Saturday, July 1, 2017

List of allowances recommended will be effective from 1st July 2017.
No arrears from 1st  Jan 2016.

1. HRA

8%,16%,24% remain same. only change is it will be 9% 18% 27% when DA crosses 25% and 10%20% 30% when DA crosses 50%.minimum HRA is fixed at 1800/pm. Only benefit will go to lowest basic pay ie.18000 whose HRA works out to be 18000×8%=1440. Govt knows that the minimum pay is as low, but they are not prepared to increase minimum basic as demanded by staff side.

2.Transportation allowance:
Level 9 & above: 7200+DA - 3600+DA
Level 3 to 8      : 3600+DA - 1800+DA
Level 1to  2      : 1350+DA -   900+DA

3.Children Education Allowance: 
Raised to Rs.2250/- per month (Yearly 27000) and hostel subsidy to  Rs. 6750/-per month (yearly 81000)  No papers required.
Increases by 25% when DA touches 50%.

4. Night Duty Allowance: 
Hourly rate formula BP+DA÷200.Exception NDA should be worked out separately for each employee not giving same rate for employees with particular grade pay.

5.Daily Allowance (TA)
up to level 5:  450/- ( present316/-)
 level 6 to  8:  750/- (Present 510/-)
Increases by 25% when DA touches 50%.

6.Dress allowance:
Trackman running staff and others: 5000/- per year.
Station master:- 10000/-per year.
25% increase will be there when DA raises up to 50% and accordingly when reaches 100%.

8.Special Running Staff Allowance: LP(Mail/ Exp) LP(Pass) and Guard Mail Express : Rs 1000/- has been increased to 2250/ and Rs 500/- has been increased to 1125/  with existing DA. New addition by allowances committee is LP (Goods) and Senior Pass Guard will be given 750/-p.m. with DA.

9. National Holiday Allowance:

Level 6 to 8     420/-raised to 630/-
Level 3 to 5     318/- raised to 477/-
Level 1 to 2     256/- raised to 384/-
Increases by 25% when DA touches 50%.

10. Fixed medical allowances for pensioners:   Raised from 500 to 1000/p.m.

11. Special Train Controller Allowances:    Rs5000/p.m. allowed.

12.Nursing allowances :       raised to 7200/p.m. from 4800/pm.

13.Operation theatre allowance:-     raised to 540/p.m. from 360/ p.m.

14. Patient care allowances:  raised to 4100 to 5300 from 2070 to2100 pm. will be granted to ministerial staff in medical.


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