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a) Demands: 

1) Revise running allowance as per RAC1980 formula and pay arrears w.e.f 01.01.2016. 

2) Reduce duty hours to 10 hrs in 2020 as recommended by HPC, reduce to 8 hours with statutory limit to 90 hours in a phased manner. 

3) Allow 16 & 30 hours PR as ordered by High Court of Karnataka. 

4) Allow L6 pay to ALP and distinct higher levels to Loco Pilots. Declare equivalent non running scales. 

5) Restore the limit of consecutive night duties to two. 

6) Vacate victimization of KGP division running staff. 

7) Stop privatization. 

b) Inland letter campaign from 15th to 21st October. 

c) Divisional Convention on the above demands in between 1st to 15th November. 

d) Zonal demonstration on 18th December. 

e) Mobilization to Delhi in February 2020 during Budget session of Parliament. 

2. On parity of Pension: 

· A committee consisting of Com.L.Mony, Com.T.Hanumaiah, Com.D.S.Koparkar, Com.B.Subbareddy ,Com.P.Vijayakumar and Com.K.C.James is entrusted to decide on resorting legal remedy to gain parity of pension. Com.K.C.James is entrusted with coordinating the sub-committee. 

· All branches shall contact the pensioners in their location, conduct a meeting to explain the injustice and also plan to mobilize fund for legal action. 

· A delegation comprising com. D.S.Koparkar, B.Subba Reddy and Ram Sharan shall meet Railway Board officials and seek speedy decision. 

3. On enhancing the ceiling limit of exemption of running allowance from 01.07.2017: 

· Com.M.P.deo is entrusted to resort legal action at High Court of Maharashtra. He shall consult the advocate, place an estimate of expenditure in next CWC and the same to be shared by all zones. 

4. 23rd BGM: 

· SCR and divisions coming under South Coast Railway shall discuss and decide the possibilities of holding 23rd and Golden Jubilee BGM at Vijayawada in 2020. Meeting shall be called by com.Gurumurthy on 18.10.2019, in which Secretary General will attend. 

5. Golden Jubilee Programme: 

· Trade Union programme as decided by last CWC should be conducted by divisions and Zones. 

· To commemorate this occasion, a memorable article containing the logo and the name of AILRSA is to be supplied to all members in February 2020 during the program at NewDelhi. This work is entrusted to Southern Railway and the expenses will be borne by the central committee. 

6. Membership 2019: 

· To be completed by 15th October, statement and central quota shall be sent to Central Treasurer before 31st October. 

7. Dues: 

· All dues to FIRE magazine and victimization fund of SER to be cleared immediately. 

8. On privatization: 

a) Black Day on 4th October --To protest flagging off of Tejas owned by IRCTC. 

b) Solidarity day on 28th November -- To support the long march decided from CLW to HOWRAH from 28/11/19 to 13/12/19. SER and ER is directed to arrange 25 delegates from AILRSA on shift for the entire walk from 28/11 to 13/12/19 and also to give all possible support and propaganda for the march.Joint Demonstration shall be organized along with sister trade unions of all main centers. 

c) Public Meeting: hold public meeting in the evening of divisional convention to protest privatization. 

d) Convene a national Convention at Delhi attached to our mobilization inviting sister trade unions and intellectuals. 

9. Preparation of documents: 

· Com.L.Mony- Matter for Inland letters,Memorandum and propaganda materials. 

· Com.K.C.James- Materials for Black Day & Solidarity Day. 

10. Enhancement of NPS contribution with 55% Pay Element instead of 30 % to be discussed in zonal meetings among the employees under NPS to decide in next CWC. 

11. Next CWC will be held at Delhi along with Delhi Demonstration in February 2020. 

12. a private case shall be filed on the denial of 30% mean pay at CAT. 


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