Sunday, January 3, 2010

Heavy Fog delays Train and filght service.
Chandigarh 03.01.10-Express News
Heavy fog and bad weather conditions disrupted train and flight schedules on Saturday. Airlines cancelled their flights to and from Chandigarh and all trains ran late by two hours to 15 hours.
Station superintendent R K Dutta said the failure of the Northern Grid compounded the problems. "We expect this situation to continue for another week," he said.
The Shatabadi Express from Delhi reached Chandigarh at 11.5 am, two hours behind schedule. The Jan Shatbadi was late by 3 hours, and reached the city at 10.30 am. The evening Shatbadi Express from New Delhi was again late by two hours.
The Jaipur—Chandigarh Garib Rath arrived at 10.30 am, four hours behind schedule and the Howarh—Kalka Mail arrived at 5.45 pm, instead of its scheduled time of 3.15 am. It was late by almost 15 hours.
Paschim Express Mumbai—Kalka was also running three hours behind schedule. The evening Shatabdi Express, meanwhile, departed to Delhi at its scheduled time from Chandigarh.


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