Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dear Comrades,
Please note and inform others by all the means of communication available.
Motormen of Mumbai Division - Western Railway have started work to rule agitation from 01-DEC-2008. The All India Loco Running Staff Association - Mumbai Division whole heartedly supports the demands and the agitation program of the Motormen's agitation. The AILRSA submitted the Memorandum on Local Demands to the Officer's of Mumbai Division on 02-DEC-2008 which included forwarding the memorandums of the Demands & Grievances of the Train Driving Staff of Vasai, Valsad, BCT/BAMY, and Churchgate (Motormen).
The Motormen of Mumbai/Western Railway have warned that they will go on indefinate hunger strike and start working the trains with empty stomach form 18-DEC-2008 if their demands and Grievances are not considered by then.
Mahesh N. Pandya
Loco Pilot (Mail) Mumbai - Western Railway
Divisional Secretary - AILRSA - Mumbai - WR
Zonal Working President - AILRSA - WR
WR CUG - 09004448515, RIM - 09322287069, TATA - 09224700989


Ahmed said...

Ahmed said...

Abolish the railway board
The real reasons for the sufferings of peoples traveling by railways suburban trains in Mumbai.

1. The railway board. (getting paid for creating problems for peoples)

when Mr. Sam Pitroda was appointed as adviser to prime minister on railways, the first thing he recommended was that the railway board be abolished.

After few days he was sacked naturally due to pressure from the officers lobby.
it should be noted that it was due to the initiative of Mr. SAM PIRODA, the telecom sector has gone beyond what can be said as sky is the limit.

why was Mr. Sam Piroda removed from that position?

1. The officers earn about 55% as commission from every thing that is done by railways.
2. it is working like as syndicate. on paper everything is perfect. no one can find any thing wrong.
3. the most systematic corruption in the world today.
4. this organisation has got no real work. for this a work study may be conducted by an independent organisation.
5. it does some work but that work is not required to be done at all.
6. It is because of the corruption and incapability of being able to take their own decision, the situation has come to a point that the peoples are forced to travel on roof taking risk of their life just to earn a living.

this risk is ever greater than that faced by the peoples of Baghdad when it was being bombed by America.

Just for earning an income to run a family.

please take first corrective actions first immediately and abolish the railway board.

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