Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dear Comrade Sunish,

fraternal greetings and congratulations to our comrades in AILRSA, on the occasion of their 18th All-India Congress, at Nagpur. We wish all participants in your Congress many productive outcomes in your struggle for the rights of working men and women in India, who continue to suffer the effects of globalisation, and its related financial downturn.

In solidarity,

Gavin Richards.
Executive Branch member, CPSU/CSA,
Member International Committee, Unions WA.


Dear Comrade Sunish,

Thank you Comrade. I hope you are well. Our solidarity greetings for a successful conference. Please extend my fraternal greetings to Comrade Pandhe.

Mich─Śle Cohen
Department for Child Protection
Senior Practice Development Officer
Family Court of WA
150 Terrace Road
Perth WA 6000
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Dear Com.Suneesh,


I am happy to learn that the sixteenth conference of AILRSA is taking
place on June 25th and 26th At Nagpur. These dates remind me of the
Internal Emergency declared in 1975. Of course, the Loco running staff
Agitation for eight hours work followed by the leadership change in
AIRF, formation of UCTU, the 1974 Railway Strike and its brutal
crushing by the Indira Gandhi Government precede the emergency. The
AILRSA and the railway workers movement will look back to those days
when it could aim at launching the most notable strikes of the period.

Although the pattern of administration has changed nothing much has
changed for the working people especially when it comes to the way the
labour is handled, The party which was in power them has come back
with a vigour that was not openly displaced in the recent days. They
say that they will put down labour hostility.

By hostility they mean that labour will have to be survile and not
challenging their dictacts. Unlike the period of emergency when
ultimately the civil society asserted their position and shown the
doors to the rulers who took the people for granted, presently day the
iron fist is in velvet gloves. The working people have to master the
technique of meeting the challenge of the effort by the ruling classes
to push them further down.

The railway workers movement and especially the Loco Running Staff
will have to be one of the leading segments in the fight to assert the
Rights of the Labour and help to usher in a new society.

I am sure you will be discussing the present situation and that your
conference will be successful to build not only the AILRS, but the
railway workers in general and to link them with the working class and
democratic movement in general.

With warm regards,

Yours fraternally,

VJK Nair

Com Sunish,
At a time of increaded globbal pressure against collective action for an equitable society and due share for the working hands AILRSA is having its 16th All India Conference in Nagpur scheduled for tomorrow and the day after. I am back from visiting west European contries just yesterday and saw persons are spending the night in the verandas of shops in busy and oppulant cities even in the developed countries and unless the resorces are equitably shared the human sufferings cannot be abandened. I am sure the conference will enliven the spirit of organised bargain for a better systen to live in. My best wishes for the success of the conference.
RV Achari


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