Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Respected Sir,

The entire Assistant Loco Pilots are aggrieved by the low pay packet allowed to them by the 6th CPC.

It may please be noted that at the minimum of the 5th CPC basic pay for ALP ie., Rs. 3050, the total pay as on 01.01.2006 comes to Rs. 6460 as pay band . Where as the minimum pay band fixed as on 01.01.2006 was Rs. 5830 according to section II of Railway Service (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008, notified vide CSR No. 643E dated : 04.09.2008.

There is a reduction of Rs. 630 in grade pay alone with corresponding reduction in other allowances such as Dearness Relief, HRA etc.

It is also there grievances that inspite of a higher recruitment qualification of Matriculation + ITI, preferably Diploma in Engineering, 9 months intensive training before absorption, higher medical standard and high responsibility attached to post than any post which carried a pay scale Rs. 3050 – 4590, under 5th CPC as of ALP had been allowed with higher pay by the 6th CPC.

The following posts which carried a pay scale of Rs. 3050 – 4590 as of ALP were upgraded by 6th CPC to Rs. 4500 – 7000 with a grade pay of Rs. 2800 .

The case of Asst. Class II in Calcutta mint under Ministry of Finance in pay scale of Rs. 3050 – 4590 were upgraded to Rs. 4500 – 7000 with a grade pay of Rs.2800.

There initial pay band on 01.01.2006 will be Rs. 8560 according to Section II of RS (Revised Pay) Rules in PBI with a grade pay of Rs. 2800. And the total pay will be 8560 + 2800 = 11,360, where as the ALP will stand at 5830 + 1900 = 7730 as on 01.01.2006. A huge difference of Rs. 3630 in the pay packet besides corresponding difference in DA, HRA etc.

More over thousands of post which carried a scale of Rs. 3050 – 4590 under various Ministries were upgraded to Rs. 3200 – 4900 ie PBI + Rs. 2000 as grade pay, which are:-

1. Constable under Home Ministry as Railway Ministry, CBI, RPF
2. Postmen under Dept. of post
3. Leading Fireman of firefighting force
4. Mail guard in Railway mail service
5. Navik in Coast Guard
6. Assistant Class II in Govt. mint.
7. Notice server in department of Revenue
8. Carpenter in film division
9. Forest guards.

Their pay will be fixed in the pay band I at Rs. 6460 with a grade pay of Rs.2000 which comes to a total pay packet of Rs. 8460 where as ALP with a pay band of Rs. 5830 + grade pay of Rs. 1900 will come upto Rs. 7730 only, lesser by Rs. 700.

It may noted that the entry qualification, initial training period, the medical standard and responsibility attached to the post of Asst. Loco Pilot are much higher than the above mentioned posts.

It may also be noted that under the Central Govt. service / Railway Service which have an entry grade pay of Rs. 1900, the percentage of posts in that grade is less than 15% where as in the Loco Running Cadre,ie Asst. Loco Pilot is 40% and more of the total cadre strength. It may also be noted that out of the total ALP posts, a meager 30% posts are in Rs. 4000 – 7000 (under 5th CPC) which were allowed with pay band I+Grade pay of Rs. 2400. It would have been increased to 80% to settle some grievances. In this case also the entry pay in the revised pay for direct recruits appointed on or after 01.01.2006 will be fixed at Rs. 7510 in P.B.I with a grade pay of Rs. 2800, where as ALP with a grade pay pf 1900 in P.B.I never get the entry pay in Pay band at Rs. 7510 when promoted to grade pay of Rs. 2400.

In the case of Asst. Loco Pilot the entry qualification is matriculation + ITI and shall posses the AYE-ONE medical standard which is the highest prescribed in Indian Railway Medical Manual and one which is prescribed for Air Line Pilots. He has to pass psychological test too.

Apart from the above they have to undergo 13 months vigorous training they have to study general rules, subsidiary rules and various special instructions on normal working, attending failure of signals and communication equipments, during natural calamities etc. They have to acquire technical knowledge of working and trouble shooting of various locomotives in A.C and diesel traction including imported computer controlled new

generation locos. Gain an intimate knowledge of the terrain in the concerned sections, the UP and Down gradients, curves, bridges, L.C. gates, Ray-out of station yards and signals including sidings. In the OHE sections, when ever there is a problem pertaining to ‘OHE, ALP has to attend and secure the wire along with the LP. His duty is much related with public safety and therefore subjected to stringent punishments for every omission from his past and always visits with removal / dismissal same as in the case of Loco Pilots.

The working conditions, longer working hours, unscheduled rosters, subjected to the climatic fury and isolation from family and relatives and so on, do not have any comparison to that of any similarly placed posts.

In nut shell the post of ALP deserve a much wider difference than Rs. 100 which is now existing between the lowest pay and also deserve a better pay than the pay structure allotted to other cadre who have the entry qualification of ITI. There fore it is apt to upgrade the post of Asst. Loco Pilot to the grade of Rs. 4500 – 7000(5th CPC scale) and to corresponding P.B.I + Rs. 2800 with entry pay in Pay band at Rs. 8560 as per section II of Railway Service (Revised pay Rules -2008). Besides the pay band and grade pay of Loco Running Staff may be modified at least as under.

Fireman (FM) II PBI + GP. Rs. 2400/-
FMI /Asst. Loco Pilot PBI + GP. Rs. 2800/-
Loco Pilot (Shunting) PB2 +GP. Rs. 4200/-
Loco Pilot (Goods) PB2 +GP. Rs. 4600/-
Loco Pilot (Passenger) PB2 +GP. Rs. 4800/-
Loco Pilot (Mail) PB2 +GP. Rs. 5400/-
Loco Inspector PB2 +GP. Rs. 5400/-

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,


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