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The Chairman, 

Railway Board 

Rail Bhavan, New Delhi. 

Respected Sir, 

I herewith forwarding the resolution which has been adopted in our CWC meeting held at New Delhi on 3rd & 4th June with an expectation that a serious attention will be paid on this matter & matter will be resolved favourably in the interest of maintaining healthy labour relations in railway. Especially I would like to draw your attention on the issue of running allowance and that should be finalized only on RAC 1980 formula. Repeatedly we have submitted our submission drawing your attention that, that rate is coming Rs. 748 per 100 km. any deduction in the rate will be injustice and not acceptable to loco running staff & may cause of a serious resentment amongst the loco running staff which may affect the train services in Indian railway. 

Inordinate and provocative delay in the revision of running allowance rates and denial of parity in pension between pre and post 2016 running staff pensioners/ family pensioners 

CWC meeting of AILRSA held on 3rd& 4th June 2018 at New Delhi, have felt the strong resentment among Loco Running Staff of Indian Railway against the injustice being done against them by not allowing the Kilometer Allowance based on 1980 RAC formulae and also not revising the pension of the Retired Running Staff ensuring parity between pre and post 2016 retirees, though the Government of India has taken the policy decision and the department of personal and training had issued in the order to ensure the parity in pension. In addition to that the other grievances like limiting the duty hrs to 9 hrs, periodical rest of 16+30 hrs, bringing the Crew from out station to Head Quarters within 36 hrs and not providing the AC in loco cab’s, toilets in Loco, as assured repeatedly, as well as asking the crew to carry Tool box are giving pinning pain to the Loco Pilots in their day to daylife. The Running Staff draws the attention of Railway Board on this issue once again though many times grievances have been represented to CRB and Hon’ble MR but to no avail. The Association was assured all the times for favorable decision. Your good office will appreciate the hard work the Running Staff is doing and maintaining the productivity, Punctuality and Safety of Railway even in unbearable temperature and adverse weather conditions. 

The Running Staff of Indian Railway does not want any stoppage of work but it appears that the Railway Management is adopting a differential approach to the Running Staff, which is provocative. 

The CWC meeting, therefore, earnestly request the respected MR and CRB to look into this matter seriously and see that the grievances are resolved immediately in the interest of maintaining healthy industrial relations and to avoid to disruption of train service. 

Sir, it will not be out of place to bring to your notice that, in 2008 the AILRSA had taken the decision to go for strike. Since the matter was referred to RLC(C) for conciliation, respecting the democratic norms of the Country, we deferred the strike. The RLC ( C ) concluded the conciliation as a failure due to non-cooperative attitude of Railway Officers who attended the conciliation. Thereafter, the dispute was referred to NIT in 2010 but the proceedings not concluded to arrive at the decision of giving award, even though 8 years of time period has elapsed, despite the time limit given for arbitration was only 6 months. The matter had already been brought to the knowledge of Minister for Labour, Minister for Railways and the Hon’ble Prime Minister but no  positive result is seen. The Railway Running Staff is losing the confidence in all democratic norms of the Country and strong resentment is prevailing amongst the staff. 

As such the CWC meeting resolved to draw the attention of Railway management in these matters for an immediate and favourable decision to avoid the dislocation of train services. 

In case if the km allowances is not resolved satisfactory and properly, then the loco running staff of Indian railway may go for sit hunger program in the month of July which may not be helpful for Indian railway in maintaining the productivity, safety and punctuality. Although AILRSA is interested to maintain peaceful atmosphere in Indian railway’s working. 

The CWC further would like to bring the following facts in your kind notice for favourable action please. 

1) The demands put forth by the Central Working Committee meeting held at Ernakulam, Southern Railway on 11th& 12thFebruary, 2018 on the following subjects are not yet considered by the Railway Board and it has aggravated the pain of workers. So we enclose the resolutions adopted and demand speedy action on the following issues. 

1) Revision of rate of running allowance. 

2) Parity in pension to pre and post 2016 retired running staff / Pensioners / Family Pensioners. 

3) Modification on SPAD penalty norms. 

4) Selection of Loco Inspectors 

5) Minimum 16 hrs / 8 hrs rest at HQ / out station. 

6) Limiting consecutive night duties to two. 

7) Timely action on Inter Divisional and Inter Railway transfer requests. 

8) Filling up of higher grade vacancies and recruitment of ALPs through RRB. 

9) Carrying of line equipments by the running staff. 

10) Re-engaging of retired staff. 

11) Non-Payment of dress allowance. 

12) Grant of periodical rest independent of trip rest. 

13) Delay in disposal of appeal and revision petitions. 

14) Implement the recommendations of the Task Force Committee. 

15) Exemption of railway employees from NPS. 

16) Lifting of ceiling limit for the exemption of IT for running allowance. 

2) Granting of NDA & NHA 

The order for granting NDA and NHA on the basis of individual basic pay has been issued by the Govt. of India and the Railway Board. As per the revised instructions, many employees suffer a reduction in the rates of NDA & NHA and are under the threat of recovery of over payment.We demand to issue orders to protect the rates they were enjoying earlier,as been done in the case of transport allowance. 

3) Improve running room conditions 

The improvement of running room conditions as per decisions of Railway Board is progressing in a snail’s pace. The Railway Board orders for subsidized meals is not properly incorporated in the contracts which adversely affect the quality and timings of food. We demand a review of the position all over India and to give strict guidelines for framing the conditions of the contract. 

4) On alcoholic policy 

As per the latest circular on the alcoholic policy, a person found positive on breathaliser test to be sent for medical examination. It is our experience that the breathaliser machines are used in Railways violating the direction of the manufacturer and often give wrong readings. So we demand to resort for medical examination only if the employee is tested positive for the second time by another machine. We also demand accountabilityshould be fixed for faulty machines. 

Program of action 

On Running Allowance and pay element 

The CWC meeting took a serious view of the moves being made by the Railway administration to dilute the RAC 1980 formula aiming at depriving the running staff of their legitimate 30% pay element part in the running allowances, through deceptive methods. The meeting demands the Railway administration to prescribe KMA rates strictly in accordance with the RAC 1980 formula. Any deviation will attract the ire of the running staff affecting the industrial relations in the Indian Railways. This meeting also makes it clear that if the railway administration deviates from the time tested RAC 1980 formula which is holding the field for the last several decades since 1980, the running staff will have no other alternative except to resort to direct action and the responsibility for such action will squarely rests with the railway administration alone. 

Thanking you, 

                                                                                                                     Yours’ sincerely 

                                                                                                                          (M. N. Prasad) 

                                                                                                                    Secretary General AILRSA
C/To :- 1) Hon’ble Prime Minister, 

Government of India. 

2) Hon’ble Railway Minister, 

Government of India. 



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