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Central Circular dated 12/10/2010

Sub: Proceedings of meeting of Zonal Secretaries and members of Conciliation committee at AILRSA Bhavan, Ghaziabad on 12/10/2010.

Meeting was presided by Com. L. Mony, Central President Com. Secretary General explained the fate of the long drawn conciliation meetings before RLC / New Delhi which was started on 23rd Nov 2009. The Railway Board was willfully dragging the issue stating every time that the issue was under consideration of this or that forum. This time too they repeated the same slogan. The RLC himself was forced to criticize the negligent attitude of the Railway Board on the issues and finally the conciliation process ended in failure on 11.10.2010. This meeting calls upon all the Branches, Division and Zonal Committees to organize vehement protest immediately against 1) the lethargic attitude shown by the Railway Board towards the genuine grievances of the most vital category of staff in Railways, 2) the negligence shown towards the constitutional body under the Labour Ministry (RLC) for democratic peaceful settlement on industrial dispute and also 3) the irresponsible and the un-cared attitude towards the traveling public Rail users and the common people if at all resentment of workers goes beyond its limit and burst it out. Since some of the Zones could not remain present in the meeting so might not be possible to lodge protest immediately so you will comply the decision as given below in item No: 1, 2 now along with other decisions.

Now the legal position dictates, whenever conciliation failed, the issue be referred before an independent authority, the Nation Tribunal, for a decision of the demand that have to be decided by the Ministry of Labour.

At this juncture we have to pressurize the Ministry of Labour, to refer our grievance to a Nation Tribunal for a decision to resolve the issues.

The rules under Industrial Dispute Act, refrains us not to resort for any agitation till a decision taken by the Ministry of Labour to refer the issue to a National Tribunal or otherwise.

Therefore we insist before the Ministry of Labour to send the matter for Adjudication as early as possible.

To draw the attention of the Ministry of Labour, we have to stage certain programmes as follows:

1) Protest demonstration at all depots and sending letter to the Prime Minister, Railway Minister and Labour Minister (Copy enclosed) on 1st Nov 2010.

2) Individual letter to the Central Labour Minister between 15th and 20th Nov 2010 (Matter enclosed)

3) Demonstration before RLC by the zonal committees in their respective area submit memorandum addressed to the Labour Minster through RLC and sending letter to Labour Minister, Prime Minister and Railway Minister (Copy enclosed) asking the Labour Ministry to refer the demands for adjudication on 1st Dec 2010.

4) Central Committee delegation to Central Labour Minister in 1st week of Dec 2010.

5) Rally and Dharna before the Labour Ministry New Delhi in February 2011 to persuade the Central Labour Ministry.

6) Zonal Committee meetings to be held in January duly intimating the Secretary General, to explain, educate and empower the cadres.

7) Posters to be printed centrally and supplied.

8) Notice and poster for Zonal demonstration to be printed by the Zonal Committee.

9) Send letter to all Members of Parliament by the Secretary General and local delegation by Divisional Committees to local MPs before Delhi programme.

10) Covering letter for MP enclosed in which the letter addressed to the Labour Minister to be attached.

11) All zones are requested to help E. Co. Railway for fighting out the 7 removals from service by extending a financial assistance of Rs. 1000/- per month on A/c No: 2210000100098368 Panjab National Bank Jatni, Dist – Khurda, Orrissa, of Com. S. K. Biswal Zonal treasurer E. Co. Railway.

PREPARE SERIOUSLY for a indefinite Hunger Strike after February 2011 Rally and Dharna at New Delhi, if our grievances are not been settled. Every effort taken to explain the reasons for launching a Hunger Strike to the workers.

Yours’ Comradely

(M. N. Prasad)
Secretary General
Note: - I am sorry for sending the decision a little beat late due to my sickness.

M. N. Prasad

Matter for individual protest letter,

Sir, Date:

Due to irresponsible and adamant attitude of Railway authority, the RLC (C) New Delhi, conciliation on the genuine demands of Loco Running Staff of Indian Railway ended with failure after a prolong discussion for about 1 ½ Yrs. result of which the dissatisfaction, resentment and disappointment amongst us.
I therefore request your kind intervention into the matter. So that matter is referred to industrial tribunal for adjudication to have industrial peace in the Railways.


To, yours’ faithfully

Hon’ble PM Name. ___________
Hon’ble Minister for Labour Sign.____________
Hon’ble Minister for Railways Desg. ___________
Station __________


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