A preliminary inquiry has been ordered into the circumstances in which the train entered the loop-line.

The engine and two passenger bogies of the Yashwantpur-Howrah Super-fast Express bound for Howrah from Bangalore was derailed at the outer of Kuppam railway station, 120 km from here, on Tuesday night, though none was hurt.
According to the railway authorities at Kuppam, the express train reached the station by one hour delay at 22.40 hours. Making a departure from Platform No. 1, instead of entering the main line, the train entered the loop-line covered with sand. The engine driver, Balakrishna, noticed the end of the track and suddenly applied brakes.
The crew could stop the engine a few meters away from a depression and a rail over bridge, averting major tragedy.
Rescue teams rushed from Jolarpet and after delinking the derailed two bogies and the engine, the train was provided with extra coaches. Subsequently the services resumed around 2.45 am Wednesday. The traffic on the main section was hit during this period.
The crew is currently engaged in removal of the derailed bogies and engine from the loop-line. A preliminary inquiry is ordered into the circumstances as to how the train entered the loop-line.