Saturday, June 29, 2013

Safer coach for Rajdhani
- COMFORT ON WHEELS debuts today

Hail Rajdhani! The super-safe express is, finally, here.
The elite Delhi-Ranchi train , flaunting its luxe Linke Holfmann Busch (LHB) coaches, chugged into the capital station at 10am on Friday. On Saturday, it will leave Ranchi on its debut run for the national capital at 5.10pm and passengers can experience the immunity of LHB coaches.
Made of stainless steel on the outside and aluminium on the inside, these rakes are lighter than conventional ones, and each has an advanced braking system for increased safety at higher speeds. The coaches are “anti-telescopic”, which means that they do not flip even if the train derails or has a collision.
The improved suspension system ensures more riding comfort. The air-conditioning is of higher capacity compared to older rakes and is controlled by a microprocessor for optimum temperature control in both summer and winter.
The coaches are also relatively quieter, producing a maximum noise of 60 decibels compared to 100 decibels in conventional rakes.
According to ADRM, Ranchi, R Yadav, the Ranch-Delhi express has higher passenger capacity too. Against 18 one-tier seats in older coaches, the LHB offers 24. For two-tier seats, the number is 52 instead of 46, and for three-tier, 72 against the earlier 64.
“There is an automatic hydraulic gate between tiers two and three. All seats are designed to absorb shock and will offer relief to elderly passengers or those who suffer from back pain. In short, the new coaches will offer maximum comfort and will soon be a hit with passengers,” he said.
For sticklers who crib about cramped train toilets, the LHB is the solution again. The new toilets come with more room, flaunt larger mirrors and offer toiletries. Other amenities on board include a modern pantry with central exhaust and fire gear, besides a hot case, a bottle cooler and a deep freezer to keep food fresh and healthy.
Text by Arti S. Sahuliyar
Pictures by Prashant Mitra


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