Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dear Comrades,

The CWC meeting was held at Ghaziabad on 17th 18th Nov’08. Chaired by Com, L. Money our president, discussed our issues, and on the agenda as circulated with the notice of the meeting. 13 Comrades took part in the discussion. In-addition 4 ALP who has taken initiative to Organize ALP have also participated and expressed their confidence in AILRSA and its movement. It is noticed that some of the General Secretary did not attend the meeting which only reflects the lack in seriousness which are to overcome in the interest of Org. and the Loco men.

A delegation led by Com. M. N. Prasad, Jt. Secy. General met with Member of Staff Mr. SS.Khurana in the Chamber of Com, Basudeb Acharia, (M.P), Chairman Parliamentary Standing Committee on Railways, in absence of MR, CRB who was not available and out of New Delhi. We expressed our serious resentment over the Pay Pocket of Loco Running Staff Specially of ALPs, not maintaing the functional differences of LPs by not allotting the in creased different grade pay. We have drawn his attention on the issue of Pay element as per our memorandum and rate of Kilometerage to be fixed on existing formula taking into consideration of enhanced rate of TA, pay etc. we also wanted a information on constitution of any anomalies committee. The discussion was very good in cordial atmosphere.

Member Staff informed us that the Railway Board is serious and sympathetic to our demands and will do, the best possible. He also said that our representation is being examined. On the question of Pay element he said that a team of Officer who examining all these question. He further mentioned during the coure of discussion it that depression in Pay of Running Staff is not as it was earlier, it come to 2% which was contested by us. However he said that the existing rate of Pay element i.e. 30%, 55% remains as it is. A Small Committee which is constituted for the purpose is formulating the rate of Kilometrage and Pay element. He has also informed us that Railway Board requested DOPT to formulate modalities to constitute the anomaly committee. Com, in face of above, discussion, all the rumour which is being now spread has no truth but is being done to cool down the resentment to allow the Railway Board to do what ever they like without any resistance. In view of above, now it our task to launch a vigorous campaign, strengthen our unity and resistance and with this consideration, the CWC took the programme as under. A letter of Railway Board for constituting Small Committee is attached herewith for your information.

After taking stock of the entire situation and giving due consideration of the members who expressed their views and opinion, the meeting unanimously decided the following programme of action against, the retrograde recommendation of 6th CPC as well as the decision of Ministry of Railway on the Pay of Running Staff specially of ALP of the IR which has created a strong resentment.

In-fact the pay allowed to Loco Running Staff is not commensurate to the responsibility attached to the post. Despite of the repeated representation and effort to draws the attention of Railway administration except a little modification nothing much is done which further enhanced the resentment and in this scenario we have no option but to agitate in order to persuade Ministry to resolve the grievances of ours will all sincerity and seriousness.

Taking into consideration of these compelling circumstances, this CWC drawn the following agitational programme and approved to the CWC.

1. Zone should release a detailed memorandum. The matter for memorandum will be supplied by center and posters on our grievances immediately not later than 15th Dec’08.

2. All Branch, Divisional and Zonal meeting will be held between 10th to 20th Dce’08 to propagate our demands and agitational programme and also alert our comrades to give prime importance to buildup unity among Loco Running Staff.
3. Observe 23rd Dec. as demand day, wearing the demand badge holding open meeting at every crew point and a Fax message to be given to MR and labour Ministry (matter will be supplied by Centre) ( badges, poster, notice be done by the comrade in Zone)

4. A 36hrs. Hunger fast commencing from 10hrs. on 29th Dec’08 in front of all DRM’s Office and submit the reminder to our grievances address to MR/labour Minster copy to CRB (Poster, notice printed by Zone)

5. Held area wise Regional Convention of Loco Running Staff following press conference as follows a team of central leaders will attend.

Sl. No. Organized by Place Date Will be Attended by
1 N. E. Railway Varanasi 13.01.2009 Com. L. Mony, Com,
M.N.Prasad, Com. N. Sarkar

2 N. Railway Ludhiana 15.01.2009 Com. L Mony,Com, M.N.Prasad, Com. N. Sarkar

3 E. Railway,
S. E. Railway, Metro/Kolkata Howrah 17.01.2009 Com. L. Mony, Com, M.N. Prasad, Com. N. Sarkar, Com, T. Hanumaiah

4 S.E.C Railway
C. Railway Nagpur 18.01.2009 Com. L. Mony, Com, M.N. Prasad, Com. N. Sarkar, Com, T. Hanumaiah

5 C. Railway
W. Railway Bombey 19.01.2009 Com. L. Mony, Com, M.N. Prasad, Com. N. Sarkar, Com, T. Hanumaiah

6 S. C. Railway Vijayawada 21.01.2009 Com. L. Mony, Com, M.N. Prasad, Com. N. Sarkar, Com, T. Hanumaiah

7 S. W. Railway Bangalore 22.01.2009 Com. L. Mony, Com, M.N. Prasad, Com. N. Sarkar, Com, T. Hanumaiah

6. Mass rally and sit in Dharna before Rail Bhawan on 06.02.2009

7. If our demands are not conceded we will enter into “Indefinite Strike” any day after 1st April 2009 duly issuing a strike notice as per ID Act.

8. To-meet financial requirement to execute these programme a befitting manner each and every Loco Running Staff be requested to contribute Rs 100/- not later than 31.12.2008 for which a coupon of Rs. 100/- will be permitted by Zone and supplied to Division as Strike Fund. Each Zone should Pay Rs. 3000/- immediately to Center within 15.01.2009 to meet the expenditure of Center programme.

9. Coupon for Building fund to be returned

10. The Central working committee meeting of All India Loco Running Staff Association held of central office on 17th and 18th Nov’08 decide to entrust Com, M. N. Prasad, joint Secretary General with the responsibilities of secretary General, since the post is vacated by our beloved Com, S. K. Dhar due to his demise on 15.09.08. In accordance with clause 13 A IV of the constitution of AILRSA, this Central Working Committee entrust him to act as the sole essecutive authority of Secretary General as laid down in clams 13 A IV of the constitution till next General Council is met.

These meeting appeals to All Loco Running Staff of Indian Railway to raise to the occasion and vigorously peruse the agitation programme with a spirit thereby achieve the demands.

M. N. Prasad



Dear Comrades,
The All India Loco Running Staff Association and the All India Guard's Council Jointly Organised a meeting of the Running Staff at the Ahemadabad Lobby on 28th November, 2008 at 11.00 hours. The Meeting was well attended and successful. The Running Staff present in the meeting unanimously decided to follow all the programs as decided by the Central Working Committee and the Joint Action Committee.

Ajay Gajbhiye said...

Dear comrades,
As per agitational programme,if I collect Rs.100,Whom the money have to handover as I'm working at tmr,kindly suggest.
Ajay Gajbhiye,
Tumsar Road,

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