Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dear Comrades,
AILRSA SWR is organising Zonal Convention and March at Prakash Restaurant,  Hubli on 25.09.14.
Demanding to Implement:
1.   SPAD Directives
2.   Intensive Classification
3.   HLSRC & HPC reports.

This program is 3rd stage of agitation program for the above demand. First was Inland Letter Campaign, second Divisional Demonstration/Gate Meeting on 13.08.2014.
SPAD:   Signal Passing At Danger (SPAD)
Signal passing at danger is an occupational hazard concerned to a Loco pilot. As there are occupational hazards connected with every kind of jobs in the world which do not attract capital punishment, earmarking capital punishment to Loco Running Staff alone for signal passing is a grave injustice as nobody does it willfully.
When railway is expecting 100% perfection from a Loco Pilot, they are willfully denying sufficient rest, Periodic rest, Leave, limitation of duty hours & night duties and better working condition & Pay package. Even though different committees are recommended for improving working condition and limiting working hours railway management is reluctant to implement it.
Railway repeatedly stating human failure as causes of accidents, but refuse to investigate why humans are failing. In spite of so many accidents railway is unwilling to accept that inhuman rules of working conditions are causing human failure.
Railway board has circulated the minutes of SPAD meeting (14.06.2012) which discuss almost all issues except Long Hood working; and recommended to limit working hours, continuous night duties, improves the working conditions etc.
Hence the signal passing cases without consequences may be considered as an indication of system failure and awarding of capital punishment may be withdrawn.

           AILRSA Madurai Division approached Regional Labour Commissioner challenging the Continuous classification.  RLC/Chennai recommended Intensive Classification.  But GM/SR went for appeal to Ministry of Labour and Joint Secretary Ministry of Labour which uphold the RLC decision.  Now the restless Railways approached the Honorable High Court of Chennai.

            Though various committees headed by renowned judicial members like Justice. G.S. Rajadhyaksha(1946), Justice. N.M. Miabhoy(RLT-1969), Justice. H.R. Khanna(RSRC-1998), and various trade unions asked to reduce the duty hours of running staff for the sake of safety in Railways and wellbeing of the workers, the HPC has not recommended to reduce the total working hours below 10 hours.

High Level Safety Review Committee Headed by Dr. Anil Kakodkar recommended filling up all the vacancies existing in Safety categories within 6 months. HLSRC submitted their repot on Feb 2012.

         The untiring and valiant struggles launched by  AILRSA has resulted in, the  Government of India  realizing and recognizing the dispute raised by AILRSA, consisting of  four  major demands, involves question of National importance and the need to address and resolve them , has constituted     through ministry of labour ,a National Industrial Tribunal(NIT),  under the Industrial disputes Act,1947, on 27-01-2012. Case is still going on.  Next hearing is on 12.09.2014.

           AILRSA delegation met 7th CPC at Bangalore on 24.08.14 and successfully presented our demands.
           AILRSA 20th All India BGM will be held at Chithorgarh, Rathlam Division of Western Railway on 15 & 16 Nov 2014.
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