Thursday, December 15, 2016

All India Loco Running Staff Association

We will not tolerate injustice any more

Railway bureaucracy never inclined to appreciate the work load shouldered by the Loco Running staff to execute the Railways’ work of transmitting men and material across the country. Officers never opened their eyes to see the hardships of Loco men and their families in keeping the eyes of Loco pilots open to run the trains safe. 

On the contrary their eyes are wide open to see the running allowance with magnifying lenses and always try to deny it. The occasion of 7th central pay revision too is not an exemption.

Railway Board had submitted a detailed report vide letter dated 20-10-2014 to the 7th pay commission. In that Railways argued that the running staff are being paid with an additional 30% of their basic pay as pay element in running allowance for all purposes except for pensionary benefits for which it is 55% of basic pay. Railway Board has also stated that Running staff are paid with running allowance at the rates fixed according to the RAC 80 formula. And they requested the pay commission to consider all these while recommending the pay scales to Loco Running staff. All these are recorded in 7th CPC report in page 306 to 311.

Immediately on seeing the representation from Railway Board, AILRSA submitted an additional memorandum on the issue of running allowance to explain how Railways’ cheats the Running staff. Finding no answer to the valid points raised by us Railway Board represented again on 11-05-2015 requesting the pay commission to refrain from giving any express recommendation on running allowance and CPC left it to the Railway Board.

Now having the pay scales of Running staff got fixed very low by the CPC on the consideration that 30% , 55% pay element and Running allowance according to RAC 80 formula etc are additional benefits, Railways are cheating us by denying the 30%/55% pay element.

How can we tolerate with this?

AILRSA calls upon all Running staff to raise your protest against this well thought ill motivated game plan of Railway administration. All India conference of AILRSA took the issue very serious and decided the immediate protest programs and sent a fax message to all concerned from the conference itself. We call upon all Running staff to register protest by participating in all the agitation programs.

1. Massive wall posters and notices.

2. Divisional level conventions between 10th and 18th December 2016.

3. All India black day on 20th December 2016, duly wearing black badge by all Running staff.

4. Sending individual letter to CRB from 1st to 5th January 2017.



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