Monday, November 5, 2018

In an unfortunate incident one Asst. Loco pilot of Railway, stationed at Karagpur Railway station of South Eastern Railway  in West Bengal, Sri Guddu Kumar  Keshari, committed suicide by hanging himself, unable to withstand the harassment of Railway management . The incident happened  on 3.11.18.

 The employee requested for 3 day casual leave for an urgent need in his native place, which was mercilessly rejected, stating that there were acute shortage of staff to run train service. As his presence is unavoidable at his house he left to his house. He returned after 3 days. The Railway authorities did not allow him to join duty for a long 15 days, and marked him as "Absent". His repeated request to allow him to join duty has been mercilessly turned down, and further treated with punitive action. The poor employee, who was new in Railway service, could not withstood such harassment, took this extreme  step. 
Shortage of Loco pilot is a reality in Railway. Out of the total sanctioned strength of 110000, only 81000 is in role. As a result, bare minimum leave, weekly rests are being denied to Loco pilot regularly for some years. If any employee take a days leave or weekly rest on compulsion  of situation in life against the normal rejection of leave. such Loco pilots are subjected to severe penal action, this is the real situation in the Railway particularly in the case of Loco pilot, as for want of Loco pilot the Railway cannot cancel trains. But there is no serious effort from the part of the Railway to recruit sufficient men in the more than 20% of post that are vacant for years. Railway Minister announced two years back that 20000 Asst Loco pilot will be recruited soon, but till date, even one man is not, recruited. 
Notification was issued by Railway Recruitment Board way back in 2017 for 20000 Posts, but it moves in snail space. By this intervening period around 10000 post fell further vacant due to superannuation. Under these precarious situation the Loco Pilots pulls their days. Harassing them to an extend for taking a leave is deplorable, objectionable and in human too.
 Agitated on being seen that one of their co-worker had took an extreme step and killed himself, the employees at Karagpur station demonstrated before their office, As a retaliations the Railway management removed 8 Loco pilots(M R Nikab   R k Prasad   S Sur   R k Ranjan  T k Mahapatra   S Mukhopadhyay   A k Yadav  Raj kumar)  invoking Art 311 (2) B, without a charge sheet, and inquiry. In protest against this atrocity of the unethical management, the ALL INDIA LOCO RUNNING STAFF ASSOCIATION, called upon its members to observe 6.11.18 as Black Day, throughout the Railway and held demonstration before the Crew Lobby. The AlLRSA request all democratic forces to extend support to our cause.
L, MONY,President,  AlLRSA.


Unknown said...

It is really sad to hear this news. In any Dept or sections any one can manage or run any number of portfolios at a time without any difficulty. But where as running staff of railways only one person can do one activity and responsible for the lives of lakhs of people daily. Therefore They must have sufficient rest and relief .

Unknown said...

It is very sad to here the suicide of ALP, Khagapur.In any Dept or Sections one man can do more than one portfolio without any difficult. Where as in Railways especially running staff have highly responsible person in perform their duties. Lakhs of people lives depends on them everyday. Therefore They must have sufficient rest and relief.

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