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AILRSA Central Working Committee Meeting held at Kalyan on 05.01.13 and 06.01.13. Report prepared by Com GN Shaw and published in his blog is reproduced here, with photos.

                                                      Officers Club/Kalyan
On 5 th and 6 th January 2013 in the city of Kalyan in Maharashtra ,All India loco running staff Association , Central working committee meeting was held in Officer Club / Kalyan. 
Meeting was presided by Com.N.Sarkar, Working President.

                                     Com.Jit Singh Tank.
Com Jit Singh Tank Central treasurer placed the financial report of 2012 up to November. The meeting was attended by members of AILRSA all over the Indian Railways.  The following topic were disused in this meeting are-

1) Organizational position. NIT related central quota. East Coast Railway, Khurda Road welfare fund of the loco pilots.
2) Central Industrial Tribunal (NIT) and its related topics.
3) Review the implementation of past decision and our task.and
4) any other  subject with permission of chair . 
A minute silence was observed in memory of Late I .K Gujral (former Prime Minister of India), the Late sitar maestro Ravi Shankar,the Late Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray and Late (rape victims in Delhi)  Peedita girl Damini (name changed).
                   Com.M.N.Prasad (SG/All India AILRSA)
 The CWC members gathering was addressed by all Indian Secretary General Com. M. N. Prasad He  expressed his concern over dual attitude of recognized trade organization of Indian Railways NFIR/AIRF. These trade organizations are lobbying hard to increase the fare in the railways, but not opposing the unnecessary post ,more than 300 officers,who are withdrawing salary  without any  work.As per CAG in its report there are  highest  corruption in Indian Railways. Good  buildings are in breaking trend & wastage of money from unnecessary construction are in full swing. Contractization becoming a mode of corruption. Today a mass organization, democratic united force shall bring a united revolution. We have to  strengthen our organization at every vertex, then only we could get/mange/ all pending demands. AILRSA is  the only organization which speaks , agitate about loco pilots. Railways spends about 200 million rupees on recognized federation ,this glaring that they will not go against government policies. Which is why we have over the years been waging a campaign to save rail. It is the need  to speed it up your agitation with support of passenger,public and like minded other democratic organization. ComPrasad said & warn us to fight the battle at every label unitedly and workers will have to be wary of anti-labour bodies.
                                Com.DS. Koparkar/Mumbai
Com Koparkar in his speech highlighted the image of NIT and its delay.He says- When the judge was ready to pass the  ex - parte  judgment against  the railway , the railway board  has expressed  his willingness to participate in court proceedings. Honorable Judge asked for it in writing as wel our views on it. Friends railway is fixed in the wax. AILRSA would convey our decision on January 7, 2013.Now-a-days  Loco pilots are called for duty by providing 10/14 hrs rest and denied to avail  t 12/16 hour rest at HQ. Who resist, who deserves the wrath of the controlling officers &  has to be a victim. Today PIL is needed. Government is not going to help you. Assistant Loco Pilots & Loco pilots has more gaps in salary / allowances  but equal punishment during SPAR as per recent clarification by railway board . why ?Railway officials are misusing their powers.Com be alert and unitedly chalk out a program today. 
 Come Singh from Eastern Railways  revealed his zonal harassment day by day on Loco Pilots.

Com. DS Rathod, Kota,Western Railway, which will organize the All India Conference in future ,  expressed  his expensive worriness about the money.

                               Com Gomy George with GN Shaw
Southern Railway General Secretary Com Gomy George  warned all of us to keep your agitation alive , don't sleep & make a quiet confidence on NIT.Today the railway is not  implementing own rules suggested by their own officers and passed order to all GM's in Indian Railways. Today if we want to get SPAD (Signal Passing at Danger) suggestion to implemented , it is need to continue the AILRSA movement to ensure implementation. Com George suggested  and information provided -

A) About MACP  Judgment / Ernakulam Court , this case is currently in the High Court.
B)During Trade union elections , we should avoid to support the  AIRF / NFIR .
C) On 25% increase in our Rnning allowances, Income tax examption of Rs. ten thousand on running allowances  should be increased by 25% also.
D) CCC / CC post belongs to Running staff, the appointment of Super wiser is  tolerance. These posts should be filled by personnel amongs running staff. Therefore the latest circular should be canceled.
F) PR / Judgement by Karnataka High Court has been , it must be able to pass.
G) Com Pandian / Madurai successful efforts in conciliation about Intensive category of running staff is now pending in RLC/MAS. Railway is not attainding. How long will it ?.
H) PASS / PTO must be allow to  get Tatakal ticket on and many more.
                                                              Com G.N.Shaw (SCR)

Com G N. Shaw offers the view and activities of south central railway and supported the suggestion put forth by Com Geomy George . For more information to workers and loco pilots it is need to organize trade unions  classes. The book should be published on the historical activities and agitation in past of  AILRSA. Railway  should pay bonus through ECS of the bank. He expressed concern about AIRF / NFIR  activities and sour relation with AILRSA  and suggested to choose any third party during trade union election.
                                     Com.C.Sunish (SWR)
Com.C.Sunish(SWR) has express his thanks to all over railways for their co-operation in conducting 19th BGM/SBC very successfully and highlighted his zones all the programs adapted phage wise.He requested that all the members of all zones to send their agitation , meetings NEWS to manager FIRE for publication.
                                    Com.Ravichandran, Zonal President SR
Com.Ravichandran / Madras expressed  his concern about NIT notification because it was not published in the Official Gazette of labour ministry.Loco pilots entire period from attaining to declare fit during PME should be treated as duty, which was successfully dealt in SRly. 
Apart many Com had expressed their local and zonal respective views in this meeting .
                                 Com.More(Bhusaval) CR                                     
                        ComA.V.V.S. Murthy (Hyderabad)
                            Com M.P. Dev (Nagpur)
                                                Com K. C. James (Palakkad)
                               Com D.K. Sahu (Orissa)
                            Com Manoj Kumar (sealdah)
                           Com M. M. Roly (Trivandrum)
                              Com S K Choubey (Vizag)ECoRly
                       Com. Ram Prasad Bismil  (Gorakhpur)
                           Com Luna Ram Siyag, WR (Rajsthan) 
The Central Working Committee meeting was very  successful.  The next cwc is expected in Bhopal.The detail future program of action and decision taken in this CWC will follow shortly. AILRSA/ZINDABAD


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