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Shri. Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu, 

Hon’ble Minister for Railway,

Rail Bhawan, New Delhi.

Respected Sir,

The Central Working Committee meeting of this Association was held at Vishakapatnam on 28.08.2016. After a detailed deliberation and discussion, the meeting passed the following resolutions unanimously and sent to your good self expecting proper appreciation of the grievances of Loco Running Staff and its amelioration.

1. This meeting express its serious exception to the way of approach of DRM/Chennai division of Southern Railway towards the Loco Running Staff, when they just requested for a meeting with him to represent their grievances on 14.07.2016. The decision of the DRM/Chennai to keep Shri.V.Balachandran Motorman/MAS and Shri.H.Naushad Motorman/MAS under suspension and initiating DAR proceedings to impose major penalty on false allegation that they held a “DHARNA” and disrupted the DRM office. But the fact is entirely different. There was no attempt or decision to hold a “DHARNA” or intension to disrupt the work of his office. The fact is that the workers simply waited before his office for an appointment. 

This meeting requests the Minister for Railways and the Chairman, Railway Board to intervene in this issue and find an amicable settlement of the incident. Our sincere attempts to meet the DRM/Chennai, to settle the issue became futile as he refuses to meet any unions, which was nothing but was a provocative action of DRM / Chennai and infringement of right of an employee / Association / Union to represent their grievances. 

2. This meeting strongly protests the decision of the Government to divest the independency of the Ministry of Railways in managing the department of Railways, by merging the Railway Budget with the General Budget from next year. It will have a serious repercussion on the very being of the Railway network, which is professionally managed all these years.

3. The Railway Board order 93/2016 of date 02.08.2016 be reviewed, so as to give the raise in pay to a tune of 14.29% to the Running staff also as allowed Central Govt notification in gazette.

4. The Empowered Committee on Running Allowance constituted by the Railway Board be abolished forthwith. The Running Allowance rate be fixed by adopting the RAC 1980 formula and the pay element of 30% for service benefits and 55% for pension benefits be retained as it stood from 1981 onward.

5. This meeting extended its moral supports the strike on 2nd Sept 2016 called by the joint platform of Central Trade Unions. The demands of the strike includes control price rise, protection of public sector, retention and strengthening of labour laws, lifting the ceiling limit for bonus, etc which have serious effect on Railwaymen’s jobs too.

This meeting requests the Central Govt to intervene and settle the issue amicably.

6. Aptitude test for loco pilots goods prior to their promotion as Loco Pilot Passenger / Motorman found cumbersome and many candidates could not qualify over Indian Railways due to change in the mode and method involved in evaluation. Moreover the standard of English language used could not be easily comprehended by the candidates and hence they could not answer well. The one day training imparted prior to the aptitude test is also insufficient and does not match the aptitude test module.

It is pertinent to point out that the HPC has already recommended to modify the level of aptitude test considering the entry level qualification of ITI which clearly demonstrates that aptitude test is of higher standard.

This meeting strongly protests the change of evaluation method and urges the administration to revert back to the old evaluation method thereby enabling the candidates to pass the test and avail their promotion in time without losing seniority.

7. The Railway board had reviewed the issue of utilisation of the services of loco pilots who were temporarily unfit for their original job and are declared fit for other jobs including shunting duties in yard and had come out with an order no. 2012/4/5/2 dated 16.02.2012, which says, “b) loco pilot should not be recommended for sedentary/light jobs while they are under medical observation/ treatment for any ailment which renders them temporarily, unsuitable for performing running duties.” 

The meeting strongly protests this unjust RBO since it throws out running staff out of running cadre once & for all. There is no provision in that order to have review of the staff after the completion of his / her treatment on his/ her ailment. Hence this meeting demands the withdrawal of this unjust RBO immediately.

8. This meeting protest against the decision of the Central Govt to deny annual increment / promotion based on the benchmark performance. It is the experience of the workers that it gives an unchallengable power to penalise staff by the supervisory staff on their whims and fancies. Withholding of promotion or annual increment is considered as a measure of penalty that can only be resorted after giving the accused an opportunity to explain and hence we demand to review the Govt’s decision and allow the present rules to continue.

9. This meeting protests against the unprecedented delay in the revision of allowances though the 7th CPC had made their recommendations and all the stake holders expressed their views in December 2015 and in January of 2016. This meeting demands to give effect for the revised allowances with modifications as demanded by the staff side from 01.01.2016.

10. This meeting protests against the delay in constituting the High Level Committee to review the minimum pay and fixation factor which was agreed on 6th July 2016 and demand for expeditious action.

Yours sincerely,


                                                                                                                      Secretary General

Copy to;

The Hon’ble Chairman

Railway Board

Rail Bhawan, New Delhi 

The CWC meeting was held at VSKP on 28th August 2016 in which 48 members have attended 28 members have spoken considering their views the following resolutions program of action and organizational programs are taken. 

Programme of action

1. Extend support to 2nd Sept 2016 national strike called by the joint platform of trade unions by popularising the demands and organising solidarity programs by AILRSA or jointly with other trade unions wherever possible.

2. On the penalisation of AILRSA leaders of Southern Railway:

Send a letter through fax or post to GM/S.Rly on 07.09.2016 supporting the observation of black day on 07.09.2016 in Southern Railway. (Matter enclosed)

3. A divisional level demonstration to be conducted in the second half of October alongwith AIGC, wherever they coordinate, otherwise to be conducted independently by AILRSA. Date to be fixed by the joint meeting to be held at Central level.


i. Revise the fixation factor to ensure 14.29% increase to the Running staff.

ii. Abolish the empowered committee on Running Allowance, retain 30% / 55% pay element for service and retirement benefits, respectively and fix the rates of Running Allowance as per RAC 1980 formula.

iii. Delete the minimum penalty of removal from service for SPAD.

A Zonal level joint meeting to be called in every zone with AIGC in the last week of September after the Central meeting.

Posters and notices to be prepared in zonal level considering the participation of AIGC.

Draft for FAX message to GM/S.rly on 07.09.2016 by all Divisional and Zonal Secretaries

“Withdraw the punitive action against V.Balachandran, Motorman / MAS and H.Naushad, Motorman / MAS for asking for a meeting with DRM / Chennai. This is too undemocratic and against all cannons of justice.”

Fax number of GM / S.Rly : 044 25331765


Membership statement with Central quota for the year 2016 to be submitted to the Central committee before 21st BGM at Jalandhar and dues levy on the heads of NIT, FIRE to be cleared as soon as possible. 
Draft resolutions to be circulated along-with the Secretary General’s report for a meaningful discussion in the BGM and adopting proper resolutions. For this purpose all the Zonal Secretaries or any interested comrades through their Zonal General Secretary are requested to send the proposals from their zones to com. L. Mony or com.K.Parthasarathi before 10th October 2016. 

A committee under the convener ship of com. L.Mony will compile the proposals and prepare the draft resolutions and after the vetting by Secretary General, the same will be circulated to all delegates.


Convenor – com.L.Mony

Members – com.T.Hanumaiah





General Secretaries of all zones also will be members and in their absence they shall nominate a fitting person.

Committee will sit at Chennai for 2 days on 22nd and 23rd October 2016 to prepare the draft resolutions. 
A memorandum to be submitted to the Anomaly committee on 7th CPC. 


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