Sunday, December 20, 2015

Notice for cwc meeting

I hereby call the CWC meeting at Jodhpur in NWR on 11th & 12th Feb 2016 starting from 10:30 hrs on 11th Feb 2016 and will be concluded at 12th Feb 2016 at 17:00 hrs. All CWC members are request to attend positively.

1. Review the implementation of past program including the program of 36hrs fast on 14th & 15th Dec. at Jantra – Mantra.

2. Strike call by JCA of Central Government Employees including AIRF / NFIR.

3. Our future course of action on 7th CPC recommendation and on other grievances.

4. Member ship, levy for NIT and New Delhi program.

5. Other matter with permission of Chair.

Take this meeting seriously and attend all CWC members positively.

With New Year greeting

Yours’ comradely

(M. N. Prasad) Secretary General


1. Already SMS has been sent to all concerned on 18/19.12.2015 confirming the dates of the meeting.

2. To-day I am sending the notice of the meeting on email Add.

3. Even-though if any CWC member could not get, those who receives it, enquire and serve the notice.

4. AILRSA/ Jodhpur and Com. R. C. Choudhery is responsible to make all necessary arrangement i.e. lodging, food etc.


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