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The Chairman  Railway Board 

Rail Bhavan  New Delhi 


Sub: Representation on filling up of the post of Chief Loco Inspector/CCC/CTLC/CPRC consequent upon Task Force on Safety recommendation- reg 

Ref: Safety Directorate ltr. No. 2017/ Safety-I/4/1 dated. 17/01/2018 

With reference to the recommendation of Task Force on Safety submitted on 10th January 2017, this Association wishes to represent the following for your kind consideration. 

I. The recommendation of the Task Force on safety on filling up of the post of chief loco inspector (CLI) is as follows: 

24.8.1. Loco Inspectors must not only be experienced, but also drawn from senior levels of the cadre. We must revert to the pre-2009 norms for selection of Loco Inspectors. All Loco Inspectors must be experienced Mail/Express Drivers. (Mechanical Traction Directorate: three months) 

On this recommendation, vide reference above the Minutes of Railway Board meeting held on 08/12/2017 is as follows, 

" To be examined duly discussing in field & with Union” MTR/ MS in this regard, it is humbly submitted that as per Recruitment Rules, the vacancies in the post of Loco Inspector are filled by selection as per avenue of promotion. Historically the post of fuel inspector, driving loco inspector were filled by the cadre of driver A special thus by giving due credence to seniority and experience. In course of time senior most Drivers A' Spl were not forthcoming to the post of Loco Inspectors due to the loss in retirement benefits. So, it was decided to consider Loco Pilot (goods) also in the year 1993 to the post of Loco Inspector, only to avoid accumulation of vacancies in Loco Inspector post. This relaxation was not aimed to ignore the experience and seniority, but only a stop gap arrangement. Now the situation has changed. Loco Inspectors are getting better retirement benefits and many Loco Pilots (Mail) are aspiring the post of Loco Inspector. In this changed circumstance it will be more appropriate to consider the post of Loco Inspector as the promotional avenue of Loco Pilot (Mail) with due selection process giving weightage to seniority. When more Loco Pilot (Mail) with requisite driving experience are expressing willingness to become Loco Inspector, calling running staff who do not have requisite driving experience is not warranted and is detrimental to safety. 

By increasing the zone of consideration up to LP (goods) level to fill up the post of Loco Inspector and finalizing the selection of Loco inspector by general selection method from 2009 onwards deprives the loco pilot(mail) though sufficiently senior and possess requisite qualification in written examination. It is also brought out that only loco running staff are eligible to be considered for promotion to the post of Loco Inspector and it is not open to various other categories in the Railways, it is therefore, the post of Loco Inspector should be a selection post and not a general post. 

It is further added that the duties of Loco Inspectors are mainly to impart and monitor driving techniques in different locomotives/ EMUs to Loco Pilots of Goods, Passenger and Mail & Express trains. A Loco Pilot (Mail) will certainly gain enough and vast driving experience in all the service of Goods, Passenger and Mail & Express. Hence it will be more appropriate that the post of Loco Inspector is filled by LP (Mail) to give necessary driving technique inputs in Goods, Passenger and Mail & Express services thus to fulfill the object aimed by the administration in ensuring effective supervision of Loco Pilots. 

Hence this Association urges to fill up the post of Chief Loco Inspector from Loco Pilot (mail) alone and not by general selection method which will ensure qualified and experienced Loco Pilots will assume to the post of Chief Loco Inspector. 

II. The post of CCC/CTLC/CPRC are to be filled from the cadre of loco pilot (mail). This will ensure harmonious relations in crew booking, good supervision and can accommodate medically de-categorised loco pilot 
                                                                                                                 Yours Sincerely, 

Copy To: Member Traction                                                                    M N Prasad, 

Member Staff 
                                                                                                    Secretary General, AILRSA 
DG Staff 

Addl. Member Staff 



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