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Regd. No. 17903                                                                             H/Q  Adra .


Shri Suresh PrabhakarPrabhu,  Hon. Minister for Railways, 

Government of India,     Rail Bhavan, New Delhi.


The General Manager


Hon. Sir, 

Subject:- Representation on some urgent grievances.

I the undersigned general secretary hereby draw your attention on some urgent grievances which badly effecting the interest of Loco Running Staff. 

1. Aptitude test for loco pilots goods prior to their promotion as loco pilot passenger / motorman found cumbersome and many candidates could not qualify over Indian Railways due to change in the mode and method involved in evaluation. Moreover the English language used could not be easily comprehended by the candidates and hence they could not answer well. The one day training imparted prior to the aptitude test is also insufficient and does not match the aptitude test module.

It is pertinent to point out that the HPC has already recommended to modify the level of aptitude test considering the entry level qualification of ITI which clearly demonstrates that aptitude test is of higher standard.

This Loco Running Staff of this Zone strongly protests the change of evaluation method and urges the administration to revert back to the old evaluation method thereby enabling the candidates to pass the test and avail their promotion in time without losing seniority.

2. The Railway board had reviewed the issue of utilisation of the services of loco pilots declared unfit for their original job and are declared fit for other jobs including shunting duties in yard and had come out with an order no. 2012/4/5/2 dated 16.02.2012, which says, “b) loco pilot should not be recommended for sedentary/light jobs while they are under medical observation/ treatment for any ailment which renders them temporarily, unsuitable for performing running duties.” 

The Loco Running Staff of this Zone strongly protests this unjust RBO since it throws out running staff out of running cadre once & for all. There is no provision in that order to have review of the staff after the completion of his / her treatment on his/ her ailment. 

Hence it is demanded to the withdrawal of this unjust RBO immediately.

3. The Railway board has constituted an empowered committee on running allowance vide letter no. ERB-I/2016/23/21 dated 05.05.2016 to

i) Determine the fitment factor for fixation of pay of running staff in the seventh cpc pay matrix. 

ii) Determine the quantum of pay element in running allowance and the quantum of pay element for pensionary benefits for the running staff.

iii) Review the existing formula for the calculation of rates of running allowance and evolve a new formula.

The need does not arise to determine the fitment factor when the VII CPC itself has given the same, and our grievances against this the recommendation is under consideration of empower committee on 7th CPC. 

The motive of the railway board to review the quantum of pay element and the formula for calculation of rates of running allowance which is being followed for the past 36 years is unwarranted. 

Hence it is vehemently protested the constitution of this empowered committee and demands to abolish the committee to maintain peaceful industrial harmony. 

This Association requests your good self to expeditiously consider this memorandum for the natural justice to the Loco Running Staff.

Thanking you.

                                                                                                     Yours faithfully,

                                                                                                   (                                  )

                                                                                                            General Secretary 


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