Saturday, December 10, 2016


The Chairman

Railway Board , Rail Bhavan

New Delhi

Respected Sir,

I belong to the cadre of Running Staff in Railways. I humbly request your kind attention to the following.

It is disheartening to note that after implementation of 7th CPC, 55% pay element is denied for retirement benefits for running staff in some railways and it is calculated on the pre revised ( VI CPC pay) in some other railways .

Your good self will appreciate that the pay element fall under clause (iii) of Rule 1303 – (F.R. 9) (21) (a) ie; “ emoluments which are specifically classified as pay by the President “. The Honourable President’s order on the subject still stands good. Therefore those who have retired after 01-01-2016 must have been paid with the retirement benefits adding 55% pay element in the revised pay.It may be specifically noted that, the seventh CPC recommended the pay for running staff duly weighing existing benefits including the pay element at the rate 30% and 55% of basic pay.

Such being the case not retaining the 30% and 55% pay element as it isin 7th CPC pay is gross injustice and abrogating the benefit of the 7th CPC.

Likewise in many railways after implementation of 7th CPC, the 30% fitment benefit is not been given to medically de-categorised running staff while fixing the pay in stationary post.

These create severe resentment among us.

Your good self will appreciate that the pay element is deemed as pay. This is not an allowance which is to be decided by any committee. So long as the recommendation of VII CPC in relation to pay of central government employees has been accepted by the government, denial of pay element corresponding to new pay is totally injustice, misconceived and wrong.

The Government in its resolution with regards to implementation of 7thCPC, clearly said to ensure 14.29% raise in pay while fixing the pay of Doctors and Running Staff who are in receipt of NPA and PAY ELEMENT respectively.But in the Notification on introduction of new pay rules,the illustration given for fixation of pay of Doctors was adopted by the Railways for the fixation of pay of Running staff too. This was faulty and resulted drop in assured raise of pay of 14.29%.

It may please be noted that NPA for Doctors and the Pay Element for running staff are entirely different, the NPA is an allowance but the Pay Element is defined as pay by the president.

Therefore I request your goodselfto advice all Railways to allow 30% of new pay as pay element for all purposes except retirement benefits for which it should be 55% of new pay and to ensure 14.29% raise in pay fixation under 7thCPC.

Thanking you

                                                                                                                            Yours faithfully

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