Sunday, January 4, 2009

Quarterly Report of the Activities in Western Zone
Dear Comrades,
On behalf of the AILRSA – BCT division – Western Railway I hereby wish all of you a very Happy New Year 2009.
If we look into the recent past we have been fighting to save our hard earned rights and privileges like the Pay Element and the Running Allowance rates, etc. And, the fight for right is still to be continued in the New Year as we have not achieved our goals of getting – proper Grade Pay, revised Mileage rates as per the correct formula and that too we must get it with arrears from 01.01.2006.
In recent past we have taken up several agitational programs for our grievances and justified demands and we have got success at the Divisional Level on resolving many of our local grievances.
1. The protest at DRM-BCT and GM-CCG on 6th October, 2008 against the illegal curtailment of Pay Element was successful and the running staff got the justified Pay Element as a result of the show of strength of unity.
2. After the demonstration at the DRM-BCT on 22nd October, 2009 our delegation (A. K. Shrivastav, Z. A. Shaikh, Ramdas G. D. and Mahesh Pandya) submitted the memorandum on the local and all India issues and got assurance from ADRM-BCT and Sr. DEE (O) BCT to immediately take up the issues of – providing CUG SIM Cards and Duty Card Passes to each and everyone of the Loco Running Staff, filling up all the vacancies in the entire Running Staff cadres.
3. Meeting of the Loco Running Staff was organized at Valsad to discuss about the further agitational programs and the local grievances.
4. Joint Meeting of the Loco and Traffic Running Staff was held at the Railway Institute Maninagar (Ahemadabad) on 9th November, 2008. Total 127 Running Staff attended the meeting. The Meeting was addressed by Comrades – A. K. Shrivastav, B. L. Shrivastav, J. A. Misquetta, R. D. Pillay, R. B. Khalsa and others. It was decided to increase the intensity of our agitational programs to achieve our demands.
5. After the demonstration at GM-CCG WR on 11th November, 2008 the delegation (A. K. Shrivastav, Dilip Kumar, Z. A. Shaikh, Tukaram Metry, Kamlesh Kumar, B. L. Shrivastav and Mahesh Pandya) submitted the memorandum on all India issues to the AGM, CME, CPO (IR), CELE, COM and other zonal officers.
6. The AILRSA whole heartedly supported the Work to Rule agitation by the Western Railway Motormen's Association which started from 1st December, 2008 till 6th December, 2008 when the administration gave them the assurance to look into the matter at the earliest.
7. After the demonstration at DRM-BCT on 2nd December, 2008 our delegation (B. L. Shrivastav, A. K. Shrivastav, S. P. Sharma, Ajit Singh, Tukaram Metry and Mahesh Pandya) submitted the memorandum on the local grievances & demands and reminded the officers ADRM-BCT, DPO-BCT and Sr. DEE (O) BCT to immediately take up the issues of – providing CUG SIM Cards and Duty Card Passes to each and everyone of the Loco Running Staff, filling up all the vacancies in the entire Running Staff cadres, and also take up the issues of Pay Fixation & Payment of all kind of Arrears as quickly as possible.
8. Our comrades attended and supported the Hunger Strike Agitation by the Western Railway Motormen's Association on 18th December, 2008 as the administration denied their justified demands.
9. Demand Day was observed as per the CWC guidelines by wearing of protest badges while on duty on entire Western Railway network. And, holding the meeting of Loco Running Staff at crew points was observed at Valsad, Ratlam and Chittaurgarh.
10. Our Comrades Ramdas G. D., Milind Datar, Sanjay Kulkarni, Mahesh Pandya and P. K. Dhote attended the AILRSA Mumbai Divisional Central Railway's Conference at Kalyan on 27TH December, 2008 and discussed in detail about mobilization of the Loco Running Staff against the injustice done by the 6th CPC.
11. On 29th December, 2008 the program as decided by the CWC of AILRSA was to hold 36 hours Hunger Strike in front of All the DRM offices but as per the decision by the Divisional body of Mumbai Division AILRSA it was decided to hold Hunger Strike at the ARM-BL and peaceful demonstration at the DRM-BCT. After the demonstration our delegation (Milind Datar, Tukaram Metry, Ramdas G. D., Mahesh Pandya, Pradeep Tiwari, Saiyad Ahmed) submitted and discussed in detail about the all India Memorandum regarding Grade Pay and Running Allowance to the DRM-BCT. And, the delegation pressurized the Sr. DEE (O) BCT to take immediate steps regarding filling up all the vacancies and release the promotion letters which were pending for orders.
12. At Ratlam on 29/30TH December, 2008 the Hunger Strike program was observed for 30 hours in front of DRM office Ratlam Total 392 Loco Running Staff participated in the agitational program and this was covered by the Press and the Media.
13. Meeting of the Loco Running Staff at HQ Vasai Road (Mumbai Division) was organised on 31st December, 2008 and a new Adhoc Body was constituted for AILRSA Vasai Branch.
14. Programs to be hold in near future are (A) Conference of Central Zone AILRSA at Bhusawal on 2ND January, 2009. (B) Divisional Meeting of Kota Division at Gangapur City on 3RD January 2008.
Comrades, we have got a message from our Secretary General Shri. M. N. Prasad and I am putting it as it was received on mobile handset for your information and necessary action please.
“Our all India program of 29/30th was so effective that we could be able to draw the attention of Railway Minister who learnt to be asked CRB to look into the Grade Pay of Assistant Loco Pilot. Prepare strongly for 6th February without being illusioned.”


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