Monday, April 28, 2014

Work- Life of Indian Railway's Drivers (Loco-Pilots) Rajesh Ranjan (Doctoral Research Scholar, National Institute of Industrial
and Dr . T. Prasad (Professor National Institute of Industrial
Engineering Mumbai, India )

Railways’ Drivers / Loco Pilots are the most important person in executing the huge task of transporting nearly 25 Million passengers and more than 2.8 Million Tons of freight daily with the help of 2,29,381 wagons, 59,713 coaches and more than 9,213 locomotive engines of various kinds(www.Indian railways, Wikipedia).To transport 25 million passengers and millions of tons of freight and that too with taking care of both the traveler’s convenience and safety is not a mean task, the driver on who see sincerity the journey of a train depends. If he is not capable of carrying his responsibilities then the efforts of the other employees go waste, in this sense we can say that he is the most important person of the railways. The job of a Railway Driver demands hard work and great presence of mind along with courage to handle diverse conditions. For this one should have discipline, patience, responsibility, punctuality, commitment, courage and above all self -confidence. The job requires lots of hard work , stamina, alertness of
mind, adaptability to follow difficult time schedules too. But the main and remarkable, highly appreciable role of Railway drivers is the only who works with full honesty, in day & night, in heavy cold, hot & Rainy weather. For Railways’ drivers operating on long distance routes, overnight stays in various locations will be necessary. Furthermore, it can be stressful, as delays and hazards on the track are not uncommon. His cab of the train should be relatively comfortable but it may be quite cold, hot and noisy
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