Loco pilots from across the country gathered at Jantar Mantar here on Monday to demand that the Railways improve their working conditions as recommended by various committees in the past.

The protest, organised by the All-India Loco Running Staff Association, urged the Ministry of Railways to introduce six-hour shifts in the interest of drivers and overall passenger safety.
Acting president V. Balachandran said the loco pilots were not making demands of their own accord.
“All that we are demanding is that the recommendations of committees set up in 2012 be implemented. The Ministry of Labour had ordered the six-hour shifts in 2013, but the Railway Ministry is yet to implement it. We work 13 hours a day,” said Mr. Balachandran.
On the one hand, he said, loco pilots are penalised for running a red light, while on the other they were expected to remain alert without adequate rest.
“Even if there is no accident, the punishment for jumping a red light is suspension from service. We are not saying there should be no penalty, but this is not appropriate,” added Mr. Balachandran.