Sunday, June 1, 2014

Drinking rules for rail staff toughened

The Railway Board has decided that if railway workers like motorman, loco-pilots etc. directly involved in the running of trains are found to have blood alcohol content above the permissible limit, they will be terminated with immediate effect.

The changes were issued in a notice that was sent to all 16 zones on May 20, it has asked the zones to give back their additions for the same if need be, but has said stringent action will be taken against violators.
According to the new guidelines, Category 1 workers will be terminated from their services immediately if found to have blood alcohol level above 21 mg per 100 ml blood.
Those who have levels between 1 to 20 mg per 100 ml blood will be allowed to work after the levels are brought down and will have the incident on their permanent record. If the worker violates the lower limit twice, then he will be removed from service.
However, first time violators in the lower limit will be counselled as well, to avoid them from repeating the mistake.
The railways has also said that the aim of the revised policy is to ensure that members of staff habituated to drinking are identified and counselled, prevented from posing a risk to co-staff, passengers and public in terms of safety and also allowed enough opportunity to leave the habit.
WR general manger Hemant Kumar said, “Although I have not seen the document with details, even before it, we already are following these
“We have also terminated motormen and loco-pilots on numerous occasions,” added Mr Kumar


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