Thursday, December 1, 2016


1. On denial of benefit of 30% / 55% pay element for medically decategorised / retired employees:-

It is reported that those who retired in September 2016 were given the settlements without adding the 55%payelement in some railways. In other railways 55% of pre revised pay was added. Similarly 30% pay element is denied while fixing the pay of medically de-categorised running staff in stationary post. The BGM decided to fight it vigorously 

i) Resolution / Representation from this BGM (already send on 19/11/16).

ii) Poster, Notice before 1st December 2016.

iii) Divisional level conventions in between 10th and 18th December 2016.

iv) All India Black Day on 20th December 2016. Representation to be sent from Branch, Divisional & Zonal Committees.

v) Individual letter to CRB in between 1st and 5th January 2017.

Matter for poster, representation, individual representation and badge is attached with this circular. Printing the same to be done be respective zones. Notices to be drafted and printed in regional language by zones.

I. National Convention at New Delhi in Feb 2016:-

We were continuously agitating on the following demands but the railway Administration is neglecting them. So BGM find no alternative but to give an ultimatum to the administration, failing which loco running staff shall go for a direct action on the following demands. 

i) Ensure 14.29% increase in 7th CPC to running staff;

ii) Scrap Empowered Committee on running allowances;

iii) Rectify the unjust low levels of pay allotted to running staff;

iv) Review the decision of RB on HPC recommendations;

v) Scrap minimum penalty of ‘removal from service’ for SPAD &

vi) Scrap National Pension Scheme.


1. Send Resolution giving an ultimatum to Govt. stating that if the grievances are not redressed AILRSA will go for a direct action.

2. A National Convention will be convened in February 2017 to declare action programme inviting all trade unions.

II. All India convention on Bibek Debroy Committee Report:-

The central government is moving very fast implementing Bibek Debroy committee report aimed to unbundle the railways into countless entities and also to lease out the railways track, locomotives, coaches, railway training schools, colonies, hospitals & railway land to private parties. Abandoning of railway budget was the reform recommended in the fifth year, but implemented in the very first year.

So the BGM decided to organise a National Convention at New Delhi jointly hosted by all likeminded trade unions 

(On the adjacent date of National Convention on our Charter of Demands) to oppose Bibek Debroy Committee Report.


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