Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Railway Strike.

There has been no improvement in the G.I.P. Railway workshop strike situation [in Mumbai]. To-day [August 14], the Agent, in a notice to the strikers, recapitulates various increases in the grades of wages recently announced and concludes with a warning that the Company is obliged to consider means of carrying on work in their shops by other sources and necessary steps are now being taken to do this. The notice adds: Unless the workmen return at once re-engagement could not be guaranteed and anyone who did not return by Friday at the latest would be considered dismissed and the portion of his holdings in the provident fund representing contributions plus interest would be forfeited. The strikers had been trying to molest those who have given in, but so far nothing serious is reported. The relief committee, as usual, distributed rice, dholl, etc., and is arranging for discharge of men’s rent bills. Vernacular translation of the notice issued by Major Hepper, Agent, G.I.P., Railway was distributed to the strikers yesterday. A deputation of fourteen gentlemen who are leading men of the communities from which workmen are drafted, will wait on Major Hepper to-day with a view to arrive at an amicable settlement.


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