Tuesday, January 31, 2012

To                                                                            Bangalore,
Sri. A.K.Mittal,
The General Manager,                                                   27.01.2012.
South Western Railway,

Respected Sir,

Sub: Catastrophic delay in dispatching body of demised Sri.Sanjeev Kumar, ALP/ Hospet-Disgusting failure on the part of Personnel Branch-Reg.

It is understood that on 23.01.2012 around 20.30 hrs Sri Sanjeev Kumar, ALP/HPT was stabbed by Sri. C Showri Kumar, LPGoods/Hospet at in the Running Room at Thornagalu.  Sri.Sanjeev Kumar passed away around 22.45 even as he was being transported to (First to Sanjeevani Hospital, Jindal) Vijaya Nagara Institute of Medical Science Hospital, Bellari. The postmortem was delayed mysteriously and unreasonably when the officials of the SWR on the spot did not permit the competent State Government officials (Tashildar/Bellary and SP/Bellary) when they wanted to conduct the postmortem on the plea that the blood relatives of the deceased should come and see the body first. The contention of the officials of SWR was most unwarranted and unreasonable as the relatives were based at Patna. The relatives reached Bellary Hospital mortuary where the body was kept only at 1200 hours on 25.01.2012, traveling Patna to Bangalore by flight and from Bangalore to Bellary by car. Subsequently the postmortem was done sometime later.

The Sr DME/UBL and one Loco Inspector were present through out while the Welfare Inspector who was expected to take charge and monitor everything showed his face and left the spot immediately. The body was dispatched by an Ambulance to Bangalore by 14 hrs. It reached Kumar’s Ambulance service, Malleswaram, Bangalore around 20.30 hrs. Sri. Raj K Singh, ALP/HPT and Sri. KK Guptha, ALP/HPT accompanied the body along with the brothers of the deceased. While examining the papers Sri. N.S.Ganesh, Business Development manager, Kumar‘s Ambulance Service found that the papers were incomplete and without official stamp of the Doctor who had issued the certificates.

The Divisional Secretary of AILRSA/ Bangalore Division Sri D Rajkumar and my self personally went to the ambulance agency and found that the documents required were incomplete. We contacted Sri Anbu, Loco Inspector, Hubli, through phone, he informed that the necessary papers will be sent by next day. Since Jan 26 was holiday after struggling for much time they collected the records and by car CC Thornagalu along with one welfare inspector arrived Bangalore by 21.30 hrs of 26.01.12. Finally body was dispatched to Patna by flight by 08.40 hrs on 27.01.12.

The entire delay could have been avoided had you deputed one Welfare Inspector exclusively to be in charge from the time of the incident till the body reached Patna. This organization urges to institute a committee to investigate into the shoddy deal meted out to the deceased ALP, one of our members, which is extremely disheartening and provoking. This organization will cooperate in conducting the investigation so that such nauseating incidents will be curbed in the future.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to Sri. Salauddin, Sr DME/Power/Hubli, Sri Anbu, Loco Inspector/Hubli, Sri Ramakrishna, CCRC/HPT, Sri  K. Narayana  Swamy, CCRC/ Thornagalu, Sri.Althaf Hussain, CC/Thornagalu, Sri. S.R.  Ramana, Branch  Secretary, NRMS, Other Railway Official presented,  Other Civil Officers presented, Sri  BAMK Naidu, Branch President AILRSA/HPT, Sri.Govinda Rao, Branch Secretary AILRSA/HPT, Sri. Harinath Babu, Branch Treasurer AILRSA/HPT, Sri K. Rajesh, Hubli Divisional Committee Member, Sri. Raj K Singh,ALP/HPT, Sri KK Guptha, ALP/HPT, Sri D Raj Kumar, Divisional Secretary AILRSA/SBC, Sri.DS. Niranjan, Divisional President AILRSA/SBC and other staff who were extended their support by presenting and contributing financially.  AILRSA Hospet Branch had collected Rs. 23000/- and handed over to the brother of the diseased in presence of Sr DME and Anbu for the Funeral expenses.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

( C.Sunish)


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