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(Organisation of Redesignated Loco Pilots and
Asstt Loco Pilots of Indian Railways of All the Tractions)
Regd. No. 17903 H/Q Yellow Building, P.O. Anara R.S. Distt. Purulia (W.B.) Pin 723126
Central Office : AILRSA BHAWAN, H.No. 333, Bhoor Bharat Nagar, Ghaziabad – 201001.
Tel. No. : 0120-2740025
M.N. Prasad
L. Mony Secretary General`
Central President At Aravindapally,
‘Devi Nilayam’, Kadavil Road, PO.Adra-723121
P.O. Vyttila-682019, Kochi, Kerala W.Bengal
Phone : 09446207312 Mob: 09434008950

Dated : 27.11.2009

The CWC meeting was held in extended form in
Ambedkar Hall, New Delhi on 26th Nov. 2009 from 11 hrs
which concluded at 16 hrs.


Extended CWC meeting was presided over by a presidium, consisting of Com. L.Mony and Com. N.Sarkar. All together 26 delegates spoken.
The rally program and sit in fast program on 25th/ 26th Nov. 09 was deferred in view of advice had been given by RLC (Central) New Delhi’s in conciliation meeting was held in RLC’s office but a meeting was conducted at Jantar Mantar starting from 11.30 hrs to 16.30 hrs, which was addressed by Com Basudev Acharya MP, Com. Tapan Sen MP (RS), Com. Kanai Banerjee Secy/CITU along with delegates of Loco Running Staff who have come from various parts of Indian Railways. The meeting was very much impressive.
The CWC meeting in extended form was then conducted on 26th Nov. adopted the following resolution.
1. While the CWC appreciates the intervention of RLC (Central) New Delhi by calling the reconciliatory meeting as an effort of solving our problems peacefully, resolved to call upon all the organizational units to strengthen the organization at all levels so that in case reconciliation fails the Association may go for a action which may include the action of strike.

2. The CWC resolved and advised to all the units of AILRSA to continue its campaign program in the different possible forum to keep organization ready for any Trade Union action when it is felt necessary.
3. Membership drive should seriously be given and completed by Jan. 2010.
4. The following Central tour program is finalized.
a) Railway Date Team of leaders

E.C. Railway Samastipur Com. N.B.Dutta
19th Dec. 09 Com. Jit Singh Tank
GMO or DHN Com. D.N.Pal
20th Dec. 2009

NE Railway 17th Dec. 2009 Com. N.B.Dutta
in Izatnagar Div. Com. Jit Singh Tank
If not possible then either Com. D.N.Pal
18th Dec. at CPR.

Reservation for team of leader will be done by the respective zone, for return to their HQ i.e. for Com. Jit Singh Tank to Muradabad, for Com. D.N.Pal to Bandel, E.C. Railway will do.

b) S. Railway 15th Dec. 09 at Erode Com. M.N.Prasad
S.W.Railway 16th at Hubli Com. L.Mony
S.C. Railway 17th at Secundrabad Com. K.C.James

Reservation will be done by S.Railway/ S.C. Railway/ S.W.Railway

c) E.Railway 20th/ 21st Dec. 09 Com. M.N.Prasad

E.Railway will do reservation for Com. M.N.Prasad to NJP as follows

d) N.F. Railway 22/ 23rd Dec. Com. L.Mony
Com. M.N.Prasad

E.Railway will do reservation Ex. HWH to NJP for this team having consultation with Com. K.C. James

N.F. Railway will do reservation for me to ADA and for other to Eranakulam.

: 3 :

e) W.Railway 27th to 29th Dec. 09 Com. M.N.Prasad
N.W. Railway Com. M.P.Deb
W.C. Railway Com. Gautam

NGP div/ C Rly will do reservation
Ex. NGP to the destination. I shall intimate the destination later and to back. Com. Luna Ram will make arrangement shared by the concerned Railways.

7. SEC 1st Jan. 2010 Com. M.N. Prasad
Com N.B.Dutta
SER 2nd Jan. 2010 Com S.K.Gautam
Com M.P. Deb

Com. S.K.Gautam and Com. M.P.Deb will go back NGP from SER and myself will go ADA, Com.N.B.Dutta to HWH.

SE Railway will do reservation accordingly.

