Monday, June 13, 2016

The 7th Pay Commission Committee Met On Saturday To Discuss The Roll Out Plan And Add Final Touches To The Revised Salary Recommendations.

Revised, higher monthly salaries for lakhs of central government employees and pensioners may come into effect as soon asAugust 1. 

The final decision on the matter was supposed to have been taken in the April 11 meeting of the 7th Pay Commission committed chaired by Cabinet Secretary P K Sinha in New Delhi. The meeting's agenda also included adding final touches to the recommendations before they are handed to the Finance Ministry. The details of what transpired in the meeting on Saturday haven't been revealed yet.

The final outcome will only be known by first week of July after the union cabinet approval. hence prepare for strike, more we prepare for strike more possibility we end up with better wage hike. 

The earlier pay commissions had granted us more than 50% wage hike as the CG employess wage revision is only in ten years
compared to others who have wage revision of five years. The DA merger had taken place in 2004 . from past one decade there was no DA merger , If DA merger had taken place in 2014 we would have got 25% wage increase , added to this 40% wage hike of 7th CPC together it would have been 65% wage hike , At least we should get 50% wage hike. 

So educate the members for agitation. 

Comradely yours

P.S.Prasad, General Secretary COC, Karnataka


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