 was taken. We agree with the version of the Running Allowance Committee-2008 that the present Pay Band is an amalgamation of several scales of pay. It is also agreed, taking the minimum of Pay Band is not correct. Therefore we suggest that at least the Pay in the Pay Band corresponding to mean of Rs. 5500 – 9000/- may be taken to arrive at the rate of Running Allowance.

TA of Loco Pilots of Rs.105 was raised to Rs. 340 with an increase of 3.25 times. In the case of Assistant Loco Pilots the increase in TA rates is from Rs. 55 to Rs. 210. i.e, 3.81 times. Therefore the recommendation of the committee to just double the rate of running allowance w.e.f 01.09.2008 has to be reviewed.

Accordingly it will be just on our part to demand that the kilometerage rate of running staff be raised as follows:-

Application of RAC-1980 formula with 20 days TA and 4700 / 3725 km for LP / ALP, the rate from 01.01.2006 to 31.08.2008. and w.e.f 01.09.2008

Basic Pay (9300 + 34800) / 2 + 4200 * ( 5830 +20200) / 2 + 1900
Mean Pay 26250 14915
30% of Pay element 7875 4475
Old TA rates 105 55
National average km 4700 3725
Mileage rate with old TA rate w.e.f 01.01.2006 (7875 +(105 X 20)) /4700 ) 100 = 212.23 (4475 + (55 X 20)) / 3725 ) 100 = 149.66
New TA rates 340 210
Mileage rate with new TA w.e.f 01.09.2008 (7875 +(340 X 20) / 4700 ) X 100 = 312.23 (4475 + (210 X 20) / 3725 )X 100= 232.89

• Entry pay for Asst. Loco Pilot.
In the light of the above facts, the Railway Board decision on Running Allowance rates need to be modified duly considering our demand for increasing the pay.

Suburban working in Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai is unique one. When the Railway started suburban services it was only from Mumbai to Bandra (15km). Now in Mumbai (CR and WR) alone almost 2300 trains are running per day. In view of single man operation and increased traffic density, their service should be properly evaluated so as to fix higher Pay and Allowances. At present they too are allotted mere pay in the Pay Band 2 + 4200 GP. In suburban services the computation of mileage should be based on trip system with a minimum of 160 km per hour and the longer distance trip should be minimum three times the actual distance. The waiting duty should be 40 kms per hour.


Already many trains such as Rajadhani, Shatabdi Express were provided with Co Pilot instead of Assistant Loco Pilot, considering the arduousness of duty, high speed and related safety. The Running Allowance Committee – 2002 recommended that trains which run at a speed above 105kmph should be provided with Co-Pilot instead of Assistant Loco Pilot. This recommendation be implemented considering the safety aspect of high speed trains constant working in long distance train should not be more that 2/2:30 hrs at a stretch. It should have a stoppage after 2 or 2:30 to meet the natural necessity for a Crew, in the interest of safe working of a train.

6. HOER should be reviewed by a Judiciary Committee as agreed by the Government.

We hope that the matter may be sympathetically viewed and conceded.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully

Secretary General


Unknown said...

why we have not sucsess

55% pensionery benefit said...

One thing I should pray to be muted, that All railway employee starting their career as Loco Running Staff (Initial Appoint Either Assistant Driver or Goods Guard) should get retirement/ terminal benefit as a Running staff ( i.e. 55% pensionery benefit) because many of us could not complete their career as Running staff either for physical ground (they only get 30% benefit , but not retirement benefit) or many other ground. Even some cases they have to switch to other category without any benefit. So, there should be a uniform rule, that those enter in Railway (Initial Appointment) as Loco Running Staff should be treated as beneficiary of 55% Retirement benefit as running staff irrespective of the designation they are holding at the time of retirement (except if they are promoted to Gaz. rank).
With Salute
Goutam Basu

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