Sunday, November 5, 2017

Central office bearers’ and Zonal secretaries’ meeting of AILRSA was held at Chand Kalyana Mandapam, Vijayawada on 1st and 2nd November 2017. The meeting was presided over by a presidium consisting of com. L.Mony, com. T.Hanumaiah and com. M.P.Deo. attended by 44 members and all most have spoken express their view and suggested on agenda. 

The meeting took the following decisions and passed the resolutions as follows.


1) The running allowance rates and other ten allowances of running staff is not yet decided even though enhanced rates of allowances are being paid to others w.e.f. 01.07.2017 on which a strong resentment prevails among the running staff. We demand immediate revision of running allowance rates strictly basing on the RAC 1980 formula.

2) The central office bearers’ meeting of AILRSA demand immediate withdrawal of RB order no. 2010/Safety(A&R)/19/18 dt. 21.07.2017, intended to introduce a tool bag for ALPs. Instead, those items to be kept in the line box of crew for the use of ALPs also.

3) It is reported that the draconian rule of 14 (ii) for dismissal of Railway servants without giving a charge sheet is invoked liberally against the staff involved in accidents and local protests. When the administration could conduct fact finding enquiry, denial of the rightful opportunity to explain the part of the accused is illegal and we demand to stop invoking 14 (ii) of DAR rules and to cancel the penalties imposed.

4) This meeting protest against the aggressive move to form an authority for remodeling of Railway stations with the sole motive to hand over the stations and the surrounding land to corporates. The guidelines issued by the Railway Board that, the station developers shall have the freedom to shift the station building or the station itself if they find the space for commercial development is insufficient. It indicates that the focus of station development will be shifted to commercial development than the passenger amenities or even traffic convenience, which is dangerous to railway industry in future.

5) The 7th CPC had accepted the long pending demand of Central Government pensioners to give parity in pension and the Government has accepted it too. Now the pre-2016 pensioners can opt for pension through notional fixation of pay giving the fitment benefit of the different pay commissions in the intervening period from the date of retirement. This decision is implemented nowhere in Indian Railways for the retired running staff. We demand to implement it expeditiously.

6) This meeting demand to ensure Railway safety and stop working of trains without Guard or Brake van, running without valid Brake Power Certificate, post T&R staff at all train originating station allow sufficient running time, fix the sectional load charts on the basis of actual trials provide locomotives matching to the MPS allotted to the trains , protect the caution spots as per rules, grant line block/power block as per the rule through Station Master concerned etc.

7) This meeting demand to implement the recommendations of Task force on safety in true spirit to improve safety with a prime importance to locomotive modifications with ATP, cab signaling and AC, filling up of vacancies, classification of SPAD, change in minimum qualification of ALPs and selection of CLIs from the senior Mail Loco Pilots, etc.

8) This meeting demand to restrict the continuous night duties to two and ensure 40hrs Weekly Rest, 16hours HQ rest and 8hours Outstation Rest and HQ rest and periodical rest should be allowed separately and not to allow to run concurrently.

9) We demand to revise the minimum penalty of removal from service for non-consequential SPAD and also condemn the attitude of inhuman decisions of some officers confirm the penalty of removal from service even for non-consequential SPAD in appeal and revision stage and demand immediate review.

10) It is reported that in many crew lobbies, the breath analyser being used are malfunctioning, it is also noticed that breath analysers over due for calibration are freely used. In major depots single units are used to test double or triple number of employees than specified in the manual. So this Association demand to stop penal actions merely based on breath analyzer reports and that shall be resorted on adverse Lab results only.

11) It is reported that in some, Divisions Psycho Test (aptitude test) are used to be humiliate running staff against the rules. Staff complain that few employees are kept in lowest grade of ‘C’ during A, B, C classification for a long period and sending for aptitude test and not been given running duty. We demand the corrective actions with training and counseling.

12) It is quoted in the report of Task Force on Safety that there exist 21% vacancy in Loco Running Cadre as on 01-04-2016. Due to massive retirement it would have increased by at-least 5% now. We understand that Indian Railway have only proposed to fill up 17000 posts which is only half of the vacancies through various RRBs. This is a total disregard to the recommendation of Task Force on Safety to keep 100% stand bye list on recruitment. We demand to increase the number of posts to 35000 and to speed up the process of recruitment. We also demand to speed up filling up of Higher Grade vacancies.

13) Railway Board had forwarded their decision to allow 4600 GP in 6th CPC Scale for Loco pilot(Mail) and also to allow 3% increments including the 30% Pay element besides basic pay to Finance Ministry for approval , which is pending there for many years. We demand an early acceptance of those decisions by Finance Ministry.

14) The eligibility criteria for annual increment is decided as service for 6 month from the time of 6th CPC. But this benefit is not given to retiring employees. Finance (CMPC) department had amended the fundamental rules so as to allow notional increment to all who retires on the previous day of annual increment. We demand the Railway Ministry to amend the Rules.

15) The issue of MACP for Running Staff remains a disputed matter since long. CAT/ERS, CAT/MAS, CAT/JBP, CAT/JP, CAT/Jodhpur and Hon’ble High Court of Calcutta, New Delhi & Allahabad have ordered to grant the benefit of one increment plus next grade pay to running staff on completion of 10, 20 & 30 years of service. We demand Railway Board to issue orders to allow the same to all running staff and not force individual employees to approach Court of Law for every time.

16) Railway Board has clarified that 55% pay element for retirement and 30% for all the other purposes, is still exist in 7th CPC regime while calculating leave salary 30% of revised pay is being deprived and still many railway stick to pre revised scale of pay. We demand to pay Leave Salary with 30% of revised pay.

17) The Loco Running staffs are working in loco and live mostly in outdoor and return to their home after staying out of headquarters for 2 to 3 days. This necessitates more number of uniforms to maintain tidy. Therefore the meager amount of Rs.5000/- is found insufficient to purchase more pairs of uniform as the circumstances / situations warranted. Considering this position the present amount of Rs.5000/- is to be increased to Rs. 10000/-

18) At present the ceiling limit of Rs.10000/- for exemption from taxable income of income gained through running allowance. We demand to lift the ceiling limit.

19) Railway board has ordered via R.B order NO E/ (P&A)’’-2009/rs-17 dtd. 27-12-2016 to post CPRC/CCRC from eligible loco running staff  .we demand to replace the CLIS occupying those post immediately.

20) This meeting appreciates the Railway Board for the guidelines on ordering mutual transfer of employees. We request to issue a similar guideline for inter-divisional and inter-railway one way transfers too basing on the guidelines drawn by the CAT/ERS. We also demand to a time limit for disposal of DAR appeals and revision petitions.

Yours’ comradely 

                                                                                                                     (M. N. Prasad)


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