Friday, December 5, 2008


The Chairman,
Railway Board,
Rail Bhavan,
New Delhi.


Sub: Revision of running allowance to running staff.

It is learned that the committee constituted to decide the quantum of pay element and running allowance rate has submitted its recommendations. The recommendation of the committee that the existing quantum of pay element shall continue and running allowance rate shall be doubled is unjust and hence unacceptable to running staff.

The loco running staff is continuously protesting against the reduction of pay element from 75% to 30 / 55% in 1981. There were serious protest in fixing the national average kilometers and number of TA admissible.

Even if none of the demands of the loco running staff on the pay element and running allowance parameters are conceded, the rates will become as follows.

Existing formula suggested by RAC-1980 = {(30% Basic pay + 20 days TA) / National average KMs of Loco Pilot (pass)} x 100

Existing rate of running allowance

LP passenger = 83.80
ALP = 60.35

After pay revision w.e.f 01-01-2006

Loco Pilot
Mileage rate (9300-34800)+4200

7875+(105x20) X100 = 195.60

4380+(55x20) X100 =147.10

After TA revision w.e.f. 01-09-2008 with the existing formula

Mileage rate (9300-34800)+4200

7875+(340x20) X100 = 287.75
5100 (5200-20200)+1900

4380+(210x20) X100 =230.35

According to Bench marking orders as well as RAC-2002 National average KMs of passenger crew link is 4700 only. RAC-2002 agreed that number of TA admissible is 21 days.

7875+(340x21) X100 =319.45
4380+(210x21) X100 =235.95

Then the rate comes to,

We further wish to point out that the fixation of Loco Pilot (pass) whose Basic Pay as on 01-01-2006 at Rs. 5500/- will be fixed at 11650/- + 4200, that is at Rs. 15850/-. In other words the increase is 2.88 times. In light of the above facts the recommendation of the committee need to be modified duly increasing the pay element to 60%, taking national average of passenger crew links and 23 days TA.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

cc: Union Minister of Railways,
Minister of state for railways,
Basudevacharya, M.P.
Member mechanic
Member traffic,
Member staff.


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