Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Chairman,Railway Board, Rail Bhavan, New Delhi
Respected sir
Sub: - Revision of Running allowance rates
It is come to our notice that the Railway board has proposed to hold a meeting of the committee consisting with the representatives of recognized federation on 08.06.2011 on the above subject and so the Association once more would like to draw your kind attention on the justification of our demands to reckon the rate of Kilometerage allowance, so that justice is done to the Running Staff and they may not be victim of injustice again.
The rate of Running allowance fixed after 6th CPC for different categories of running staff has created much resentment amongst the running staff. The denial of running allowance from 1/1/2006 to 31/8/2008 in view of new rate of pay awarded by sixth CPC and also agreed by the committee on Rg. Allowance is a another denial of justice and differential and discriminate treatment to the loco Rg. Staff . So once again we reiterate the demand of justified rates of running allowance.
1) Rate of Running Allowance:-
Following in depth study on the historical and managerial parameters and pay of running staff, a formula was formulated by RAC1980 for revision of running allowance rates and stood the test of time for 3 decades.
But while arriving the ratio of running allowance, after 6th CPC, it has fixed on an assumed rate of T.Aeven less than. which was 2/3rd of the actual revised T.A. rate. It is not only a gross injustice to the running staff but an attempt to down grading the running staff. The rate of running allowance was reckoned for a loco pilot whose grade pay is of Rs.4200/- based on the rate of T.A. of Rs.210/- on a hypothetical consideration that 6th CPC had suggested to double all the allowances. But subsequently the T.A. rate had been raised to Rs.340/- and so the rate of running allowance for loco pilot should had to be reckoned base on Rs.340/- which was not done and so the running staff had been deprived by their legitimate and justified claim. So the rate of kilometerage allowance should be arrived on the appropriate of T.A. rate i.e. enhanced T.A. rate of Rs.340/- by 25% for Loco Pilot due to increase rate of D.A. to 53% of pay and accordingly for the ALP, LP[shunting] too.
2) Pay element portion in running allowance :-
Prior to VIth CPC, the mean pay for loco pilot [passenger] was taken into the consideration for arriving the rate of running allowance i.e. Rs.7250/- [5500+9000/2]. This procedure of taking the mean pay is also abandoned on the plea that the now scheme of pay band system does not truly replace the old system of distinct pay scales for every category. But it is equally unjustified to take the fixation of rate of running allowance in revised system to the minimum pay of Rs.9300/- to fix the rate of running allowance.
So it will only be fair and justified to take into the consideration, the 30% of the equivalent pay to Rs.7250/-in the new system or 30% of the mean of the equivalent pay of Rs.5500 to Rs. 9000/- to arrive the rate of kilometerage.
3) Arrears of Running allowance from 01.01.2006.
The recommendation of VIth CPC in regards to pay is effected with 01.01.2006 and the rate of kilometerage allowance constitute the 30% of our mean pay and so the rate of KM allowance should have to be effected with 01.01.2006 reckoning the rate base on 30% of mean pay and the then T.A.
In last the Association urges upon the Railway Administration to do justice while evaluating the rate of KM allowance taking above factors into the consideration, and ensure that the running staff may not be made victim of injustice again.
Yours Sincerely
Branch Secretary
Advance Copy To
CRB /Railway Board New Delhi
Copy To
Note Com , It should be sent to concerned authorities immediately, so that it will reach to concerned office before 8th June 2011 and copy will be sent through CC/IC on 6th June while observing demand day at respective depot having demonstration.


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