Secy. General



The rules at present does not permit 55% pay element for retirement benefits after medical de-categorization irrespective of length service in running cadre, whereas those who come to running cadre at the fag end of service and superannuate or voluntarily retire enjoy the benefit fully. This is a clear case of injustice to those who shed their blood and sweat in running cadre for 30 or 40 years facing the risk of uncertainity in service by overcoming millions of signals successfully along with forgoing of social life for a longer period. 55% pensionary benefits are enforced by law to compensate the non-comparable work load, undertaken in running service. Because of the increasing workload cases of medical unfit is alarmingly increasing particularly those joined to running cadre at an early age of 20 to 25 years.
Accordingly to the present rule if a loco running staff becomes medically unfit after putting a service of 25 years, at the age of 50 to protect his 55% pension benefit he has to opt for a voluntary retirement forgoing his salary for remaining 10 years in the apex grade. If he opts for a supernumerary alternate post, his basic pay will be fixed with 30% additional fixation and retire without any pay element like other non-running railway staff. In government service every employee reaches a higher pay scale at the fag end of service and all employees who do not have a precondition of medical fitness can draw that higher wages and retire. But only running staff who is toiling in his whole service day and night without any public holidays and proper guaranteed weekly rest is discriminated by this rule.
When any railway staff join as an Assistant Loco Pilot or goods guard at the age of 55 or 58 they are entitled for 55% retirement benefit after enjoying a peaceful stationery job from youthful days till the old age without encountering any risk. Even the Loco inspectors who are given 30% pay fixation when moving from running cadre are again given 30% retirement benefits on retirement without facing the risks of loco running staff.
So, this association demands to amend the 55% retirement benefits rules to medically unfit loco running staff opting supernumerary posts with 25% retirement benefits at the time of retirement to do justice to them on par with other employees in railway.
Capital Punishment on Signal Passing at ON
The Railway Ministers safety review meeting held on 31.8.2009 has recommended capital punishment unilaterally without considering the circumstances or merits of the case. Actually signal passing at danger is an occupational hazard concerned to a loco pilot. As there are occupational hazards connected with every kind of jobs in this world which do not attract capital punishment, earmarking capital punishment to loco running staff alone for signal passing is a grave injustice as it is not done willfully. (According to dictionary occupational hazard is something dangerous or unpleasant one risks to do a particular job).
When Railway is expecting 100% perfection from a loco pilot, railway is willfully denying sufficient rest, leave, limitation in duty hours and night duties and a better pay package. Railways are repeatedly stating human failure as cause of accidents but refusing to investigate why humans are failing. Inspite of so many accidents railways are un-willing to accept that the in-human rules of working conditions are causing human failure. The latest studies states that micro sleep due to fatigue described as a brief, unintentional episode of loss of attention with a blank stare, head napping and prolonged eye closure that lasts from 2 to 30 seconds also known as nodding off with short term memory deficits occur at any time without any warning totally unaware to loco pilots.
Added to this visibility of signals, hidden behind OHE masts, three branches, or surrounded by numerous colour lights of hoardings or street light impairing visibility should be cleared.
From the response of railways to every accidents it appears that without declaring railway admits that it is more economical to allow accidents rarely, than to take steps to prevent it which is costlier by limiting duty hours, reducing night duties and keeping vacancies filled up always. The accidents occurring rarely can be put upon the working crew terming human failure and paying compensation to accident victims is much cheaper than cost of preventing accidents.
So, this association demands to consider the signal passing cases without consequences as an indication of system failure.

Selection of Loco Inspectors
At present, Loco Inspectors are selected from Loco Pilot goods onwards to Loco Pilot passenger and Loco Pilot mail. As the LI has to monitor from ALP to LP(M), the LI needs to have a foot plate experience in mail trains. Presently many loco pilots engaged in ex-cadre posts like instructors, CRC/PRC obtaining performa promotions till LP(M) without foot plate experience should not be considered for promotion. In absence of volunteers from LP(M), LP(P) can also be considered for LI promotion considering the minimum experience in passenger carrying trains. An LDCE selection is to select an officer to a discipline comprising of different cadres like running, C&W and Loco sheds in case of an ADME. But a loco inspector is inspectorial cadre of loco running staff alone and so their foot plate experience has prominence above all other aspects.
NH Allowance
At present NMH allowance is paid with a ceiling of Rs.26,000/- to loco pilots. So it is demanded to pay NH allowance equal to a one day wage without any ceiling or allow to avail NH.
Income Tax Ceiling on KM Allowance
Income Tax ceiling on running allowance has not been declared by Finance Ministry and the old ceiling of Rs.6000/- on old rate of mileage allowance is available now. Since the present mileage rates does not cover the pay element and current TA rates there should not be any ceiling on the mileage allowance earned and to be fully exempted from calculation of income tax.
First Class EDP to ALP
On a regular basis for balancing of crew ALP and LP are moving from headquarters to outstations and vice-versa. At present second class emergency duty pass (EDP) are given to ALP’s and first class EDP given to LP’s according to their eligibility. Since these EDP’s are given at last moment and due to overcrowding of sleeper class coaches, ALP’s are not able to find accommodation to travel on duty for the purpose of railway work. Considering these factors the ALP’s should be given first class EDP so that there is some scope of getting some accommodation in higher class along with the LP as they are traveling to perform railway duty in short notice.

Secy. General


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