Wednesday, September 23, 2020


The Australian railway network is the world's seventh longest at more than 40,000 km. Except for a small number of private Railways ,most of the railway network infrastructure is owned and maintained by the Australian government either at the federal or state level. 

The Australian Federal Government is involved in the formation of national policies, and provides funding for national projects. Rail transport in Australia has often been neglected in favour of Australian Road Transport. 

Construction and maintenance of network infrastructure is consolidated into non-profit government bodies and contracted private: in the case of the interstate network and various non-urban railways of New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia, the Australian Government-owned Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC); the New South Wales Regional Network, John Holland Rail; and rail infrastructure throughout the southern half of Western Australia, Arc Infrastructure. 

Long-distance rail and regional rail mostly operates on a state-by-state basis. The main companies that provide service are Journey Beyond and NSW TrainLink, Queensland Rail & V/Line. (All government Controlled)


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